July 12, 2017

A Birthday Tablescape

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July is a birthday month in our family!

That means cake and ice cream!
I scream. 
You scream. 
We all scream for ice cream.

Until my grandfather died...there were three of us who celebrated July birthdays. 

I was born on my grandfather's birthday. My mother said that the day I was born was no doubt the hottest day ever. Sorry mom!

She gave birth to me in July, on the 4th floor, of an un-airconditioned hospital in Danville, Ky.  I can only imagine!  By the time I gave birth to my children on the 4th floor of that same hospital, there was air conditioning. Yay!

Ok, On to my party table...I decided to go with color! I chose a black and white canvas table runner...and then chose a fun color of green. These may not be traditional birthday colors, whatever those are, but this is what I wanted to do. 

I had to play with the candlesticks when they arrived. These are glass with a silvered finish. I have seen much pricier versions other places. But I think these hold their own in the dining room. 

Take a look at the bold birthday table I made...I only set it for four people to keep things simple. The cake and ice cream are not here yet either!

Since I used a black and white runner I thought I would try these charcoal candles. 

For a pop of color I chose to use bright green! Oriental Trading has so many color choices when it comes to paper and party pieces.

I thought this bright flower arrangement would help bring even more color to the table.

I also thought that maybe I could use this tureen to hold ice cream. I believe I can put a couple of quarts of ice cream in it and then add ice. I hope that plan works. :-)  I have a larger tureen if this one is too small. 

Look how pretty the top is.

This is the tureen that I found when antiquing with daughter... Athens Schoolhouse Antiques.

Even the side profile is elegant. 

I like to mix opposites. Paper plates with silver. Antiques with modern. Expensive with bargain. You get the idea.

Here is a better look at the table runner and candlesticks. The runner is heavy weight canvas. I was surprised to find three long runners in my package, as I was just expecting one. 

And the candlesticks are fun, fun, fun. I can imagine them looking great at Christmas too. 

One of the big questions is what kind of ice cream. What flavors to choose. Hubby and I like completely different flavors. He is a chocolate guy, and I am a caramel girl. I guess I will need to bring home one of each! 

As for birthday cake...I need to figure that out.  I have waited until the last minute to order one from the local cake baker, so I need to figure out what to do. Maybe gourmet cupcakes? 

I need to get cracking on this. :-) I have discovered a bakery in a nearby town but have not yet tried their cakes. But...I could drive over for some samples one day. Yes!

I used to plan my kid's birthdays and have everything planned a couple of weeks ahead. ha ha. 

To my fellow July birthday friends...
Happy Birthday!
Bon Anniversaire mes amis! 

Disclosure. Oriental Trading provided the napkins, paper plates, canvas table runner, and glass candlesticks for this post. All creative ideas and arrangements are mine. :-)
My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

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  1. Happy Birthday to you in July. I smiled as I read this as coincidentally it is my younger daughter's birthday today. So cheers to all you July birthdays ๐ŸŽ‰. I love the green you chose as it is gorgeous and really pops. Enjoy your day!

    1. Thank you Joan. And happy birthday to your daughter also!

  2. Good Morning Sheila, As always another amazing Table-scape. Your attention to details are welcoming. Enjoy the Ice Cream Events. Laters,MJ♥

    1. Thanks MJ! Yes for ice cream...always. Ha ha.

  3. Happy Birthday! That's amazing you give birth in the same hospital you in which you were born. Yay, for A/C in the humid Midwest, although I really prefer to be outside. Beautiful tablescape. Now go enjoy some cake and ice cream. : )

    1. It is co-incidental that my mother and I gave birth in the same hospital.... Though about 30 years apart. Makes me wonder if the 4th floor is still the maternity ward. Ha ha.

  4. Happy Birthday Sheila. Yesterday was my daughter's birthday and today would have been my grandfather's. Do you think they made the 4th floor maternity in hopes of a breeze? LOL Lovely tablescape with the pop of green.
    I love ice cream with coffee over it. Enjoy your day.

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday! Your table is just lovely...fun colors. I was the only one of my siblings born in a hospital. I'm sure there was no air conditioning in the little hospital in Lebanon, IN seventy years ago. Hope your day is fabulous and the party continues all weekend. xoxo

  6. A most beautiful Birthday celebration table!....I love the colors! Happy Birthday to you and your July birthday family!.. That 4th floor of the hospital should have a plaque with your family name!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Wishes Sheila! Your table design is great- I like the use of the silver tray for the plates and napkins. We used to have 6 birthdays in August but we never had a party for everyone at once. I had my kids in the colder months of the year and can't imagine going through that in the heat of July with no air-conditioning! Have a great party!

  8. Happy Birthday..

    Mine is next week.
    I love the green you picked out for this celebration,
    would love to paint my laundry room this, color crazy I know but
    I do love green.

    Hope all your birthday wishes came true :)
    Linda C in Seattle

  9. Sheila, It all looks so wonderful. I like the color mixture. How clever to use the soup tureen as a holder for the ice cream. Oh yes, those candlesticks will be used over and over...they would go with all themes. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  10. Happy Birthday, Sheila. I love the green pop of color...and love the idea of another use for a soup tureen. Love the candlesticks and the flowers are GORGEOUS! Have a wonderful weekend- xo Diana


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