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    Tips on How to Troubleshoot Your Circuit Breaker

    Do you ever wonder how a circuit breaker works? A circuit breaker is a switching device that interrupts the abnormal or faults current. It is a piece of mechanical equipment that disrupts the flow of high magnitude (fault) current and also performs the function of a switch. The circuit breaker is mainly designed for the closing or opening of an electrical circuit, thus protects the electrical system from damage.

    Identify the Faulty Breaker

    Your circuit breaker usually emits a soft crackling sound when it is overloaded but has not switched off yet. Inside your access panel, the tripped breaker lever can generally be found between the on and off position.

    Test Your Circuit Breaker

    Check the lever by switching it from on to off several times to check how loose it is. If your breaker can be moved easily, then it is faulty, and you need to replace it as soon as possible.

    Turn Off All of Your Appliances

    Turn off all your devices that are connected to your circuit breaker, but make sure to do it all at once to avoid a surge of electrical power when you reset it. If your circuit breaker keeps on tripping, hire a trained person to come and to have it checked.

    Check Your Electrical Wiring

    If your home has damaged wiring, then your circuit breaker will be tripping continuously, and you may find yourself experiencing electrical shocks when turning on certain appliances of yours. This might need a trained professional, so don’t try this on your own. Know the problem and let a professional take care of it.

    Test Your Circuit Breaker for the Necessary Voltage

    Touch one probe of the 120-140 volt tester to the tip of the “hot” wire, while touching the other tip to a bare copper grounding wire within the central electrical box. Use a neutral grounding terminal which is secured with ground wires and neutral wires for the probe. You will need to replace your circuit breaker if you find the right amount of voltage present.

    To avoid faulty circuit breakers, make sure not to overload your circuit breaker. Pay extra attention to appliances that create heat such as iron, heater, toasters, hairdryers, etc., because these things tend to consume the most power. Also, check if there are short circuit problems because it is slightly a serious problem than having an overloaded circuit. The surest way to tell if you have a short circuit is first to check your power cables for damage or a melted covering and to check the plugs for burns.

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    Three Simple Improvements for Your Apartment

    Living in an apartment unit means that your choices of room modification and improvement are limited. For some time, it may not be a big deal, but after a while, you will feel the urge to bring some changes to the room. Therefore, before you make a decision you regret later, here are three simple improvement ideas to inspire you.

    Upgrade Your Air Conditioner

    an air conditionerIf you live in a crowded city, like in Singapore, for instance, an air conditioner becomes more than an electronic appliance but a device for survival. The humid air and unforgiving sun heat will definitely cause discomforts. Therefore, you should consider upgrading your air conditioner so that you can live a more quality life.

    Furthermore, newer air conditioner models are built with the latest eco-friendly technologies. Not only do you save yourself from unnecessary utility bills, but you also help to conserve nature. However, it will be wise if you consult an expert before you make any decision.

    Equip Your Kitchen with a Cooker Hood

    a high-end kitchen setModern cooker hoods do not require an air duct. It will save you from the trouble of venting the unit through the wall, which is not a possible thing to do in an apartment. However, if you do not have a cooker hood in your kitchen, you need to be ready for the grease on your wall and stubborn stinky odor.

    Cooker hoods that are designed to function without a venting system are called recirculating cooker hoods. This model filters the air from your cooking food and traps the grease so that it won’t spread and stick on the surrounding surfaces. Usually, the filters are made of activated charcoals and fibers, which will need replacement after one year or less, depending on the intensity of the filtered residues.

    Use Moisture-Resistant Wallpaper

    neat interiorRepainting the wall is not always an option, but changing the wallpaper is. This rule applies in most apartment units, but if you happen to have the freedom to repaint your apartment, then you should repaint it with waterproof paint. For those with a less fortunate condition, moisture-resistant wallpapers will be your ultimate solution to fight the most notorious drawbacks of wallpaper, dampness and mold growth.

    Moreover, wallpaper has many pattern choices to choose from. All you need to do is to prepare the adhesive and press the wallpaper roll against the wall and smoothen it. This method is mess-free and very quick to do, which is perfect if you live a hectic life.