July 18, 2017

The Instant Pot Craze

photo credit, Sur La Table

If you have not heard, Instant Pot cooking is a very popular right now. 

The Instant Pot is billed as a multi-cooker because of its different cooking functions. Sauté/ Steam. Rice baker. Pressure cook. Slow cook, etc. 

photo credit, sur la table

Trends come and go with how we cook our food. And there are appliances for the many ways of cooking. Stoves/Cookers. Grills. Griddles. Smokers. Gas stoves. Steamers. Rotisseries. Fryers.Foreman type double sided grills,etc. ...you name it. 

I began married life with an avocado colored electric apartment range (when hubby and I were doing our post grad programs) and a few pans and casserole dishes. It worked just fine. 

My electric skillet looked similar to this. 

Then slowly my cooking expanded to include a few counter top appliances. We received an electric skillet as a wedding gift. 

Yes...Teflon griddle. That's what mine was. :-)

Then we bought a griddle for making pancakes.

As a new bride I remember purchasing a small pressure cooker and cooking some roasts in it. Then my pressure cooker was edged out by my first Crock Pot. 

The slow cooker / Crock Pot was the new trendy cooking appliance invention when I was a young married high school teacher. It was quite the invention for all of us working gals, and stay at home mothers.

Looks like my first crock pot. 

I could put together a crock of ingredients in the refrigerator the evening before (or the morning of) and turn it on low. When I came back from a day of teaching we would have dinner ready. I have upgraded a time or two since my original crockpot that did not have a removable crock. That was a pain to wash, for sure. 

I think this is my current crockpot.
 Nothing fancy...except the lid clamps are great!

I have fallen for a new trend... Instant Pot cooking. 

Both my daughter and new daughter-in-law have electric pressure cookers. They really love theirs. It lets them come home from work, throw ingredients into the pan, secure the lid...and have a tender, tasty mean in short order. 

photo credit, sur la table
                                   Instant Pot Ultra 6 qt 

I have been thinking about an Instant Pot since they love their new contraptions so much! ha ha. Even my son was telling me about how they use theirs. Well, I decided to put one on my wish list. 

steam seafood on "low" pressure 

Guess what showed up on my birthday? 

Yes, An Instant Pot Ultra. I wanted the Ultra, the newest version, after reading reviews and descriptions. My Ultra 6 quart can act as a slow cooker and steamer also. Hubby found mine at Sur La Table. 

There appears to be a cult following of these new electric multi cooker / pressure cookers. I have seen bloggers doing tutorials aswell as new cookbooks just for these new electric pressure cookers.

These electric pressure cookers are not like your grandmother's large, scary, contraptions. I can remember seeing and hearing those things. They were like monsters. And I always feared there would be an explosion.

Fast forward to now, and the electric pressure cooker looks much 

photo credit, sur la table

My Instant Pot lets me select low pressure for seafood or high pressure for thicker, heavier meats. And there is a sauté function for browning/crisping meats, etc. You put liquid in the bottom, secure the lid, then set the dial for the amount of pressure. There is also a manual function for when you don't want to use the presets.  

photo credit, sur la table

One thing I am looking forward to cooking is rice. Daughter says it is quick and easy. 

from the sur la table website is this info: 
preset options include: pressure cook, soup/broth, meat/stew, beans/chili, steam, slow cook, sauté, warm, rice, porridge, multigrain, cake, egg, sterilize, yogurt and ultra (manual)

Hubby also bought the Instant Pot cookbook, 
per our daughter's recommendation. :-)

There are several models available. 
It just depends on the features you want.

Here are a couple of links for extra reading if you want to know more.

Why do Cooks love the Instant Pot, 
article/review/video NY Times.

I Tried the Instant Pot, Here is what I think.

Instantpot Recipes 

To be honest I feel like I will be "in class" learning the manual and testing a few foods to learn  how my new gadget works. 

I will report to you from time to time as I work through the learning curve on my new kitchen gadget. 

If you have one of these new type pressure cookers, would you share your experience in a comment below? I would love to hear what you cook in yours...and what model you own?

My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

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  1. I just heard yesterday from my brother who has bought one and loves it! Like you, I have always been scared of pressure cookers from the old days. Explosions! But this IS 2017, isn't it? I was glad to see your recommendation, too. My investigation has begun!

    1. My daughter has the Instant Pot brand while my dil has the cuisinart brand. Basically the same but a few different features. Explore online to see what you want. Happy searching!

  2. I have the 6 Qt Instant Pot Duo. No explosions! We use it pretty often. It does make rice easily. I do roasts, pulled pork, and lots of meats in it. It's also good for anything you would steam, like vegetables. And it cuts the time for sous way down. One nice feature is that it can cook dried beans, without pre-soaking, in less that 45 minutes (instead of hours). And I make all my own broth now, out of leftover chicken bones and veggies.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I have lots to learn snd experiment with as I go forward. 😊

  4. Where to put all of these gadgets ? I might have to move my dishes aside.LOL. BTW I still have my first crock pot if somebody wants an antique. Maybe we could sell them for movie sets.
    Thanks for the info and links to search.

  5. Where to put all of these gadgets ? I might have to move my dishes aside.LOL. BTW I still have my first crock pot if somebody wants an antique. Maybe we could sell them for movie sets.
    Thanks for the info and links to search.

  6. Thanks for doing this post on the Insta Pot Sheila. I am really interested in one and I've read a little bit about them.

  7. The first time I heard of this Instant Pot was last week! I had to look it up on the computer to see what it is. I was reading a recipe for "The World's Best Potato Salad" and the author {Jillee's dil} suggested using one of the pots to cook the potatoes. It is posted on Jillee's blog "One Good Thing" the date is July 17, 2017. Thank you for helping me understand more about such a fabulous tool. Happy cooking. TFS.

  8. Had to chuckle as i got that avocado green crock pot as a wedding gift!!! Yes, those new pressure cookers are all the rage....Debbie Doos has a blog dedicated to it!

  9. Well, I am old and I have a brown crockpot sister to the green one pictured. I use it REGULARLY and have no complaints. I think your new pot looks wonderful, but I am WAY too old and lazy to figure it all out. I will be looking forward to your blogs about usage!

  10. I have been hearing so much about these pots Sheila, I am skeptical only because I've never cooked in a pressure cooker and that whole concept scares me! I do LOVE my crockpots though, so I will be checking in often to see what you're cooking!

  11. Hi Sheila, I can't wait to hear about your experience with this Insta Pot. Thanks too for sharing this post at C&C with J&J.
    Enjoy the weekend.
    Julie xo

  12. I've never heard of this, it sounds wonderful!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!


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