June 12, 2017

Random Silliness & Wisdom

I usually have a well organized post. 

Not today!  :-)

I am sharing bits of info that have come across my computer screen the last few weeks. I have been saving these to share with you

You will shake you head and say Yessss for some. You will raise your eyebrow for others. 

I don't have a source for all of these facebook/instagram bits of wisdom or silliness but enjoy anyway.  

This made me chuckle and say....Yes!

Hubby and I are on our own...yes we are unsupervised (from our children!) No one to look over our shoulder and think..."What were they (mom & dad) thinking." No kids in this nest!

I am almost willing to try this belly exercise. Has anyone tried it? Does it really work? Something happened to my tiny waistline and tummy after 40+ years. Kids. Surgery. Years. Mother nature...it is not funny!  Just saying.

My daughter channeling Jane Austin. 
I love this pic of her! Silly, but so cute. 
She is accompanying her hubby on an academic trip and enjoying the research. Have fun sweetie!

I need to remember this just in case I need to read him "his rights" sometime!

I agree with Eleanor Roosevelt!

I can remember saying this, especially to teenage kids. I am not sure it works with them, but I have offered this reassurance. 

This is so true....

I follow some really fabulous people on Instagram. An English Wife is cute and funny. You might like to find her Instagram account. 

It's either me or the house! ha ha. 
Take your pick.  It takes me longer to make either one ready for company or a social event. 

Who had a first barbie like this? Me! 
But, she did not have a glass of rosé in her hand. :-)

I saw this funny, cute, hat/wig and though how clever. 

Ok crafty ladies...I am sure there is a kid in your life who might think this is great. Or make one for yourself and wear it to the grocery when your hair is a mess. I bet you will get some smiles! 

As if I don't have enough dishes!  But look at this cutie from Pier One.  I am trying to resist.  How cute would this be for a patio, porch, backyard party! 

This one is not especially silly but probably more clever. I spent the night at daughter's house recently and saw this jar. I had to look closer to see just what it was. She will take a jar and turn it into a memory jar with bits and pieces of a place they have visited. On their honeymoon she gathered sand and shells and then put them into a decorative jar. It was so pretty. I did not get a chance to ask her the memory attached to this one...but I am guessing there is a place and time attached to this collection of dirt, rocks, and such. 

Dog lovers...I bet you agree with this one! 
Money cannot buy the love a furry buddy. 

Did any of you grow up with someone in your family having a pink kitchen. My mother told me that back in the 1950s she had a pink and grey kitchen. Pink just might be making a comeback! But I do not think I will be adding it in my kitchen!

This one really is silly. Hubby and I made our way to the photo booth at son's wedding. I could not figure out where to look! And for some odd reason all of the men's faces were red...including my hubby's. Oh well, we were being silly. It was fun. I did hold off on using the even sillier props!

Do you remember that I said hubby took me dress shopping on our anniversary? Here is one one them. 

This sixties style dress! (I am thinking back to my high school days.) It's a recent purchase that came home with me one day. It's a retro look that I am going to try. Tyler Boe is the designer...but I can remember sixties dress patterns in this style. Think Simplicity or McCalls! I graduated from high school in the late sixties and remember the fashion so well. 

Now...would I be silly IF I were to tease my hair, spray it, and add a bow or headband. Probably. :-)

I promise I will not add go-go boots, but I may wear a jeans jacket with it as suggested by the sales clerk. She also suggested boots in the fall. I am not sure.  In fashion, I feel if I go "too young" I will indeed look silly. I hope to avoid that kind of silly. 😊 ha ha. 

This wraps up my silliness and wisdom post. I will be back with more fun another day. 

Until the next time...

My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.


  1. HI, Sheila. I just found your blog and am enjoying discovering it by bits an pieces. I hear you on that dress! (which is very cute BTW) I remember one I had exactly in that pattern only it was plaid with a white collar. I felt so sophisticated in it when I was about 16.

  2. These are great and uplifting, there is nothing more that I LOVE to do than laugh. TFS and putting a smile in my heart today.

  3. Loved this post. Could you do one each month? The memory jars are a great idea. Off to look for the Pier One dishes.

  4. Fun Sheila! I laughed at the one about arguing with a woman! That dress is cute! We wore a lot of dresses when I was growing up and I learned to sew when I was 12 and loved to make them.

  5. Cute little sayings...had to pin the mug to my Chihuahua board. Love the picture of your daughter...she sure favors you...her picture was next to your profile picture...amazing. Neither one of my girls really looks like me. All that work and they look like their dad...

  6. My mom had a pink refrigerator!!!....and I have that pattern for that dress!!!....yes, I am a keeper of many things and have many of my old McCalls and Simplicity patterns.


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