November 28, 2017

Holiday Home Blog Hop

Tis The Season Y'all...

It's time to decorate our homes.

Welcome to our Holiday Home Blog Hop! Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate has organized a wonderful tour of some very nice bloggers' homes. It is all about the holidays and how we decorate our homes.

The Hop will continue through the week...and I will have all of the links updated with each day. 

Welcome to my home! 

I hope you see some ideas to try at your house. :-)

We use a traditional wreath, and have a traditional family tree with ornaments that we have collected over many years. So it is essentially a family memory tree. 

I tend to use many of the same things each year because they are special. I mix in new ribbon, or pillows, or candles to update from year to year though. 

I love red and green for Christmas. I have tried other color themes over our many years of marriage and different homes...but right now, I am hanging in with traditional red and green. 

Last year I bought several red velvet pillows, and a snazzy leopard throw. I am still loving them this year. 

The red pillows add tradition while the leopard adds a bit of style. They really do jazz up the formal living room. 

The golden retriever pillow (from last year) is in memory of our sweet Mikey. Hubby saw that pillow and decided it would be added to our collection. He and that dog were big pals. The love between a man (or woman) and his dog is a special bond. 

Christmas decorating is such fun...and I do change things up a bit from year to year, but this year I am repeating many of my same decor elements from last year, because I still like 

I tend to add Christmas bits and pieces around  the decor that is already on a table.  I simply added some glitter trees to the coffee table in this case. 

These pups fit right in with my traditional Christmas colors.

The small formal living room has white furniture and that it makes it easy to add my Christmas red with leopard. In the past I have put wreathes on the mirrors behind the sofa...but I have not gotten to that this year. :-)

I dressed up a chest with my sleigh and reindeer...but it looked tight, so off to the dining room they flew. 

I decided to set up my sleigh and reindeer on the dining room table since we do not use it often. I placed a runner down the middle and then began playing with the placement. 

I love to use traditional boxwood wreathes at Christmas. And did you notice that I slipped my Santa into the scene. He just seemed to belong!

It took me years to learn how to make a florist bow...but persistence has paid off.  :-)

I filled my silver sleighs with silver jingle bells since Santa would not fit very well. 

And I am using the same leopard and red plaid ribbon too. I bought several spools last year so that I could recreate some vignettes. 

I folded a soft white tablecloth to make a table runner for a snowy looking base for Santa and his reindeer. 

As you can see we have a very traditional take on our Christmas decorating. 

And this is how things look in the evening when it is time for lamplight. 

We turn on the Christmas tree and enjoy the twinkle of lights. 

The lighting is not the best in this pic because I had to turn on some overhead lights to be able to show you how I drape my long needle pine garland over the tv armoire. 

I love to drape greenery around mirrors and picture frames. It is a very easy way to add extra touches of holiday frill. Greenery is appropriate beginning with Thanksgiving and lasts through New Years. 

We keep stacks of Christmas CDs at the ready for relaxing evenings. We live in our you will see real life scenes around here. 

I used to have a florist come in and work on the large house. But with this smaller home, I like to be creative and do my own decorating. It's just fun. 

I hope you come back soon to visit. I have more ideas and photos to share with you. 

Now let's move on to the other bloggers in the Holiday Home Blog Hop. 

Holiday Hop Links will go live the day of post.



My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.


  1. Sheila, I love your traditional style and the use of red and green! From the front door to the dining room, all your festive details are just perfect! The pillows add an inviting feel to sit down and enjoy conversation! The sleigh and reindeer on your dining table are magical! Your home is fabulously dressed for the most wonderful time of the year!

  2. Sheila, you are the epitome of fine Southern traditional style! I love your leopard, red and plaid together. It's so sweet that your hubby bought the pillow for the memory of your fur baby. I also appreciate your logic in trying something in one place, and realizing it needs to go somewhere else. That, in my opinion, is what really takes the time in decorating. It all looks so welcoming. Happy Holidays kickoff. It's a pleasure to be among your company.

  3. Your home is lovely, Shelia! I love red and green and your leopard accents, too. I am so impressed with your bow tying. My fingers can't seem to hold the ribbon tightly but you do a great job.
    How special to find the golden retriever pillow in memory of your sweet Mikey.
    Thanks for a lovely tour.

  4. Sheila, your home is just gorgeous decorated for Christmas, and I adore your wonderful traditional style. It is both beautiful and timeless. I hope you enjoy your week!

  5. I love your Christmas look, Sheila! Traditional rocks as far as I am concerned. Your home is very festive and no doubt it is a welcoming sight for your friends and family.

  6. Lovely Sheila! Your attention to detail is perfect right up to your amazingly tied bow. I have to confess that I have not quite mastered it although I use what I do loop together. I also love your sleigh and reindeer on your dining table. Magical!

  7. Sheila, your home is beautiful!! I would love to find a pillow with a golden on it as I have a Golden Grandchild!!

  8. Oh Sheila...I so love seeing your beautiful home during the Holidays....I love that you have a memory's the best! Love it all from the very festive dining room table to the coziness of the formal living room with the red and leopard patterns. Anxious to see more of your beautiful Christmas decor!

  9. How special to have a decor item your hubby picked out in memory of your beloved dog - and such a pretty pillow! I really like how you displayed the fantastic reindeer and Santa on your dining room table - a large expanse like that gives it full exposure. The reds with the leopard print look terrific together and your tree is decorated beautifully. Would love to sit in one of those chairs and enjoy the evening glow of its lights. Enjoyed my stop here on the Blog Hop!

  10. Wonderful, Sheila, I tend to stay with red and green too. Using the same well loved treasures each year in new places keeps tradition while being fresh at the same time.

  11. Your home looks just lovely Sheila! I must say I am crazy about the leopard touches you have woven throughout the beautiful red and greens...I love the vignette on the mantel especially with the bottle brush trees and sleigh~ gorgeous!

  12. You have a beautiful home. It seems we share similar tastes in decor and colors. I love the classics. Have a Merry Christmas!

  13. Hi Sheila! Your home looks perfect for the holidays. I love the reindeer on your table!

  14. Hi Sheila! Thank you so much for joining another of these great blog hops! Your home is always the epitome of traditional, and you really carried that through again this holiday, but with that fun "pop" of animal print! There are so many gorgeous vignettes, but the image that really caught my eye is the beautiful deer and sleigh on your table. They are so impressive, I am glad you gave them such a prominent spot! The simple green wreath on the rocker on the front porch is a welcoming touch!

  15. Sheila, It looks like we have the same taste in Christmas decor. I love the traditional red and green decor mixed with some vintage decor and it's perfect. I love the way you ran the plaid ribbon on the center of the table. Beautiful job!

  16. Sheila, It looks like we have the same taste in Christmas decor. I love the traditional red and green decor mixed with some vintage decor and it's perfect. I love the way you ran the plaid ribbon on the center of the table. Beautiful job!

  17. Oh! It looks like you fixed it. For a long time, I couldn't comment on here-it would boot me off without letting me send my comment. Anway, your home is looking beautiful for the Christmas season. I love your table with the deer! I decorated for my kids this year and did their whole home in red and green and it is gorgeous!! xo Diana

  18. Your home is gorgeous and looking fabulous for Christmas. The plaid ribbon with the leopard is a great twist on bringing something new to traditional decor. Love the golden retriever pillow!! We have two mixed golden retrievers - one with lab and the other St. Bernard! Both great dogs! your persistence in bow making did pay off, I think those are the most beautiful bows in all of blog land!!
    Everything looks beautiful!!!

  19. What a beautiful home...all ready for Christmas. You have a lot of special touches. My favorite thing is those cute little dogs on the coffee table.

  20. Sheila, Your home is beautiful. I love the red with leopard .:) You have some very good decorating ideas. I like the dining table that way. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  21. All of your holiday decorating is beautifully done. I especially like how the red pillows make a big impact- they’re a beautiful tone! I gravitate to the traditional red and green too so I stick with it. The dining table looks wonderful with the santa sleigh and I like how you decorated the coffee table.

  22. Hi Sheila! Oh, your home is so beautiful all dressed up for Christmas. I love your colors and elegant style.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  23. Love your home. It has such a classic look. Hold on to the traditional decorating for Christmas! You can't beat red and green. So nice to see traditional decorating.


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