September 10, 2017

A Surprise Basket

Surprises are so much fun!

Cute surprises are even more fun.

And for a basket lover from way back
...this surprise was extra extra fun.

Let me back up...

A week or so ago I purchased some of the prettiest green yarn imho. I love greens you know! 

I thought of knitting something...but after more thought and given that this yarn is a scratchy wool I am thinking I will make some pompoms. I bought the yarn at Tuesday Morning on markdown. (I bought it for the color!)

I had my skeins of yarn in a green plastic bag...that is until this little surprise was handed to me. 

When I took the basket out of the gift bag I knew how I would use it, ...though there are now several ideas swirling in my head. 

I needed a basket to hold my yarn and supplies for my project.


There are extra large versions of this basket that could hold a large knitting or crochet blanket project. But this smaller size is exactly what I like. 

And I guess you noticed the black polka dots! Cute.

I have considered making some black pompoms for around the top edge...but they might get in the way if I fold the top down to make a bowl. 

The sides of the basket are flexible which lets the handles flex for carrying. Yay! 

It could be a quilter's basket...for holding fabrics, scissors, thread, etc. 

I guess my basket could be a beach basket... for a towel and lotion and an afternoon at the beach. 

It could be a picnic basket...for snacks and beverages.

It could be a basket for small toys...children or pet's toys. 

I could go on and on. You get my point. It's a useful basket. :-)

But there is more magic! 

The sides fold in to make a sort of bowl.

It is too large for a hat. I tried. :-)

Line the basket with tea towels and put bread, chips, or crackers in it. 

Or, load the bowl area with found fall objects. Pine cones. Gourds. Small pumpkins. Nuts. Pine sprigs. 

I helped my mother and father with something last week and I think they wanted to thank me...though not necessary... and now I am the proud owner of a very useful basket. 

Then I heard my mother say..."they had an extra large one and it would be good to hold my large knitting/crocheting projects." (Mother likes to make afghans.) 

I will have to check to see if she went back to get a basket for herself. :-) 

Nanwood Market, Columbia, KY.  
The cutest little shop...owned by a mother and daughter.
They are on Instagram  @nanwoodmarket #nanwoodmarket 

My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

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  1. So where did the poka dot basked come from? I want one.

  2. Cute and practical basket from your cute and practical mom!


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