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A Review of the Best Iron Filters

Iron water is not safe for domestic use because it has a high content of iron. It has a bad taste and can cause severe damage to your personal belongings, appliances, and home. The acceptable level of iron in water is about 0.3 mg/L. However, this water is not suitable for laundry because it can colorize your white or bright garments.  It can also stain your white fixtures, sinks, and tubs. Organic iron and rust can also lead to clogging of pipes or even damage your water heaters of water pumps. Clogging of pipes is can also lower the water pressure in your home.

There are different technologies and methods for removing iron from well water. The use of an iron filter is an effective way of removing iron and other pollutants.  The main types of irons that you can find in well water include ferric iron, ferrous iron, bacterial iron, and organic iron. This guide is going to help you in selecting a suitable iron filter for your well water. Let’s have a look at the best iron filters in the current market.

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Water Softener-Iron Filter Combo

Iron filter combo or Iron Pro 2 is a water softener that is designed to filter water with high levels of iron. It has eliminated the need to buy separate pre-filters because it can soften water and remove iron from well water. This filter is also effective in removing rust and dirt from water as well as cleaning chlorine. Additionally, it comes with advanced features that make it more superior than the other models. Anyone who wants to enjoy healthy and soft water should consider buying this filter. This filter is known for its magnificent design.


  • It can control overflows and spills thanks to its unique, upgraded design
  • It is suitable for large families

Iron Hydrogen-Sulfide Filter

This filter is designed to remove sulfur, manganese, and iron from well water. The Iron Hydrogen-Sulfide is known for providing the optimal procedure. In fact, it has an oxidizing process that makes it useful in removing all the pollutants in water without using any chemical. This system is easy to install. This means that you don’t require any help from an expert. On the downside, this system is quite expensive to maintain. It is suitable for both small and big families. This system doesn’t require much space, thanks to its compact design.


  • Requires little space
  • Effective in removing various types of water pollutants