June 20, 2017

Happenings Around My House

According to the calendar it is officially summer!  


I have been doing some small projects around the house and so I do not have any grand adventures to share with you. :-) But our lives are made up of accomplishing small things bit by bit most days. 

I recently took apart a large scale silk arrangement...because it is just too large for our downsize. When I put it on my dining room table it was just too large in the smaller dining room. 

Since good silk stems are so expensive I just took the arrangement apart and created a small arrangement with a few of the stems. 

That's me...use and reuse, whether it is home decor or pieces of clothing. I like the creativity in thinking of ways to reuse things I have. 

I put white craft sand in the bottom of the vase to help secure the stems. 

Voila...something new for the guest bath vanity. 

I have no windows in the bathroom, so I took the pictures in the great room. 

I packed up other stems to go to my flower shop in the basement. :-) They will reappear in another arrangement one day. 

I am trying to organize and reduce clutter. This bag holds some clothing that is no longer being used, so off it goes to hopefully help someone else. Our church sends items to the Redbird Mission in eastern Kentucky, so I like to send things their way. 

I have a new set of napkins and pineapple napkin holders that son and new daughter-in-law gave me for Mother's Day. They will appear in a table setting one day soon. 

I love decorating with pineapples. 

For non southerners...pineapples are the symbol for hospitality in the south. 

I recently picked up a box of Libby glasses at TJ Maxx. I thought that the shape would be wonderful for iced tea, lemonade, and such. I hoped to find the same style online somewhere. So far...no luck finding more Sedona Goblets. Boo. :-(

Yesterday I decided to take my containers of fruit in the refrigerator to make a pretty fruit salad. I just knew I had enough to mostly fill up this glass jar. ha ha. I was wrong. I misjudged how large my jar is. Oops! Off to the grocery for more fruit. 

I love having a bowl, or container full of ready to eat fruit. I can snack on it during the day or evening when I get the munchies. I am trying to eat better and not have junk in the house. Recently a friend told me that fruit was zero points on the Weight Watchers diet. I can do fruit!!! :-)

I am working on a patriotic 4th of July table setting and will post that once I have it pulled together in a few days. 

My summer posting schedule will be slower, and loosey goosey. I will keep you updated as I decorate around the house, discover a new recipe, get a new outfit, or visit a new place. 

For me, summer is a time to slow down, sip some sweet tea, sit on the porch, and just do what I want, when I want. ha ha. Being mostly retired, I can do that. :-) 

Since our son got married I feel that the last apron string has been cut. :-) For some reason, I felt that. I can't exactly explain it. It's just a feeling. Maybe it is just me. ...a daughter leaves her family and a son leaves his mother. I need to go sit by the beach and think about it. At one point in the last few weeks both of my children were out of the country. I had to think about that too. They are all grown up now. :-) I am not central to their lives. It's hard on a mom. We put our hearts and souls into these people we create...and then the birdies develop their own wings to fly off into the world. They do what we prepare them to do. And then I/we have to think about it. :-)

I am overdue for a visit to the beach, but we will probably wait until the summer heat has passed. We love the beach in the fall...and hope to make plans for a cooler time. 

Until the next time...

My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.


  1. Lovely re-arrangement. Now Sheila, you are not alone, you still have that Kentucky gentleman in the house. It's time for the two of you to go places and do things you have always wanted to do.
    BTW Please update us on your mother's new home.

    1. Thank you. And I will adk my mother sbout coming to take photos to share. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. Love the "re-using" of your faux florals...I do the same. True about being a mother and the feelings that come when your children are out of the house and away. I have one son and soon after he married they decided to move all the way to the opposite coast! Needless to say my heart had a lot of mending to do. But on a positive note after time and with the Good Lord's help I have learned to be at peace and content with the fact that wherever he and his family lives, as long as they are in good health and doing well, then its okay. :-)

  3. Oh yes, please update up on your mom's new place. When you have good silks but the arrangement doesn't work in your current home, it's smart to dismantle it and make something new. Your new arrangement looks great...love the white sand...maybe before long you can actually walk the white sands. When the last one leaves the nest (so to speak), it's an adjustment. Oldest daughter moved with her family to Texas a few years ago so we don't see them often. You have a dandy husband who will take you dress shopping, (that's a plus!) and your folks are nearby. Things change, time moves on...but still, it takes some getting used to. We raise our children with the idea that they would become self-sufficient, productive adults. I would say you and Mr MKL did a fine job with your kids.

  4. I'm in California, but I also love to use pineapples in decorating! And eating them too! :-)

  5. Aww Sheila it is hard when they leave the nest isn't it. But at the same time you know you have raised fine adults who are independent. I had to lose my boys 6 years ago when they moved to the States because of the neverending economic crisis. It was the hardest decision we ever made but now they are all grown up and standing on their own. Be proud of the fine adults you have raised.

  6. Love your beautiful arrangement Sheila! Since the beach can be hot and crowded at this time of year, I love to head to the mountains...cooler, fresher air and porch rockers for me!...love Cashiers and Highlands this time of year....or better yet, Maine! Love Maine in the summer!

  7. I love your floral display, the flowers are beautiful colors!
    Be sure to stop by and share on #OMHGFF this week!!
    Happy Summer!!


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