October 11, 2017

Around the House

I have been having fun doing fall decorating projects around the house. These little projects are adding some fall color to the atmosphere. 

Take a look at a few things I have done around the house. I hope that you see an idea or two that you can use. 

A fall evening by candlelight

Fall is such a fun time after the hot summer. However, I have to say that in my neck of the woods it is still warm and muggy. Usually by mid-October sweater weather has begun. 

So...here is what is going on around my house. :-) 

I added a couple of gold velvet pumpkins to my collection this year. I pick up one or two a year in "my" colors.

This just makes me smile when I see it on my door. I hope it makes visitors to my door smile too. A lady from a street over made this. 

What's not to love about fall?

This is a collage of something I did last year....wee little rust velvet pumpkins just sitting on blue white plates. Simple, but I still love the combo. 

Velvet pumpkins...oh how I love thee! They are scattered here and there around the house.

I have purchased a few each year, and now I have a velvet pumpkin patch. :-)

I did this last week...I had a "lidless" tureen just sitting around, so I thought some pumpkin filler would be just the thing to give it some seasonal color in the kitchen.

In the dining room, ceramic battery powered pumpkins that "light up."  I am like a child and love the pretty light in the evening. 

In the parlor...mixing orange bits with my blue and white. It is a fun and unexpected combination. I posted it on Instagram and many liked it.

Fall in the kitchen. My favorite spot in the house. Kitchens seem to be a gathering spot!

I made a centerpiece with ironstone pitchers that I love, then I added some amber placemats. Super simple.

Rustic elegance...playing with a tiered tray. I love trays you know. :-) The decorating options are almost limitless. Just change the filler from time to time. 

An evening in the great room...
With fall/Halloween accessories on the coffee table. 

I have been picking up a few Halloween accessories for my Witches' Tea later on this month. It should be fun!

The leaves are beginning to fall! But we are still waiting for cooler temperatures. I do love sweater weather.... and I have bought my first fall scarf. :-)

I asked @jaynetompsonantiques if I could share her foggy Kentucky morning picture at the gallery, and she said yes. Check her out on Instagram if you have a chance. The furniture is gorgeous, as are her photographs. 

Speaking of Instagram... I am still posing daily. 

Here are a few pics from my Instagram. I invite you to follow to see what I am up to between blog posts. Lots of conversation and people who follow my photo posts. 

Just sharing...I had a good hair day...and had to document it! :-)  I love miracles!  

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My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.


  1. It's always a treat visiting you! Lovely home, fall decor and your hair is perfect!

    1. Great post! Just love the dresser in the top picture. Where were you able to procure that piece? Just beautiful!

    2. The solid pine chest came from a furniture store in Perryville Ky 25+ years ago. 😊

  2. Sheila, You are a pretty lady. I loved all the photos. The tiered tray was very nice. I loved it. Those little light up white ceramic pumpkins are adorable. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. love your hair!! your home is so festive. I love the dining room!

  4. Oh so many beautiful vignettes and pretty details! I so love the combination of the blue and white with the pops of orange. The photo of the fog is magnificent!! Have a great week Sheila!

  5. Of course a lady needs to document a good hair day! Love the picture of the foggy Kentucky morning. I remember beauty like that when we would visit my grandparents. You have so many cute fall vignettes in your home. The velvet pumpkins are so pretty...have you tried making any? Always a pleasure to visit with you. xoxo

  6. Sheila,
    As always, I love visiting your house via your blog. I love your traditional style.

    P.S. If I ever have another good hair day in my life, I need to document it, too. 😏



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