December 8, 2017

Christmas Eve Cocoa & Cookies

Welcome to the Christmas Tablescape blog hop today! I hope you have fun visiting each bloggers' home and seeing their ideas.

We have a wonderful group of ladies sharing their creative tablescapes to give you some inspiration to use in your home. 

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A big thank you to our fearless leader Chloe of Celebrate & Decorate blog. We are a group of bloggers who love to set pretty tables, in many different styles. As you can see, the theme is Christmas for this blog hop. 

And I have gone a different direction than usual for my Christmas tablescape. 

The links to all of the blog participants will be at the end of my post. Please come back every day to see the new posts. 

Ok now...on with my post!

For my Christmas tablescape I decided to set a Christmas Eve Cookies and Cocoa theme. Casual and yummy. What's not to like!

I set my kitchen table for an informal gathering of kids from ages 1 to 100. 

I am imagining  parents and kids or grandparents of kids gathering for a few minutes before getting kids ready for bed to await the arrival of Santa. 

But my table could be for a gathering of neighborhood moms or church ladies for morning coffee. 

This could easily be an impromptu table for any pre-Christmas  or winter gathering. 

I began with red placemats! (Love my red placemats.)

Then the layering continued with wood slabs, that I am using as chargers, buffalo plaid paper plates, white porcelain desert plates, buffalo plaid napkins, and reindeer ornaments used as napkin holders (and then gifts.)

Buffalo plaid is quite the popular pattern for this fall and when I saw the plates and napkins at Oriental Trading I put them in my cart. :-)

I slipped the napkin through the metal hanger. ( I thought I was just so clever to think of that. ha. ha.) 

I also added these sweater cable mugs to my cart. They spoke to me. I had seen similar in pricey stores but always passed them by. :-) 

I like to have some greenery on the table, especially with Christmas red, so I added a small faux greenery wreath around the base of my pedestal plate that I will use for serving cookies.

I also found the pedestal cake plate at OT. It is very heavy and looks very ironstone-ish.

I like to pay attention to texture, whether I am decorating a room or planning a tablescape. 

The nubby placemats and wood slabs give significant rustic texture while the porcelain dishes, glazed ceramic pedestal plate, and mugs provide a slick and shinny texture. All of this is on top of my old, and rustic farmhouse style table. 

This tablescape would work equally well on a large coffee table with folks pulling their chairs closer for conversation and cookies.

The Christmas season is a time of hospitality. Invite a few people into your home to share the warmth of the season. Play some Christmas music and serve hot cocoa and cookies. 

Think of someone you know who does not have family nearby, or kids with no grandparents nearby. 

Think of someone from church who might be older and lonely, but who is still mobile. 

There are many ways to share hospitality. 

Think of someone who must work on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day ...take cookies, cake, etc.  to the local police dept, firehouse, ER, jail, etc.(n other words to someone who must work on Christmas Eve or Christmas day). 

placemats...local gift shop
desert plates... appetizer plates from Marshalls last year.

Buffalo plaid ideas @orientaltrading 

Disclosure: I am an Oriental Trading ambassador, which means that OT provides products of my choice in exchange for using those products in my posts. 

I hope my buffalo plaid tablescape gives you an idea or two for your home. Have fun. Play with your stuff!

Ho Ho Ho! 
Be good and try to stay off of the naughty list! :-) I know it is harder for some of us than others. wink!

And now for the other bloggers...

Here are the links for the other bloggers in the blog hop. The post link will be added the day of the post. Until then each link goes to the blog homepage. 

Thanks so much for visiting!

My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.


  1. Sheila, your tablescape smells like cocoa,biscuits and... Love! It tells us the true spirit of Christmas! Oh, and it's also beautiful, of course 😊!

  2. I love all the Buffalo plaid I've seen this season and it perfect for the holidays paired with your tree slice chargers and cable knit mugs! Love your adorable ornaments for napkin holders too!

  3. How marvelous! I'd love to have breakfast on this table! The wood slabs with the plaid chargers create such a rustic feel, fun!

  4. Great table, Sheila. You prove one does not have to break the bank to make a great presentation. You are a terrific ambassador for OT. I love the mugs, but your entire styling of the table is very welcoming and cozy.

  5. Cute, clever and hospitable! Serving others in kind hospitality is wonderful for you and others.
    Love your plaid theme. You do texture extremely well.

  6. Sheila, let me think of all the things I love about your tablescape: a casual event, the wood chargers, the different patterns of red, the sweater mugs (OMG, how cool) and the moose pieces on each place setting. Awesome, fun tablescape. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh, this speaks to my heart! I love the wood slices and the buffalo check. But, those mugs. I have to have those mugs. I will be checking out O.T. to see if they ship to Canada. You have also given me a great idea to drop some Christmas cookies to our local fire station this Christmas Eve. They were busy working in our neighbourhood this weekend, checking each and every home for working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure our homes are as safe as they can be!

  8. I love that you went a different route on our theme. I also didn't know that OT had mugs and cake stands and I'm going to check them out. Speaking of checks; the buffalo plaid is so perfect for this time of year and the red/black combo is right on point. Kids of all ages will be delighted to sip cocoa and munch on cookie at the table. Merry Christmas Sheila!

  9. Adorable Sheila! Love the red and black buffalo checks and your woodland accessories! Perfect for cocoa!

  10. Sheila, loved the post and your lovely table! IT's funny - I'm not usually a "red" person, but lately I've been intrigued by the color. I think the universe is telling me to try red! You did a magical job with it.

  11. Being the lover of buffalo check that I am, your tablescape really speaks to me! I love the theme behind it and picturing folks gathered round for some cocoa and cookies on Christmas Eve. No need to put "ha ha" behind you being so clever to think of putting the napkins in the strings on those reindeer - you ARE clever and I loved that idea as well as that they can be take-home gifts. Love the sweater mugs on the pedestal as a centerpiece and the place settings with the wood chargers. Really enjoyed my stop here on the Blog Hop!

  12. This table looks perfect with the wood slabs paired with the buffalo check. This would be a perfect place to sip cocoa and fellowship with friends and family.

  13. Buffalo plaid for the win!!! Your table is perfect for the holidays. So fun blog hopping with you!

  14. Love all of it! What's not to love about a buffalo check, especially a red and black one during the holidays. The sweater mugs are so cute! The reindeer are adorable and the perfect finishing touch. xoxo

  15. Sheila, what a great idea...cocoa and cookies ! I love your wood slice chargers and buffalo check. The sweater mugs and moose orvaments are perfect additions. Thank you for sharing ways to serve and show hospitality!

  16. Sheila, I enjoyed so many elements of your setting! I love your layers of pattern, texture and color and those reindeer ornaments are adorable! My favorite part is definitely, definitely the thought of cookies - I'm a fiend. Beautiful job!

  17. Sheila, I love the look of the buffalo plaid with your wood chargers and reindeer ornaments. It gives a great casual look to the table, which is what you want for cocoa and cookies on Christmas Eve.

  18. Oh, I love the cheery, classic buffalo plaid with the wooden chargers. How cute are your mugs— perfect for a cocoa party! You are a master of blending textures, Miss S. Your tables always blend classic style with warm Southern hospitality. Stay warm during the arctic blast. I have stocked up on cocoa supplies and chili.

  19. Your right! Who wouldn't want to sit down and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa at this table!!! The buffalo check just pulls me in, and the cable knit mugs keep me there! Perfect Christmas fun!

  20. I'm a big fan of plaid, Sheila, so when I look at your table I can't do anything but smile. I love all the detail to your table. Have a wonderful week.

  21. Sheila, I love your table setting. Of course I have always loved the plaid for Christmas. I thought the mug were a great touch. They go well with the plates. I need to get my husband to make me some of those chargers. :) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  22. What a most creative idea!!! Who wouldn't love a Hot Cocoa party and the table is so adorable. This table would definitely put a smile on any kid from 1 to 100! Love, love those cable knit mugs! Beautiful table as always Sheila!!! Have a Very Merry Day!

  23. Sheila, my children would love to sit at this table for cookies and hot chocolate on Christmas Eve. I just may borrow your idea and surprise them. I love the thoughtfulness of this post...remembering those who are working or alone. It is always so much fun blog hopping with you! Merry Christmas!!!

  24. I love the buffalo check and it looks so amazing on the wood slabs. The moose really have my heart though!!

  25. Very sweet tablescape. I love the buffalo plaid. Plias seems to be in this year. The mugs are darling. Great plate stack and those sweet ornaments. Wishing you a healthy and happy Christmas.

  26. Sheila, love the casual flair of your table! And those wood slabs!! I just popped over to Oriental Trading to check them out! I considered making them myself, but for the price you can't beat it. The whole buffalo plaid theme is perfect for any number of gatherings...thanks for prompting some great ideas.

    Merry Christmas!

    Hugs, Lynn

  27. Sheila, Thank you for your kind introduction and for being part of the Christmas tablescape blog hop! I just love this fun and clever table. The wreath around the base of the pedestal plate looks amazing, and was such a great idea. In addition, the moose ornament napkin rings added such a great little detail to the overall look, Bravo!

  28. your place setting is too cute! Love the plaid and moose. Happy holidays! I've enjoyed touring with you.

  29. You are so creative and talented Sheila. Anyone would love to sit at this fun and colorful table for some delicious hot chocolate and cookies on Christmas Eve. Such a sweet idea. The Buffalo plaid is perfect for the holidays.

    It is always so much fun blog hopping with you! Wishing you a Merry Christmas!!!


  30. Perfect table...I love the reindeer!!
    I used the buffalo check napkins and small dessert plates for hubby's family Christmas on Saturday. All of the young ladies were smitten, so they drew straws to take home alllllll of the extras :^) I had to go the $$ General this AM to get their deer napkins and plates for a gathering to happen on Wednesday evening! I also loved your silvery chargers in a more recent post...beautiful!
    Thank you for so many ideas, and have a blessed Christmas,

  31. My favorite........the wooden slabs.....totally cool!
    Bummed that I missed the Blog party(i think the stress of having time off got to me LOL!) Please do stop by and see the tablescape I would have shared with you all...
    Happy HOlidays!


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