December 9, 2017

Visiting Greentree Tearoom & Antiques in Lexington

I was out of town for a couple of days this week meeting up with some very special friends, eating wonderful food, and browsing beautiful antiques. 

Why yes, I do have pictures! :-)

This is the lid of a gorgeous French tureen and soup bowl set.
The other pieces are below. 

On Thursday my longtime friend and I had lunch at the Greentree Tearoom in Lexington, which also is the site of Greentree Antiques

We enjoyed looking at antiques before we were seated for our luncheon. (My friend was actually table shopping, while I was mostly browsing, though I did see a couple of items that piqued my interest.)

I love the matching ladle with the tureen.

The set is offered at $350.00 if you are interested. Just visit the link above for contact information. 

And I love most silver!

The entry was nicely decorated for Christmas. 

We liked this petite dining space...though we were not seated here. Maybe the next time. :-)

When you enter the front door and turn to the left this is the view. 

This antique table was set for a larger group.

I love the hurricanes and greenery! 

Then I spotted my piece. 

The piece that if I could take it home, I would. 

I have just the spot where I could put it. :-)  

The English secretary! 

Look at her! 

Isn't she gorgeous. Swoon. 

The large drawer front drops open and pulls out to reveal tiny drawers and slots for paper, pens, etc. 

We were called to be seated next to one of the serving tables. And look how the chandelier is decorated.  I heard one of the servers say that the moon and star ornaments were from the 1980s. 

Do you see the jam cake with caramel icing? 
It was wonderful.

I am already afraid to get on the scales.

We were served tea, and then the first course. 

Tomato bisque with rice. It was absolutely delicious. 

There were several more seated courses, then you went to the table for deserts. Oh my!

The monthly menu is posted on the website if you would like to see the full menu.

I love white tablecloths on tables too. They say this is an elegant affair

Both of us were very full after our luncheon. 
While this was my first visit, my friend loves to go to the tearoom and has purchased a few antique pieces for their Lexington home. 

The Christmas season is such a fun time to go out and about with friends.  

Merry Christmas y'all. 

And thanks for visiting.

My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

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  1. I enjoyed your pretty Christmas pics! The tureen is quite cute with the matching label!

  2. The Tureen and Soup Bowls are not French but English. They are ca 1840 Wedgwood "Horticultural pattern".


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