December 1, 2017

Changing Out Decorations

Hey all, I have been awol for a few days but back to get busy with Christmas decorating and ideas to share with you. Hubby and I have another busy week ahead of us but I will try to stay in touch better. 

You can always find me on my Instagram account with a daily update. 

OK let's get going on the blog post...:-)

We have to do a quick turnaround from Thanksgiving to Christmas in terms of changing out our decorations. 

Well, I had an idea to use my table decorations on a tiered tray. Take a look at my crazy idea! You might like it too. 

I decorated a second table in my kitchen for Thanksgiving since we had adult children visiting in the house and would be eating breakfast and nibbles in the kitchen. You know that I love for my tables to be pretty! 

These centerpieces could easily work for Christmas tables also. 

Here's the scoop! 

I discovered a bin full of older Christmas garland that came from the "big" house. (Yes, I know that I am a pack rat.)  

I have mostly upgraded to other faux garland but I thought that I could figure out a way to  use the old stuff. ha! Well, I did. It is a slimmer strand of garland and worked perfectly on my Thanksgiving table as well as on the kitchen table. 

I wove the garland around my hurricanes in a figure 8 pattern. I adorned the tuffs of greenery with pinecones. TaDa...a centerpiece. 

I did a similar centerpiece on a table runner in the dining room...using another strand of the older garland. I positioned the garland around a large brass bowl that I filled with with boxwood balls and pears. 

I slipped some gold tone candlesticks into the greenery, as well as some brass pineapples, brass partridges, and pears. There was some trial and error to the placement of objects...but I think I managed a pleasing placement in the end.

Here are a few closeup photos.

And then the time came to take everything apart.

Then I had a thought! (Which can sometimes lead to crazy creative ideas.) 

I have a gorgeous tiered tray given to me by our daughter in law last year. And I wondered if I could transfer my greenery into the tray and create a sort of Christmas tree. Hmmm. 

Take a look at what I did with the greenery, partridges, pears,and pine cones from my Thanksgiving table centerpieces. 

The top tier.

Instead of partridges in a pear tree, I have partridges in a tiered tray. :-) This was an easy change of my Thanksgiving table decorations to a simple Christmas tree shape in a tiered tray. 

I might see about adding some of the tiny battery powered lights. But first I have to find them in my Christmas stash. More basement diving! ha.

This week I am participating in a "Holiday Home" blog hop with Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate. I hope you have a minute to drop by and visit me. I have all of the updated links to all bloggers' posts.

Link to Blog Hop. Click HERE.

My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

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  1. I love partridges and pears. I often did a theme tree in my shop with them and always connected ted with table we are again, on the same page. Grins, Happy Holidays!

  2. Sheila, I love it all. The tables for thanksgiving were beautiful. Now the same things used in the tiered tray...I love it. To think I have long ago gotten rid of my brass birds. Now I wish I had them back. :):) Blessings to you, enjoy the weekend, xoxo, Susie

  3. Love your "aha" moment! The tiered tray is very pretty. I always enjoy your tables and it's because you are very creative and really enjoy putting together beautiful tablescapes. Have a good weekend...looks like that last of the warm weather for us. xoxo

  4. Love the centerpiece with the lanterns...I have a friend who just purchased those lanterns and will direct her to your blog! I love the "epiphany" you had about the tiered tray...looks beautiful Sheila!!!'


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