September 22, 2017

Happy First Day of Fall

Hey all, 
It's great to visit with you on this first day of fall. 

It seems that the change of season from the hot fun days of summer to the cooler temps of fall gives us a chance to slow down, walk through crunchy leaves, sniff the burning wood from fireplaces and bonfires, and make gooey apple pies. What's not to like!

I loved the splashy orange leaf branches! 
You know me, I am she who loves orange.

Last week when I was styling my table at Pottery Barn I walked around the store looking at their tabletops. I snapped pics for inspiration, 'cause that's what I do. I snap snap snap and look at the pics for ideas of what I can do at my house. Maybe they will give you an idea for something you can do. 

The sunflower stems were gorgeous. 
They looked so real!

I love to stack dishes...and I am always looking for new ideas. 

The PB salad plates are calling my name. ha!

 I have ivory dishes and I love to just add seasonal salad plates. 

While I am not into galvanized finishes I do love this ceramic stacked pumpkin piece. 

I have such a weakness for pillows...and looked long and hard at some of the fall pillows. I took a deep breath and walked on though...Trying to master some self-control.

The faux floral stems and pumpkins are the best I have seen. 

If you missed my last post on styling my PB table click here.

I have been doing some fall things around my house too. 

Slow and steady...I am getting there! 

Here are a few pics. (I am trying to work toward having a mini fall home tour for you. :-)

In the fall I bring out my splashy orange pillows. 
I do love orange!

The war room, ha ha, aka family media room. You all know the story. Hubby is a history buff. All of the prints hung in his grasscloth walled home office in the big house. So now...I have the pretties in the mama cave and he has the rustic, manly decor in the great room. Compromise!

Some people these days find parts of history to be offending. Hey, history is a record of mankind's record on earth. It is not all pretty. :-) There is the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

I try to pretty things up a bit in the war room with styling tables using heavier, rustic items. 

I have just a few of hubby's old law books. 
I wish I had more of them for decorating. ha ha. 

He sold his library after private practice. 

Dang...those things were expensive back in the day. Now...everything is online. Ha. 

Changing times! 

I use the top of the coffee table for changing seasonal decor. I try to keep the style in keeping with the room, but this time I went with a tobacco style basket and added some other bits and pieces. 

They might be a bit too farmhouse...but that's how it is until another idea enters my brain. 
What do you think?

I never have to worry if my ironstone is out of place in my kitchen. Traditional white cabinets with black iron pulls...cry out for my old pieces.

 I fiddled with another basket arrangement.

And then I played with my velvet pumpkins.

I did a little more "tub diving"...

Then, I decided it was time for a cuppa something...and rested a few minutes at the kitchen table. 

Wish you join me sometime. 

Until then, our virtual coffee/tea breaks will have to be like this.

Thanks for visiting...and Happy Fall Y'all. :-)


My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.


  1. Sheila, I loved seeing all the wonderful at PB. Thank you for all that. I like looking for ideas in stores. You usually can decorate with your own things, or maybe buys a couple of new things, like those pillows to help make your own décor look new. I like the orange touches at your house. I agree about history...the good, the bad and the's our history and covering up doesn't change it. We should always learn from our mistakes...some times it good to have reminders that we do not want to repeat bad history. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  2. I adore "the war room"! It's the perfect blend of he and she, manly and womanly, masculine and get the idea. I have no orange in my decor, but I always love it when I visit someone who has orange. It's such a happy color, to me. :-) Love all your pumpkins, white ironstone, pillows, and baskets. I vote yes for getting those salad plates. Happy Fall to you, too. Yay, it's finally here!

    P.S. Living in a farm house with little of the "current farm house styling", you can never go wrong with a touch of it here or there.

    1. And your home is perfect for those farmhouse touches. 😊

  3. Everything is so perfectly Fall the use of your brilliant oranges! Happy Fall!!

  4. For the best faux florals, go to JSD House on Waller in LEX. Their pumpkins, etc., are gorgeous, too. Their fall sale ended last week, though, where all was 20% off. Oh, they make the best door decor and table arrangements in town. But they are pricey when not on sale.

  5. I always enjoy visiting your beautiful home. PB has some gorgeous things and good ideas...good for you, resisting temptation! I totally agree with you about history. 'Nuff said... xoxo

  6. I love those unique sunflowers with the ironstone. I have the same ones and they remind me of tobacco leaves. It's so hot here I haven't gotten the fall bug yet.

  7. Beautiful post! I am ironstone crazy! I just posted fall home tour of my "old ky home" on the first day of fall! I think you will like it too!


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