August 18, 2017

Jazzing Up My Wardrobe

Today I am showing you some fun transitional pieces I picked up recently in a small ladies dress shop. I love the personal service at small shops. 

Take a look at my fun new pieces. They are casual and easy to wear pieces. A new style for this girl. 

Some of you may have already embraced the tunic and leggings look...but this is my first go around. Tunics, yes. Leggins, no. 

I have been working on my personal style. :-)  I need to get with "it" and have fun with fashion.

I posted several pictures on my Instagram account and the wonderful ladies are giving me tips. 

I began with a mustard colored above the knee rayon and spandex tunic. (feels like a liquid knit.) I added a long bold floral vest, and then some new fun jewelry. A totally new look for me! But I am trying to step it up a bit. :-)

My kind Instagram friends are urging/suggesting that I add leggings and wedges. 

I have a pair of black leggings, and black wedge I guess I will do another "shoot" to show you the improvements. 

It takes village to dress Sheila! 

I also bought an olive green tunic in the same fabric. Yes, I love the fabric that much!  

I raided my scarf box and found a floral scarf to add around my neck. It is a bit early to wear these fall pieces...but I will be ready when the first leaves float to the ground!

Here is a close up of the scarf...with necklace. 

Can you see the ruffles on the sleeves of my green tunic?

This is not the best pic...but I did not have anyone to take the picture for me this time. I will do a better photo shoot soon.  

Now, let me show you my new necklace and bracelet. Gorgeous costume pieces to wear now and any time, with jeans or with dresses. I love pieces that can be for dress-up or for dress-down. 

I found a new necklace and matching bracelet recently too. I learned that the brand is Plunder...which I had never heard of until I saw this set. 

I usually wear pearls...but a nice traditional string of them. These are costume pieces, but will be a jazzy touch to me new tunic tops.

The necklace clasp is magnetic and very easy to fasten. The bracelet has a toggle type clasp. 

 You can see the large magnets above. 

I am trying to be hip, cool, and stylish. 
It will be a journey no doubt. :-)
And, I may need your help. 

I am not trying to see you anything...just sharing my new things. 
My tunics and jewelry came from a small shop in Somerset, Ky. Trader 

I would love for you to visit me on Instagram to chat and share.

My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.


  1. My are you hip now! (Wait...does "hip" show my age? Anyway I LOVE your tunics and the scarves are magical! And the jewelry...lovely. I love reading your blog and feel a kinship with your both decorating and dress. Bravo, girl!

  2. What fun to switch things up! I admit, I wear tunics and leggings more than anything else, they are just so comfortable! I'm fortunate I work in a place where we can dress casually. I love tunics with leggings and boots - boot season is right around the corner here, for sure!

  3. Oh, look darling! I love everything you showed us in this post, but I especially like the outfit with the gold blouse and gorgeous scarf. The Plunder label is unfamiliar to me but that necklace is particularly stunning. Thanks so much for letting me try on outfits vicariously through you!

  4. OK> you REALLY NEED to get those leggings out, and ON! The black patent ballet slippers are too cute, too! (BTW: I'm @trailblazer555 on IG:-)!)

  5. Amen to Debbie! I know you will love the comfort of tunics and leggings and it can be fun, stylish and tasteful! I am tall and love my boots, though winter not so much. The jewelry brand is new to me,but very nice! Good luck with your updating--I am 73, and know you can do it!

  6. You do look darling! I have heard of the Plunder brand...another blogger sells it ( Their pieces are beautiful...I especially like that necklace. Will have to check out your IG pictures. xoxo

  7. I vote leggings or slim fit jeans!! Love that scarf!

  8. Once you find the right leggings you might never go back! Your tunics are BEAUTIFUL! I love that type of fabric myself and decided that life is too short to wear clothes that don't feel soft and cozy. No more scratchy, stiff or tight for me. Rock the leggings and ENJOY!

  9. I'm new to your blog, Sheila, and think you are definitely off to a great start at jazzing up your wardrobe! I love doing that, too! I think your tunics are darling (love both colors) and would look especially cute with leggings or skinny jeans. I love wearing scarves, but it will be awhile before I can add those to my wardrobe here in the Arizona desert! I'm now following on IG.

    Thanks for sharing!


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