May 5, 2017

Kentucky Bourbon Brownies for Derby Weekend

This is so simple! Really. 

Hubby's test batch of bourbon brownies.
My husband makes the best brownies
...and this is backed up by my friends. 

Well, he has topped himself with this little treat.

Let's go back a few days.

I was on instagram checking out my insta friends' posts and ladybreland posted her bourbon brownies. 

I asked if she would share the recipe. 

She graciously told me that all she did was substitute bourbon for the water in the recipe. 
I am thinking...well, that is simple enough that I believe I can do that. 

In our house...we use Maker's Mark bourbon, that is made not far from where we live. I use it for my bourbon balls, and now for my Kentucky Bourbon Brownies. 

Back to hubby...he wanted to try adding bourbon to his brownies. He proceeds to make his brownies, and uses 1/4 cup of bourbon instead of the 1/4 cup of water called for in the recipe. He baked as usual. Just that simple.

Oh my gosh...when I tasted one, I loved it. Then I had another, and another. Hey, chocolate and bourbon...what a great combination!

I thought of one more possible addition to this recipe. Chopped pecans that have been soaked in bourbon. I sometimes add bourbon pecans to my bourbon balls. It's the south you know. :-)

These are seriously good! Chocolate and bourbon together.

Now on to icing options...

ladybreland said that to make the mint flavored icing add creme de menthe to your favorite icing. I have not tried that as I did not have any creme de menthe in the house...but for Derby I just may need to get some, and make these brownies with icing. 

I also think that a powdered sugar icing with a few drops of bourbon drizzled onto the warm brownies might be yummy. 

I have also heard of melting the Andes chocolate mints and pouring onto cake or brownies as a glaze. 

And for the back story of my brownie pictures...

After hubby finished this test batch and I had a few squares he asked me if I was finished, or if I wanted to do something with them. Apparently I did not answer clearly. ha ha. So, he proceeded to cut the brownies and put them into a zip lock bag.  

When hubby asked asked me if I was finished with the brownies I thought he was asking if I wanted to eat more or not, ...or if he should cover the brownie pan with plastic we usually do. 

Yes, I wanted to do something with them!

My plan was to cut the brownies the next day and do a food photo shoot with precisely cut squares, etc. Oh well... :-)  

Our test batch of bourbon brownies is delicious and worth using your bourbon. 

I highly recommend your trying this Kentucky Bourbon Brownie recipe whether it is just you and a friend watching the race on tv, or for taking to a Derby party this weekend. 

I always recommend using good bourbon for you candy making and baking. Don't use cheap stuff. Really. :-) 

Thanks hubby!  They are delicious. 

Until the next time...

My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

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  1. I never would have thought to put bourbon in brownies. I love brownies and I love that your husband made them. Yay for husbands that bake and cook!
    Have a nice weekend Sheila and enjoy the Kentucky Derby.

    1. Hubby is learning to cook...and he has a few specialities. Brownies are my favorite. 😊

  2. My husband has never baked a thing in his life---except his buns in front of the fireplace on a winter's eve. lol Those sound delicious. I don't drink so I would probably be under the table after one brownie. lol Well, I do have the rare glass of wine or champagne on occasion-but I don't think I have ever tasted bourbon. I hope you have a great weekend. xo Diana

    1. need to try a bourbon ball! 😊 Heat will cause tha alcohol to cook off...that's what I have been told. Sheila

    2. Yup, the bourbon balls can make you a little loopy. My nephew's wife made whiskey balls and stored them in tins, so they could just soak up all the delicious whiskey. I don't drink often so I definitely got a little buzz from eating them. They were so good I probably overindulged...ha!

  3. Hi Sheila; your hubby's brownies look delicious! What a great choice for an adult event. I always watch the Kentucky Derby to see who wins, I like looking at the fashion also. We both own the Italian Countryside Dishes, I see. Are those fabric napkins with the hydrangea? I LOVE the look of it.
    TFS and have a wonderful time tomorrow.

    1. Don't you love those dishes! That hydrangea is embroidered onto a tea towel. I wish that I did have a set of napkins like that. Thanks for visiting. 😊

  4. These sound delicious! Did he make the brownies from scratch or did he use a box mix?

  5. ��Sorry about any confusion on the "recipe." Use a box mix or your favorite from scratch brownie recipe. Just switch out the water/bourbon. Same amount. ��

  6. Those look so good! The bourbon brownies may be a request from now on...nice job, hubs!

  7. Oh my! These look delicious! Pinning so I can make them later!

  8. Bourbon and chocolate ... be still my heart!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) ;)

  9. These sound amazing! PINNED! :)

    I would love for you to share this with my Facebook Group for recipes, crafts, tips, and tricks:

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  10. YUM those look amazinggggg! I hope you enjoyed the Kentucky Derby (I sure did because the horse I picked won!). Great blog - keep up the amazing work!
    -Jenna <3
    Follow me back? The Chic Cupcake

  11. Never thought about adding liquour to brownies, but I'm for sure going to try them!

  12. These look delicious and there are so many possibilities with other spirits. Thank you for sharing with us at Celebrate Your Story, and I hope you’re having a great weekend.


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