June 8, 2017

It Was a Beautiful Wedding Day

It has been a few days since I last posted...so I will try to catch up today. 

I am sharing a few phone pics of "the wedding" today. You have followed along for a few months now...so I thought you would enjoy seeing a few pics. 

The London Country Club was the location...
and it was a beautiful country setting.

We have a new Mr. and Mrs. in our family. 
And it was a glorious time for our family.

The weather co-operated to provide us with a beautiful wedding day. The sky was blue and the grass was green. Truly a great day in Kentucky...especially considering it rained most of the days leading up to as well as after the wedding day.

Photographs prior to the nuptials.

My son and the bride's uncle made these doors that the bride wanted.I think of these as doors to God's open air chapel. 

About to become Mr. and Mrs. There were smiles and tears of joy all around. These two are so very happy! My new daughter in law is beautiful inside and out. We are so happy to have her in the family!

Upon entering the reception hall...I took this pic facing the windows, but I think you can see how pretty everything is. The bride did a wonderful job with all of her selections.

And look at this beautiful cake! 

It was delicious too. My favorite layer was the white cake with salted caramel filling. Oh my! 

The cake was made by Cakes by Ellie, from Richmond, Ky. I would have no hesitation about recommending her based on this beautiful cake. Also, it is buttercream icing and not fondant. The bride and I both prefer buttercream icing.  I will repeat...Oh my, it was delicious!

(One layer was chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling, and another layer was white cake with strawberry filling.) 

The cake table was covered in a tiffany blue cloth with a silver sequin overlay cloth. 

Each table has a silver and floral centerpiece... Different shapes and styles. Can you see the napkin folds. They were created to insert the menu card and a thank you card from the bride and groom. 

The London florist did a wonderful job with all of the flowers...from the bouquets, to the corsages, to the table flowers. Everything was gorgeous.

One of the bridesmaids took this pic. 

Ladonna's Catering from London also did the catering. The food was excellent. 

The bride's bouquet was made from the most gorgeous peonies! They were huge. 

The table centerpieces were not matchy-matchy. Each had a silver bowl or candlestick with matching flowers.

The wall of windows looked onto the gorgeous golf course.

The bride chose a Kate Spade cake knife and server. I do believe that my new daughter-in-law has great taste/style!

I snapped this quick pic of the "sweetheart's table" before it was set. I love this table cloth. 

I hope that when the professional photos come back that there will be a nice pic of this table after it has been set with its centerpiece and place settings.

My daughter snapped this pic just before they cut the cake. They were kissing each other all day!  ha!  So sweet. They are the cutest couple!

The wife of a groomsman snapped this pic of the centerpiece on their table. I was able to gather pics from others off of their facebook postings. What would we do without our phone cameras?

Here is the groom's cake with my silver platters waiting for the bourbon balls. The groom's cake was a chocolate bourbon cake, with white buttercream icing. Yum.

Just before the wedding the bride gave me this beautiful hankie. I believe my eyes watered. 😍 I did not want to cry and make my eyeliner and mascara run. :-) 

The mother-son dance was to the oldie song Turn Around, Look At Me, by the Vogues. And son twirled me around a few times. It was fun!

Daughter snapped this pic of hubby and I while waiting our turn for family pics. Son-in-law noted that it looked like an old Victorian photograph. He was right. ha!

On Instagram I was asked about my dress. 
The bride wanted the mothers to wear grey dresses...and I wanted something very comfortable. 

I looked here and there and decided that this lace Jessica Howard dress from Nordstrom would be my choice. The regular size fit my short/petite size well because of no waistline in the dress. You short ladies know what I mean.  

I also wore grey chunky heeled Naturalizer pumps so they would not sink into the ground. 

As for jewelry...I wore large grey pearl studs and no necklace due to the sparkle on the dress. 

I took my glasses off for photos...

Pre-wedding hair and makeup. And I did it all myself. 😏 I used brighter lipstick and blush to help brighten up the grey color. (Hair and dress.)

It was tricky doing my eye makeup without my glasses. ha!  I rarely wear eye makeup any more since wearing glasses. 

My Lancome held up though-out the heat and late night. Yay! I have been letting the grey hair have its way...and it worked with my grey dress. Don't know how much longer with the grey hair, but we shall see. 

At some point I quit taking pics and just had fun. 

I hope to show a nice pic of the bridal bouquet...but I do not have one at this time. Maybe one of her friends will post one on instagram or facebook and I can snag it. I have not posted any pics with children or guests because I have a thing about others' privacy. 

It was a wonderful day... I think I may have used the word gorgeous dozens of times in this post. But truly...everyone and everything was gorgeous. 

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My Kentucky Living

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  1. Sheila, thanks for sharing your special day with all of us.
    Everything is beautiful including you and the bride. You and your husband certainly look like a genteel Kentucky couple. Since I am southern, I mean that in the best possible way.

    1. Thank you for being so sweet. The bride is a doll with a super sweet personality. I just love that she loves my son so very much. We are delighted with her. And she makes our son so happy. I wish them years and years of feeling the same they do now! Sheila

  2. Sheila, congratulations on your sons wedding. May the happy couple have a long life together full of prosperity and joy. I wish you all lots of grandbabies in the future. You looked fabulous in your lovely gray dress, and you make a handsome couple with your husband.

    1. Thanks so much! Looking forward to more family time with them...though they will live a couple of hours away from me, but I know they route there. ha ha. Maybe I can get my blogging game back on track too. Thanks. sheila

  3. Just lovely, the wedding and you!

  4. Shelia, just had to comment about how beautiful you looked from your hair to your toes. Love the dress. . .that color was stunning on you! Much happiness to the young couple; the decorations were striking and I've never seen such original tablecloths. Everything was elegant and surely created beautiful memories for everyone. What a joyous wedding. PS-Your hair color and style were perfect too.

    1. Thank you so much Janie! I agree about the tablecloths. I do knot know where they came from...but so pretty.

  5. Sheila, I loved all the photos. You and your husband look grand to be you are a good looking family. I was touched by the hankie your new DIL gave you. How very special. I wish the bride and groom long life together filled with love and understanding. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. Thanks so much Susie! It was a special time for both families. Hubbie got a nice handkerchief...and I need to take a pic of that one and share also. It was a tearjerker! Ha ha.

  6. Beautiful wedding! Congratulation and blessings to everyone!!

  7. The wedding was just beautiful, just as we all knew it would be! The cake sounds so yummy...like the creative choices for layers. Your son and his new bride look so happy. Wishing them many happy years together. You looked lovely...love the dress! Oh, the hanky was very special. I have a feeling their new home will be beautiful. She has excellent taste.

  8. Sheila....I was waiting for these pics..oh, what a beautiful wedding and all the details your DIL put into this wedding are just fabulous. Your dress is just beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  9. I love weddings! Your dress was just perfect for you. Lovely. And that cake...I did a double take when you said it was buttercream. What a beautiful celebration for your family!

  10. The bride definitely has good taste. I love the details she chose like the doors, her bouquet, pretty cake, table overlays, etc. You looked beautiful- love the dress you chose and your husband very handsome! I choked up when I saw the napkin- what a sweet idea and a true keepsake! The bride and groom look so happy and I wish them all the best life can give!

  11. What a beautiful wedding! Everything is so lovely. And that hankie is such a thoughtful touch! Also, can't believe that is buttercream - that's a talented baker!! I wish your son and daughter in law all the best!

  12. Sheila, I enjoyed all the beautiful photos. I wish a long and happy marriage to your son and his new wife, and you looked stunning in your dress! Everything was beautiful.

  13. Sheila, the wedding was truly beautiful! I am so happy for your son and DIL. And my dear, you looked stunning! Can't wait to see all the official photos!

  14. Congrats on being blessed with a new "daughter". I don't know what I would do without my two sweet D-inlaws. The wedding was gorgeous---love all the details and the mixture of old and new. Thanks so much for sharing---and you looked GORGEOUS!...Sandi

  15. What a most beautiful wedding, the venue, the sentiments and the people! Congrats to the Bride and Groom. You made a lovely couple too!


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