June 10, 2017

Preppy Fun Fashion

I have some flipflop fashion for you today. And who doesn't love clothes with which you can wear flipflops on the hot days of summer? Take a look at my fun summer dress. 

Preppy. Fun. Stylish. Just what I like for summer!

I found this casual dress that is perfect for running around the town in the summer...or walking the sandy beach on vacation. 

This Barbara Gerwit fabric can take getting wet, and then dry quickly if a wave should attack you at the beach. It is stretchy, and lightweight. I absolutely love it...and it will be so much fun to wear this summer. 

The collar and slit neck are so comfortable too!

I think this dress could be washed in a hotel sink if need be and hung to dry. How great is that!

I looked around my closet to see what I could put with my dress...and found a light weight cardigan sweater, a summer shawl, a hat, flipflops, and my Alice Eve beach bracelet. 

I found the Betmar straw hat at Lowe's last summer in the gardening section. It is a crush-able that can go into a suitcase and come out just fine. Perfect for traveling and putting in your tote for those times you want to shield your face from the heat and damaging sun. 

This dress will get lots of wear this summer I feel sure.

I know that some of you have asked me to model my clothes...but truly I am not a great model with my short stature. ha ha.

I will go this far...ha ha. 

On Saturday, we drove to Bowling Green for some lunch and shopping. It was a fun day out with my guy. 

I had to put the sweater on with the air conditioning in the car. You know how it goes. Men like the AC cold!

And speaking of men...here is my guy. 

We celebrated 44 years of marriage with a day out and lunch. 

Check out the caramel cheesecake! It was the highlight of the day. ha ha. 

I have eaten so many sweets between last week's wedding and this week's anniversary. I need a diet coach!

Celebrating our anniversary with caramel cheesecake!  It was truly to die for...Outback's cheesecake in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Oh my! 

After lunch hubby took me to Papagallo Boutique in Bowling Green. Sales have begun ladies!  And I snagged two great dresses. I love it when hubby helps me find a dress. And he was especially helpful this time. I will share those another time. 

Later hubby asked me if I had a good day. Because he said, if I had a good day, that made him happy. Ahhhh. Such a sweet guy! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• 

Here's to 44 years! And a sweet guy who takes me dress shopping on our anniversary outing. 


My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.


  1. Are You still working a Public Job?? If not, could You please maybe make a Post on what You do when You are not cleaning or arranging Your Home?? I Love the Post on clothes & how You put outfits together..........I am a Housewife, Whom has spent so much time keeping my Grandchildren & now that They are older & will be entering Kindergarten & Middle School, I need ideas on how to get started making some kind of Life for Myself........My Husband still works Full Time & I can only clean so many hours in the day.........I would appreciate any help at all..........Thank You Deb...........

    1. I sm no longer teaching and the blog has become my hobby. I have met so many wonderful people. Hubby is semi retired so we just do what moves us when we want to. Ha ha. I have various projects going at the same time but try not to let them push me. Ha ha. We downsized from a rather large house and i have no help now...so i keep myself busy with housekerping and duch when not going here snd there with hubby. 😊

  2. Happy Anniversary! Love the dress and the accessories you chose. The bracelet is perfect with it. Your little tiny flipflops are adorable! We looked at hats at Lowes...may have to go back and look again. Betmar hats at Lowes...who knew?! Are you rested up from all the festivities (and preparations)?

  3. Oh my that dress is gorgeous and you look beautiful in it....that color really suits you. Sounds like you've got a great guy so here's to another 44 years!

    Is there a link you could give me for the dress and bracelet. Thanks Sheila!

    1. Alice Eve Jewelry...http://www.aliceevejewelry.com/gallery
      Mary Alice is a friend of mine and will do custom orders and co,nine the beads and charms you want.

    2. http://barbaragerwit.com/?s=Dress&post_type=product
      Barbara Gerwit dresses come in several dress styles and fabrics. And...some are on sale now!

  4. Lucky lady! Happy anniversary and looking forward to seeing those new dresses!

  5. Happy Anniversary. He must be a 'keeper' My favs are the shawl and that cheesecake.

  6. Happy Anniversary. He must be a 'keeper' My favs are the shawl and that cheesecake.

  7. Happy Anniversary! Commendable..44 years. Lovely outfit. Smart accessories pairing. Sweet post!

  8. What a fun, lovely way to celebrate your wedding anniversary ! I really do like that dress, and especially how you accessorized it. Thank you for sharing the info! I too will need to check out Lowe's for hats; I use them all the time in the summer time.

    1. My hat was in the garden area. The brim is wide making it handy for sun protection.

  9. Sheila, You are not giving yourself enough credit...once I saw the title of this post, I thought about how classy you are and had to come see your Preppy Fun Fashion. :):) You are gorgeous. I love that dress and the things you found in your own closet to put with it. Happy anniversary to you and your fellow. May you enjoy 44 more years of wedded bliss. He does indeed sound like a sweet husband. Blessings to you both, xoxo, Susie

  10. Love your dress! And the accessories to go with it! The colors are so cool and inviting. Happy 44th Anniversary!


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