October 30, 2017

A Thanksgiving Table With Rustic Elegance

The Thanksgiving Tablescape Blog Hop continues! 

If you have not seen the newest links please take a minute to stop by. So many gorgeous tables by the most creative tablescapers. All links at the bottom of this post. 

Welcome to my home today. I love to create pretty tables for family and guests whether it be in the dining room, in the kitchen, or on the back porch. Join me for a tour of my table creation. 

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October 20, 2017

How to Stack Ironstone Platters

Hello, and welcome to a lesson in Ironstone stacking. 

I might be a little late getting into old ironstone, but I am learning, and the collecting bug has "bitten" me.  

It began innocently enough when many years ago a friend gave me a gorgeous English ironstone pitcher as a thank you for helping her. 

A few weeks ago I found four gorgeous old platters to add to my collection.  

They are the real deal. Old. Have markings. etc. 

This one is a little rough. 

 But this bit of pretty is just perfect. 

I was not sure where to put the new platters so I just stacked them on the counter (with cloth inbetween) and placed a small tureen on top. I filled it with some pumpkin filler for a bit of fall color. 

This was just a quick placement because I was not sure where these new pieces would go. Like so much...kitchen counters catch everything. ha!

But the new ones kept staying on the kitchen counter. :-)

After some browsing on Instagram for #ironstone, I saw what others were doing for displaying and storing their platters. 

Stacking. They were stacking their platters. Hmmm. I did not know that was an option, or a thing. :-) 

These are the recently purchased pieces. (above) 

Then I went to the china cabinet and pulled some out and began a real stack. There are five here. 

Stacking is tricky because the platters must be of similar shape, and they need to nest together nicely. You don't want too much pressure on the rims. 

I had to stack and restack to get just the right fit. Take your time when you try this. Don't rush and try to make something just "sort of" fit together. 
I like for the weight to sit on the centers/bottoms. 

I did not want anything to rub or put too much weight on another.

I put thin dishcloths between each platter to help cushion the rough bottoms from the smooth tops.

And then I wondered...How high can I go? 

Another Instagrammer encouraged me to go higher. So I did! 

I began with one of my largest platters and went all they way to my smallest.  

I began with three. 

I added a couple of more to make five. 

Then three more brought my stack up to eight.

Some platters were rejected because of improper fit. They went back to the china cabinet. 

All of my platters in this stack are a form of oval. 

Stacking sure makes for easy storage, or display. 

They are occupying a chunk of countertop real estate...but I like how they look. 

They become architectural....against my black pearl granite. 

Ironstone is very heavy so hanging pieces on the wall would require a very trustworthy system of hanging. 

I would love to have a rack in the kitchen just for my platters, but the lack of wall space makes that challenging. 

For now...I guess I will "stack." IF my collection should grow, I will have to rethink my display and storage options. 

Are you a stacker? 

If not, how do you display and store your dishes?

Until the next time...

October 19, 2017

Mr. Fox and His Tabletop

Hello, and welcome. 

You have seen Mr.Fox on various occasions...and each time he makes a quick appearance in a photo I get favorable comments. 

October 17, 2017

In a Seasonal Frame of Mind

 Hello everyone, and welcome to the blog today. 

I continue to putter around the house, fluffing this and that for this fall season. I do not have any large house projects at this time, but I have a couple of painting projects I am thinking about IF I can ever decide on paint colors. 

I have a few pictures showing some of my small projects.


I was in my local JoAnn fabric store last week and ran across some Halloween specials. 

I found these two cute crows on sale for about six dollars each...into my cart they went. 

I had an idea of attaching them to a wreath...but I have not gotten that far. ha!  I have named them Laverne and Shirley, and adorned them with neck scarves so far. :-) The polka dot mesh ribbon is also from Joann Fabric. 


October 11, 2017

Around the House

I have been having fun doing fall decorating projects around the house. These little projects are adding some fall color to the atmosphere. 

Take a look at a few things I have done around the house. I hope that you see an idea or two that you can use. 

A fall evening by candlelight

October 3, 2017

The Beauty of Fall's Rustic Elegance

No matter your design style, fall is a time when you can add a bit of rustic in your home. 

I always look forward to foraging for natural elements for my centerpieces. 
But sometimes I use faux. :-)

I happened upon this small metal tiered tray in a local gift shop and decided to give it a pretty makeover with some fall bits and pieces.

I started with some twig pumpkins, acorns, and sprigs of boxwood. Then I added in a couple of silk fall leaves for color. 

This metal tray has a fun finish. 

It makes one think of a galvanized metal but it is not. It has a painted finish with gold/brass highlights. 

There is a brass knob at the top of the post for just a touch of elegance.  

I like the galvanized pieces that are so popular right not...but they are too rustic for my house. But this finish works. 

I began a layering process...in this order. Greenery. 
Bird's nest. 

I put two pumpkins on the bottom layer for visual weight, with the third pumpkin on the top layer. 

To me, fall decorating is about texture and color. 

The faux acorns came from Hobby Lobby last year. They most likely have them this year also. 

The twig pumpkins came from my local Hobby Lobby this year.

The boxwood sprigs are also "faux." ha ha. 
They are nice aren't they. 

I purchased a boxwood bush from the same gift shop where I found the tiered tray. Nanwood Market, a gift shop in Columbia, KY. 

And there you have it. :-) Easy peasy! 

I keep all of my fall bits from year to year in a bin in the basement. 

Every year I go basement diving to gather my accessories and come up with new and different arrangements/centerpieces. 

I guess I am recycling! Yay!

Stay tuned for part 2...I already have another arrangement in my head for you. 

I will recycle my tray several times through the holidays to show how you can make one decor purchase but use it several ways. 

Fun. Fun. Fun.  

See you in a few days! 

My Creepy Halloween Tablescape

Welcome to my Halloween Tablescape! 

I created a fun, colorful, and at the same time creepy tablescape for this fun time of the year. 

 I hope my table gives you come ideas!

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