September 19, 2017

Styling My Fall Table at Pottery Barn

I want to share my fun experience (and photos)  styling a fall table at our new Pottery Barn in Lexington, Ky. 

My daughter took the photos and video with my cell phone while I was busy trying this and that. 

I have to tell you that it was a thrill to be taken into the storeroom to select anything I wanted to use for my table...without looking at price tags. :-) 

Here is the cart with some of the items I used.

I was trying to create a rustic fall table that could be used for a fancy picnic out in a field. This is Kentucky afterall. 

The PB manager wanted a "fall" table...and I have to say that when I was done my table was the most colorful one in the store. ha! I bet that does not surprise you. :-)

The pumpkin patch had the most beautiful faux pumpkins from which I could choose. 

I also chose to use these brass hurricanes. Oh my, they are gorgeous. I am seriously thinking about putting one on my wish list. 

For my centerpiece I chose a large brass tray, and three brass hurricanes. The hurricane in the center is the larger size, and I flanked it with two small sized ones. 

The battery candles have the flicker flame that bobs about, making it look real. They are soooo pretty.

I then chose pretty fall silks to circle the larger hurricane. 

Since this was a display table, I lined the back side of the table with pumpkins, and put the place settings on the ends and front side of the table. 

Pottery Barn has the nicest faux acorns. I put some inside of each of the smaller hurricanes. 

This is the view from the back side of the table.

And this is the front side of the table. I chose rustic wood chargers for the blue and white dinnerware. I then layered a linen napkin and a fun pumpkin on top of each plate. 

Since the hurricanes set the tone for a golden brass look, I went with the gold flatware. I had fun consulting the girls working in the store...and the manage sealed the deal voting for the goldtone. 

An action shot of my trying to get the throws "just so" on the gorgeous rustic table. 

A closeup shot of the gorgeous hurricane.

The brass tray...

The stack... with lots of texture.

The place setting...

I love to use blue and white with orange, so I thought It would be fun to use for a fall table. 

Actually, I think blue and white china works with many seasonal colors. 

Another action shot! 
Styling tables is a workout. :-)

There were strong showroom lights over my my phone pics are flooded with light. I tried to edit the brightness down, but that did not work well. 

My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.


  1. Happy Fall Sheila,

    Your table is beautiful. I see why you chose the hurricane candle holders.
    The reflection on the brass pops for a nice warm cozy setting.
    You are truly in your element. Pottery Barn needs you to be their stylist.
    Linda C in Seattle

  2. Beautiful! I LOVE that wonderful Fall Plaid and the blue/white dishes as an amazing contrast. Great Job!

  3. Love all the elements you chose for your table. The acorns, the hurricanes, dishes, flatware...all gorgeous. Hmm, maybe they will have you come back for another display. Congratulations on a job well done! xoxo

  4. What fun! You did a beautiful job and I love the pieces that you chose!

  5. Sheila,
    Beautifully styled with blue, white, and orange.... Pottery Barn always has beautiful things, and you've showcased them so well.


  6. What fun! You did a beautiful job and bet you had a blast!

  7. How fun! You set a beautiful table. I love the pumpkins with the blue and white dishes. The plaid cloths are a luscious base to it all!

  8. Looks like you had lots of fun!!! I bet they were so very pleased with what you did! The table is so beautiful Sheila!!!

  9. How fun Sheila! Love the beautiful brass pieces you chose and the florals styled with the tablescape. Love the plaid throws you chose and the pretty dishes (I just got some of those!). They do have wonderful pumpkins- I think I own three now. I'm sure you enjoyed your experience there!

  10. I love all of it..The fall colors and your arrangements are just beautiful...thanks for the beautiful ideas!

  11. Exceptional work!! You are such a pro. I absolutely, LOVE the throws on the table, the color is so rich and warm looking. TFS.

  12. Lovely, Sheila!! What fun that must have been! Love your outfit, too - you look great!!

  13. Sheila I love that you used throws as tablecloths. Very clever and especially since you wanted to create a picnic look in the fields.

  14. That had to have been so much fun! Your table styling turned out great!

  15. So many nice things. I love the table cloth and the hurricanes.

  16. You made a stunning table setting for Pottery Barn. Of course, the canvas there is beyond endless, but I just love the way you styled your table. It is absolutely gorgeous! Happy Fall!


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