November 12, 2017

Rustic Farmhouse Table for Thanksgiving

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Inviting someone into your home is an act of hospitality, but inviting them into your kitchen, to eat, is a more personal invitation of hospitality. 

We are entering the season for hospitality and and Thanksgiving and I would like to extend a welcome to you to come sit with me in my kitchen for a cuppa and something sweet. 

Don't expect anything fancy for this visit...because it is last minute, and more about just getting together than it is anything else. 

My house is not perfect. And it needs to be dusted. But if we wait until our houses are perfect and clean as a whistle would we ever have friends over?

I made a pretty little centerpiece for us using my husband's grandmother's egg basket. It is not perfect...but it is a thing of beauty in my eyes. Just perfect for my rustic, farmhouse table

I went very rustic with our tablesetting...which reflects the wooded area around our house. 

Mother nature has cooled down the air, and turned the leaves to golden colors. The leaves that have fallen provide a crunch underfoot. 

A plaid blanket or wrap is perfect for throwing around one's shoulders to stay warm with the new chill in the morning's air. So...come in and sit with me a bit in my kitchen. 

I layered my table with a plaid throw, round amber placemats, a wood slice, and topped everything with a pretty fallish paper plate. (I told you this was not going to be fancy.)  :-)

And speaking of "not fancy" how do you like my Ball jars?

This accidental arrangement came about from necessity. I washed all of the jars and needed a place for them to dry. Tada!  My plan was to remove them before use...but then I left them on the tiered tray for my Witches' Tea and it worked so well. Then my son, who never says anything about the house, saw my tray of glasses/jars when he was home and mentioned it was a good idea. ha! 

I love to use the jars as casual glasses. They are heavy and hold a nice amount of liquid. 

I have a cake plate waiting for the blackberry coffee cake to come out of the oven. (wink...this is a virtual party) 

I have been wanting some wood slices for rustic tablescapes and I finally ordered some from OT. They are such fun. The sizes vary a bit...but they are perfectly fine for a very natural setting. I also ordered copper brown  paper plates for that rustic ambiance. 

I will put the coffee pot on, or the tea kettle, when I see you coming up the drive. :-)  You can use the back door too! 

Yes...this is a paper napkin affair. 
I hope you don't mind. 

Come join me. We will talk about the holidays, recipes, and the things for which we are thankful.  

I think we need a bit of time together before we jump into the frenzy of Thankgiving cooking and Christmas shopping. 

Thanks for coming to my virtual Thanksgiving breakfast. We will do it again sometime. :-) I hope you see an idea or two to use for your table. 

I am a brand ambassador for Oriental Trading, which means that they provide products that I choose free of charge in exchange for my using them in a blog post. Wood slices. Paper Plates. Cake stand.  

My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.


  1. I love the floral display in the egg basket - what a nice piece of history to own. Everything looks simple, comfortable and inviting!

  2. Hello nice arrangement. Where did you get your glass tier. Holder ? You have jars in. Thanks. J.

    1. From my nearby TJ Maxx back in the summer. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. A beautiful arrangement that lends so much to the blanket and the plates is priceless. I am a traditional person also and I LOVE the mirror and chest along with all the other photos. I guess we are traditional and eclectic, lol. We like what we like and refused to be pigeonholed. TFS.

  4. Oh My Word Sheila...what an amazing Table scape set for Your Thanksgiving Holiday's. Left me with 'Happy Tears' thinking of the Past,Present and Future of all Your Family sitting there at Thanksgiving. You've really Captured the Loving Spirit of the Thanksgiving Time for Yours and All Families. Thank-You for sharing. Laters, MJ♥

  5. Oh! It is just lovely Shelia. Looks like you are all set for the holidays and family dinner! I love the blanket and the wood chargers are are the Ball drinking jars!
    Hope you have a wonderful week- xo Diana

  6. Such a warm, cozy table! I have that same plaid blanket. I may have to use it on my table now that I see it looks so pretty as a table cover. Hope you have a nice week!

  7. LOVE the centerpiece using your hubby's grandmother's egg is gorgeous....our Thanksgiving dinners usually consist of 50 plus people so paper plates are the choice of dinnerware...Beautiful table of great color and pretty patterns from the table cloth to those wonderful plates!

  8. I love the warmth the blanket adds. Looks like a wonderful breakfast table or for any other meal too! The floral arrangment has the color and warmth of the season- perfect!

  9. Sheila, this is fabulous! I love this casual look and you have used so many interesting elements. Do you have a plan in mind or does it develop as you pull things out and start on the tablescape? I often wondered if your friends ask for your advice. Jars are great for drinks...I remember taking drinks out to the workers in the field in canning jars. My daughter got her BS from Ball State University so we have a special affinity for Ball jars. xoxo


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