August 20, 2017

A Neutral Fall Tablescape

While it is still extra warm and humid outside...I have been dabbling in some transitional decorating. Have you jumped in? Or are you waiting for the temperatures to cool down more? 

Bloggers tend to be ahead of the season, or holiday, because we like to help you get ideas for what you might like to do in your home. So, I am not trying to rush anyone. Just giving you ideas. :-)

๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ‚ Now on to my new tablescape.๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ‚

I know that it may seem odd for me to go "neutral" but once in a while I like to play with less color. Not often. But inspiration can come from out of the blue. :-)

This tablescape began when my Oriental Trading  order arrived...and then the playing began.

I ordered ceramic pumpkins, feathers, and a couple of wooden slabs. Then I did a post to show you.  I had fun playing with my camera and creating"still life" images. I keep trying to be a photographer. :-)

I only let the vignette rest on the antique table a short time until I decided to rearrange everything and make a centerpiece on my old farmhouse style table in the kitchen. That post is here.

I grabbed an oval cutting board, an old beat up cutting board, and old vase... to add to my new items. 

I stacked everything and...ta da, a new centerpiece. Everything is very neutral and textural for this transitional, first fall tablescape.

I considered which placemats to add...looking at black and another neutral, but then I went with these nubby textured woven oatmeal colored ones. 

I added a rattan ball, some faux fruit, and a couple of crackle finish candlesticks to finish the center of the tablescape. 

I love natural wood tones and texture. They are earthy and just right for fall. 

The slick shiny ceramic pieces, china, and flatware add contrast to the heavily textured items. 

I try to always pay attention to the balance of texture when I create a tablescape or decorate a room. 

The plates are sitting on burlap chargers...again more texture. I love the burlap chargers, but I have not figured out how to clean them. hmmm. Do you have any ideas/suggestions? 

My flatware is Sheraton by Oneida. 

I ordered it years ago because of the simple federal style I have seen on some sterling. 

It works with my nice china as well as my Italian Countryside, Mikasa (the white plate above.) 

To add some color to this totally neutral table I added some blue and white...which seems to go with any color scheme. (yay!)

I rolled up a simple white linen napkin to put inside the silvertone napkin rings. And then I added a feather! I saw that idea somewhere on the internet...maybe pinterest. 

The blue and white salad plates are Royal Stafford, Harvest Hayride. I bought them because of the little golden retriever sitting next to the wagon. Can you see him?  

There is the sweet little doggie...You can see him better above and below.

Neutral is not usually my decorating style...but I have lots of color in my kitchen and I can stand bits of neutral from time to time. ha ha!

My Pottery Barn chairs are holding up nicely...and I manage to squeeze six around my old table. 

My old table dates from the it is just an old table. Not an antique. Although now it might be considered "vintage." 

This is the drapery fabric at the kitchen show you how I got the idea to use pheasant feathers for my decorating. 

Sadly...I cannot remember the fabric name or manufacturer. oops. But I still love it after eight years. I had it in a previous house and dragged it with me when we moved. :-)

My kitchen paint color is Westminster Gold by Benjamin Moore, and it goes very nicely with the fabric. I have some extra fabric and have thought about covering my queen Ann chair seat bottoms. 

And there we have first fall tablescape of 2017.  

I have another one in the works too. 

Chloe from Celebrate & Decorate is planning a fall tablescape hop the week of August 28th. My table will be on Monday, Aug. 28th...I hope you can visit.

Aug 28th

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It has been such fun to chat with some of you!   

Until the next time....

My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.


  1. ok...I am definitely stealing your feather in the napkin idea...genius! I love how you play with your decorations trying this and that till your eye finally says "yes!". I like the neutrals as a transition to fall. I am finding myself yearning to put up fall decorations but yet holding back just a while longer. But I made a few changes today on my mantle. Very nice post, Sheila

  2. I love it, especially that white pumpkin. You said it was rough on the bottom on a previous post. The dollar store has an assortment of felt pads, but sometimes I get the square felt pad with an adhesive back from a craft store and cut out a smaller circle to fit the bottoms. I do that on a lot of floral arrangements I make.
    If only fall weather was in the air in Florida. It's hot.

    1. I do need to buy some of those felt dots for the pumpkin bottoms! It's still hot here...but I am inching into fall with this neutral table. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. This is one of my favorite tablescapes that you have done. I love the textures and your blue and white plates. I really adore the dog! Everything about your table appeals to me! It is what I would want my own table to look like.

  4. Pretty, Sheila! I have those Royal Stafford plates in black & white, and styled them in my updated kitchen. All the colors blend so smoothly together, calm, without screaming fall. Those pheasant feathers can be quite pricey, so you did well to find them on OTC. I could still kick myself for not purchasing a great many of them very inexpensively while we were in South Dakota last year.
    I would try a quick, 5 min soak for cleaning those chargers in cool water with woolite. If it failed epicly, you could always buy some inexpensive chargers and modge podge some burlap fabric to them, right?

  5. Love the white pumpkin & the crackle finish candlesticks, but really, the understated look of an early Fall tablescape is very appealing. Me, I haven't taken the plunge yet. I'm still in Summer mode.

  6. Everything looks just gorgeous. I'm ready to take the plunge, but I need to wait just a couple more weeks.

  7. The table looks fabulous Sheila. The white pumpkin is lovely and I do love the feathers. No fall here yet...

  8. Pretty tablescape, Sheila! I love pheasant feathers!!! When I visited my brother and his family in England back in the spring of 2005, I brought home three feathers from the farm they were living on {rental house in what was once the caretakers home of a big estate farm}. Later I was given some more from a friend who had gone hunting. I'd plunk them into a pitcher or anywhere!!! Love yours! <3

  9. Sheila, your home and style are very lovely. Everything from the gorgeous dinnerware to the feather details. I just love it. I am definitely inspired to bring our my Fall bin.

  10. How do you sanitize the feathers? I wouldn't want to introduce germs/bacteria from poultry into my table setting.

  11. Your tablescape is really pretty and so calming! I have always loved the traditional autumn colors, but the neutrals are really grabbing me this year. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration! And I love the mixture of textures on your table, too!

  12. I just love this Sheila! So elegant and stylish. Thank you for sharing your ideas and home with us at #overthemoon link party. Have a beautiful week.

  13. I love that pop of blue with your neutrals!

  14. You've inspired me, Sheila, to try something like this on my dark wood table. It's beautiful! I will be featuring your tablescape at Best of the Weekend tomorrow night! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Absolutely beautiful...I love your dishes!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  16. I love everything in your beautiful Fall table spread, specially that white pumpkin, it sure makes a statement and it's an elegant element.
    Happy Fall.

  17. Beautiful job. Love your choice of color and texture. My favorite tablescape too! your burlap chargers are "underliners" use a dry pastry brush to dust and damp cloth the edges and any where else that needs a touch up.


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