I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! 

I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.

We downsized a couple of years ago, so I invite you to join me as I remake our home in less square footage. It is challenging. And it is fun.

I hope I can inspire you with an idea or two that you can use in your house. Please join the conversation as I talk about my life in Kentucky, and how I design our home.

Here is some quick background info on me...
  • We downsized from 80 acres and a large home. 
  • I am not a spring chicken anymore! 
  • "Mom" of an eleven year old golden retriever, and two grown children. 
  • Retired French teacher. 
  • Do not cook like I once did, but I still love cookbooks and new recipes. 
  • A newbie photographer trying to learn a new camera that is smarter than I am. I am  not a photographer, but I play one on my blog. 
  • Hubby and I are empty nesters. We are slowing down. And I hope it means more time at the beach!
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I really appreciate your giving my blog a few minutes of your day. Some of my posts are serious, some are silly, and some will just have photographs. Besides sharing Kentucky related info, I will share some some house projects as we make downsizing work, as well as a few recipes. There will probably be the occasional pic of my furry baby also. 
After spending some time with me you will notice that my interests are varied. I have an older golden retriever. I am a French teacher. I have a  7-12 teaching certificate, I have a realtor’s license, And…I love houses, the art of houses, and how we make them nurturing places for ourselves and our families. My home is my art project....and I tinker and move things around a log. Thank you for stopping by to spend a few minutes of your day with me, and please come back when you can. 

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My Kitchen before we downsized. Oh how I miss it. :-)

Greetings from Kentucky!
Now, about life in the state of Kentucky... 
...my feelings and thoughts.
There are many misconceptions about Kentucky and Kentuckians. Some people have negative images about the Commonwealth and its people! Kentucky is like any state, it has many types of people and cultures.
Kentucky has a rich history, a diverse culture, and a population descended from pioneers who cut through mountains to get to this great western region. As any state, Kentucky has people who live in poverty as well as extreme wealth. Most Kentuckians live in between those two extremes.
My blog is for my out of state friends, current friends, and future friends. I want to show that Kentucky has many faces. There are many refined old families in the state, as well as new transplants who have arrived with new companies/businesses. There are mountain people from the eastern part of the state, and flat land people from the western part of the state. There are people from the knobs. There are both urban and rural people. And…there are people who were born here and had to leave for employment reasons, and who would give their eye teeth to be back in this beautiful state.
The cultures of Kentucky vary from region to region, and even from county to county. I have found that most Kentuckians are proud, strong folks…each with a story. Never presume to know what a person’s story is just by looking at the cover. I was in a very nice hair salon in Lexington several years ago…in a very nice part of town. There was a lady who was in jeans, a workshirt, and dirt on her boots. She was just in from her horse farm…a farm with very valuable horses.
Just because a Kentucky person is in work clothes…is no reflection of his bank account or his breeding /quality. I have also seen some very culturally rich people come out of some very humble houses. Never presume. Never assume. As a teacher I have witnessed highly intelligent kids from families that appear not to value education. You just never know. We have folks who are very talented at what they do…whether it is canning jars upon jars of goods for the winter ahead, or writing novels that become best sellers. Kentucky has quite a list of actors, musicians, and singers who were born here. You just never know who you might run into in KY. Take the Kentucky Derby! I have never been to Millionaire’s Row but I have seen the celebrities on television. (My husband grew up going to the Derby with his family, sitting in a boxed seat…oh how I envy that! …but I digressed.) When my dad was a young beginning teacher and coach he had some of the Clooney kids. Does that name ring a bell?
I love learning about the people of Kentucky, and their stories. I have recently become a fan of Kentucky Monthly Magazine. I love, love, love it. It is about all things Kentucky. Check it out online.  http://www.kentuckymonthly.com/
I have been studying Kentucky history in a quest to learn about my ancestors. I lived outside of the state for a few years… in Ohio, and France, so I have seen other parts of the world. But, I choose to live in my native state. Kentucky is in my bloodline. I am part of the Kentucky fabric of folks who pioneered, surveyed, farmed, taught school, ran businesses, and generally became more educated through the generations. Whether we are smarter might be debated! I believe that our ancestors who lived by their wits, skills, and talents starting in the mid 1650s in Virginia passed along some great genes to me. They survived the days before modern medicine, automobiles, and all those things we have in modern living. 

I say that I am descended from strong Kentucky pioneer stock who had the "survival" gene. All of my "people" were in Virginia prior to becoming Kentuckians. Of course since Kentucky was part of Virginia...I guess we still live with a connection to the "mother" ...the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Besides my love of Kentucky history and genealogy…I love, love southern culture. In my quest for learning new things, I like to read about southern culture, past and present. Needless to say I have been a subscriber to Southern Living Magazine for years. The photography is wonderful. I will probably reference many of the magazine’s recipes…though they are not all strictly Kentucky food. Southern food still falls within my target area of interest.
I hope you visit every chance you get. I will post as I find things to share with you.                                                                           
Kentucky Girl…(er Woman)

Please take a few minutes to look around my blog to discover the variety of topics. Kentucky History. Kentucky Food. Homes, from cabins to stately mansions. Kentucky Lifestyle, from Derby Parties to casual Sunday night suppers. 

Thank you for taking a few minutes to visit!

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