August 9, 2017

One Thing Leads to Another, Continued

This is the continuing saga of my blue and white vases/jars and my new greenery. get to see me play with this vignette one more time. (lol)

What I composed before was just a spur of the minute vignette on a chest in the dining room. was a thrown together little ditty! 

But...I had to play with the concept a little more. :-)

After my post several days ago where I was playing with some new greenery stems I decided to take it a step farther, again. 

Thus, one thing leads to another!

Now...the rest of the story. 

I cleared the top of my block front chest in the mama cave and began creating a vignette of some blue and white pieces.

I am the mix and match queen, or the use and reuse princess. Maybe both.

My little mix and match dance was one I had to use lamplight to see how well things were looking. Plus, evening light adds a bit of richness to photos. 

Don't forget...I am a shutterbug too. 

I guess you have noticed that from my photo laden posts! I am always trying for those perfect still life shots. 

Since the impromptu vignette of the previous post I purchased a few more palm type stems at my local Hobby Lobby. (I should own stock in that company! ha ha.) 

The extra stems let me create a more lush look in my large jar.  I was a little iffy about putting the arrangement in front of my painting...but I did it any way. 

I worked with placing my jars, and lid just so. 

Ta da! 

This is the finished product of the "One thing leads to another" saga. 

 The next morning I snapped a few quick shots with my phone so that you could have a daylight view. :-)

Are these wild stems too much for you? ha ha. 

I just love to play with floral arrangements. 
Sometimes they would out well, and some not so much. 

I do like this wild and crazy look for some reason. It's kind of a jungle look I guess. 

If you like this, you will find it easy to copy.

I put  three to four inches of craft sand in the bottom of my jar to secure the stems. You could use glass florist marbles too most likely. 

Until the next time...

My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.


  1. I can't make up my mind, I think I would like it more with a less dense painting. I like the jars and such, I think you did a fabulous job. The idea is fabulous but, I am still contemplating that I would like to see it with a different painting. TFS.

  2. You certainly do have the most gorgeous blues and whites! I love your greenery and this new vignette is very pretty indeed.
    Hope you come by, I too have my blues and whites. I love it because I think it's fresh and fits every season and time.

  3. I love the new look with the wild and crazy greens coming out of the vase but I think you need to cut a little off the ends of the stems so the greens sit down in the vase a little and you won't see the space between the top of the vase and where the leaves start. Just a thought.

  4. As I was reading this post and looking at the pics I noticed that I had just bought that oval lidded jar at my fav consignment shop!!! Beautiful vignette Sheila!


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