August 27, 2017

Fall Tablescape Blog Hop

Thank you for stopping by to see my rustic fall table in the dining room. I have mixed rustic country pieces with polished china and flatware. 

Let's see what you think. :-)

August 26, 2017

A Bowl Without A Lid's a funny title. 

But really, that is what I have. 

I have a pretty bowl without a lid. 

There is a story. 

But you know that I always have a story!

I was in a small vintage shop, Arrow Vintage, picking up something else that I had reserved from an online Instagram purchase. 

As it would happen I spotted this pretty bowl. 

It is half of a serving bowl or tureen...from an estate sale. 

I decided to go with the bowl because it is so pretty. 

I just knew that I could use this bowl without a lid. :-)  So many possibilities!!!

I began playing and staging and here are some of my ideas. 

And you know that I love to find multiple ways to use something!

Here are some no particular order. 

I love to use scarves on tables...they add a bit of color as a photo prop. This green scarf is an older scarf from the Gap. It is really old. And I am really a hoarder. ha ha. 

I changed scarves...and then added a faux orange pumpkin to my bowl filler. 

Then I added three mini twig pumpkins. (Hobby Lobby)

And then...I tried something that I saw on another blog or Instagram. I loved the idea when I saw it...but my other tureens were too large.
This just the right size for dresser top jewelry storage.

I put some of my costume pieces in the bowl to try. I like it. 

Confession time...I am bad about putting my daily play jewelry away. I just lay it on the dresser and I end up with a mess after a few days. I have little bags for each piece but I don't always take the time to put my stuff away when I am changing. (I know...bad!)

Can you tell that I like pearl jewelry?!

Now, I can use this pretty bowl to hold my pieces for easy access, and to control my mess, until I put them away properly.  

This jewelry represents years of picking up this and that from here and there. I attach memories with each piece it seems. 

I am sure you have a bowl to use for one of these ideas, or something similar. :-)

Also...look through you old scarves. You may have something just right for a table scarf. 

So...agree or disagree?  I should have brought this sweet bowl home with me. (You know the correct answer, right?)

August 20, 2017

A Neutral Fall Tablescape

While it is still extra warm and humid outside...I have been dabbling in some transitional decorating. Have you jumped in? Or are you waiting for the temperatures to cool down more? 

Bloggers tend to be ahead of the season, or holiday, because we like to help you get ideas for what you might like to do in your home. So, I am not trying to rush anyone. Just giving you ideas. :-)

August 18, 2017

Jazzing Up My Wardrobe

Today I am showing you some fun transitional pieces I picked up recently in a small ladies dress shop. I love the personal service at small shops. 

August 13, 2017

Art Is In The Eye of the Beholder

One day I finally decided to create this little ditty.

I had a dozen Ball canning jars and a tiered tray sitting in the corner of the kitchen dining area. They were waiting to be taken to the basement where I store my accessories. But I just kept walking by them. 

After a while, too long of a while, I decided to put my jars onto the tiers of my wire tray. 

I thought I could make a pretty centerpiece if I put a single fresh stem in each jar. 

I thought it would look like a nice sort of "farmhouse" flavor arrangement. 

I did not have any stems when I put together this little ditty, but I did have light streaming through our cut glass front door.  Hmmm, why don't I just play with photos. 

I then thought that maybe my "little tray ditty" was pretty just as it was/is. 

I love the light shining through the clean glass jars. I love the artistic look of my little ditty, with the sun shining through. 

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so, why can't art be in the eye of the beholder? 

Everyone has an idea of art that appeals to them. It could be cows on a canvas. It could be an English landscape. It could be paint randomly splattered on a canvas. For me...the light streaming through my simple glass jars is art. 

There is beauty and art all around us...sometimes we just need to think outside of the box, or put glass jars in the sunlight. :-)

I do still plan to put some stems in my jars...after I go shopping for them. 

I shared a couple of these pics on Instagram and got some good suggestions as to what to do with a tiered tray of glass jars. 

One person suggested putting craft or art supplies in them. Someone else suggested putting different office supplies in each jar. 

If you had this what would you display in the jars?  Please share in a comment.

Until the next time...

August 11, 2017

New Fun Fall Accessories

A white ceramic pumpkin.
A handful of feathers.
Two wood slabs.

These are my new arrivals from Oriental Trading for whom I am a brand ambassador. 

I played with stacking and arranging these new goodies when they arrived. When I ordered them I proposed a fun fall table setting...and I will get to that. But today, I am sharing the objects. 

The ideas just begin whirling in my mind...other than a table setting. 

I can see wall art with a slab of wood and these pheasant feathers.

I have wanted to have some feathers for my fall decorating since last year when I saw another blogger decorate with them.

This ceramic pumpkin is gorgeous and I love the ironstone flavor that it has. 

These wood slabs are a bit more rustic than my usual decorating accessories...but for fall, they will be so much fun to play with for my vignettes. 

For fun...I tried this little vignette on an antique cherry table. 

I just wanted to see how it worked. 

It is not yet fall...but I am gearing up to show you some ideas to try. :-)

These items will be appearing around the house so look to see them used together and separately. 

A close-up of the pretty pumpkin.

The shutterbug in me is having fun playing with ways to style the pheasant feathers. 

I shop for decor accessories much like I shop for clothing/accessories. 

I want to be able to use what I buy in more than one way. I want to be able to mix, match, and use my accessories in more than one way. You get more bang for your dollar that way! :-)


Disclosure: As a Brand Ambassador for Oriental Trading I am given items of my choice in exchange for using those items as I choose in a blog post. link for this post.

August 9, 2017

One Thing Leads to Another, Continued

This is the continuing saga of my blue and white vases/jars and my new greenery. get to see me play with this vignette one more time. (lol)

What I composed before was just a spur of the minute vignette on a chest in the dining room. was a thrown together little ditty! 

But...I had to play with the concept a little more. :-)

August 7, 2017

Floral Arrangement Ideas

Pottery Barn Lexington
This post may be picture overload...but I got the idea to look back at my various floral arrangements to get some ideas on what I might like to try next...for fall. 

August 3, 2017

One thing leads to another!

Yes, it is true. 

One thing leads to another. 

The other day when I was making a quick arrangement with some new stems (from Hobby Lobby) I began playing with another container. 

Using Blues and Greens for Spring

I am so sorry...Blogger is  having an issue and reposting old posts that I edit. If you have already seen this post...just move on. I am sorry to fill your "in box." sheila

Have you been noticed the use of blue and green together recently. A spring trend. 

The shades of blue and green can go from jewel tones to pastels. I am enjoying seeing both. 

I looked through my photos and you can see that I began some blue and green a while back. 

Here is my wedding china that I updated with an olive green linen napkin. 

A new planter and most recent acquisition. I might have bought the arrangement because of the majolica style planter. 😊

With all of the blue and green out there I decided to bring some green into the mama see how it would play with my blue and white pieces.

I found this bottle around the house. I love shopping the house for my bits and pieces. Just when I think I need to thin out my collection of "stuff" I find a use for something. 

I gathered some green silk pillows and a green throw. I think they will make fine spring colors on the white sofa. 

My husband's grandmother's dish helps to support my spring green theme. 

A majolica salad plate...

Benjamin Moore, Hearts of the master bedroom.

Do you like the collection of green fabrics from Lancaster Associates, above?

Or maybe you prefer to have the green tempered some with blues and white. I love the green velvet above. 

If you prefer the lighter shades of might like the almost aqua or powder blue, above. Bring in pots of greenery, real or faux, to complement any shade of blue. 

Just in case you missed it in an earlier is Greenery, Pantone's 2017 color of the year. 

I understand that green is not for in my mother. ha!  We talked about it and decided that maybe she overdosed on 1970s avocado carpet, upholstery, and lighter green wall paint. She wants no more of it. ha!  

I on the other hand still love many shades of green. There are a few that I do not like.

Will you be playing with any blue, green, or a combination this spring?

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