November 2, 2017

My Witches' Tea

I know that it is after Halloween, but I thought you all might like to see some of the photos from my Witches' Tea. 

The day for my Witches' Tea arrived with grey skies, gusts of wind, and rain...but that did not dampen our spirits!  We had a my group usually does!

In the invitation...I mentioned that my witch guests could dress up as much or as little as they liked. Well, I have a fun bunch of friends and everyone dressed the part. We had funny, scary, fashionable, and creative costumes. 

I love Halloween and all of the silly, cute, clutter we can add to our homes. 

Here is the entry decor that I put together. I used my topiary forms and dollar store tinsel to create glitter trees. I spruced them up with party hats and big orange mesh bows. My black cat always makes an appearance too.

The coffee table was the stage for more of my Halloween decor collection. 

The skulls, Halloween banner, and cauldrons are from Oriental Trading. (Disclosure: These were provided to me in exchange for including them in a post.) 

I set up a folding table in the kitchen to hold our food...while using the countertop for our beverages. 

I used this tiered tray to hold mason jars that served as our glasses. Black and white straws fit with the color scheme. 

The house was decked out in lots of orange! 

With it being a dark rainy day I had to turn on almost every lamp. 

As for my outfit...I wore a floor length black tulle ball skirt, long sleeve black Tee top, and a fascinator witches hat. There were lots and lots of layers of netting and I had to walk funny so that I would not trip over the skirt. ha ha.  I added lots of black eyeliner...and purple eye shadow to glam up things a bit. 

And one more thing...I thought leopard shoes might be just the right touch also. :-)

I kicked them off toward the end of the event!

Here are a few of my "Witchy Women" friends. Some could not attend...for this, our inaugural year of the Witches' Tea. And not everyone is in each photo. 

What a fun group of ladies. We get together once each month...and have done so for years. 

We have had a couple of ladies move away...and someone is always traveling off one destination or another. But all who can make it show up for fun, food, and fellowship. 

We played a couple of Halloween word games. Then I presented each lady witch with a membership symbol. 

We gathered around my table and did what we do best...share food and eat! Salads and deserts are always a hit with us! My friends are great cooks!

I do believe a great time was had by all. In fact...we plan to do the same thing next year!  

Just funny!

And remember...

My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.


  1. Sheila, I love all the pretty witches. You are all so fun. I have major shoe those shoes !!! All your decorations were so very pretty. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. Thank you! My leopard shoes have been a big hit. Ha! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. Sheila, Thank-You for sharing the Photo's of the Afternoon Tea. Everything was PERFECT. Loved those "Devine Heels" of Yours. Laters,MJ♥

    1. Thanks MJ. We had a great time. I need to take a better photo of my skirt. It was fun but tricky for hostessing as it was big!

  3. Your home and decorations are lovely and it looks like you had a lot of fun.

  4. Looks like so much fun, Sheila. I want to move into your 'hood. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. What a grand time you had with your wonderful bewitching ladies!...How fun!!!

  6. your house is decorated first class!!! love the shoes....looks like it was scary get together!!

  7. Wow! What a fun get together for Halloween. All of you must of had a great time and I love the way you decorated your house for it! I love your shoes and hat. :0)


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