May 4, 2017

A Simple Vignette

Welcome, and thank you for visiting. 

I took a few minutes the to make a simple little vignette to share with you. And you know, sometimes simple is truly the best. 

This is the first year that my knockout rose bush looks beautiful.

We moved into our downsize in October. 

The following spring we landscaped and planted shrubs, flowers, etc. 

And...the following winter we had a major freeze. 

I though my little rose bush was a gone-er! 

Spring rolled around again and I had to prune her waaaay back. 

I was not really sure that she would survive. 

Another year rolled around and she was looking pretty good. 

And now here we are...spring 2017 and she looks wonderful!

I snipped a few sprigs...and put them into a cute little blue and white canister, which became the the start of my little vignette. 

I made the little bouquet look more like a centerpiece by placing it on a pretty tray. I added a white linen tea towel so that the rough bottom on the canister would not scratch my tray. It is one of my Beatriz Ball pieces.

Just a sweet little vignette... 
in honor of the Kentucky Derby, 
aka Run for the Roses. 

Until the next time.

My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.


  1. Sheila, Oh wow, your roses are beautiful. I would love to have a rose bush that looked that good. I do love the vignette. I have to tell you a story of the derby. My girlfriend and I went to see my brother's family one year at derby time. So we watched the race on TV in a café. She said she would bet on Fleeting Fancy..99 to 1 odds. When the race was over she said, "where's my horse, I did not see him cross the line?" I told her, " at 99 to 1 he would cross it tomorrow. " LOL. We laughed about that for years. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Very pretty. We lost all our rosebushes here a few years back and, knowing we were going to move, I never replanted them. I think my New Dawn may have survived but won't know for a while yet. It is still really cold here.

    Your sweet vignette looks just lovely-love the blue and white and the roses play off the pieces beautifully. xo Diana

  3. Very pretty vignette Sheila. I always appreciate your blue and white collection pieces. The red flowers pop.

  4. Such a stunning vignette! Love the deep pink with the blue and white vase. Enjoy your weekend, Sheila.

  5. Knockout roses are hard to kill. The blooms are just gorgeous...nice vignette. We had one that we thought was dead and now it's the size of a Volkswagen. ha!

  6. Your rose's look magnificent! I can imagine the scent when you are in that area. The vignette is fabulous, I would have to have a meal near the roses so I could smell the fragrance the entire time. TFS.

  7. Lovely vignette .. simple, elegant and just in time for the Derby! Happy Monday!

  8. Your rose bush looks gorgeous this year! Gardening really does require patience, doesn't it? I love all of your blue and white pieces, and the tray is lovely, too. Your little vignette is very pretty!

  9. Your roses really are a knockout!!! Gorgeous! You know I love them in the blue and white jar! Beautiful!!

  10. Wow. Those roses are beautiful! I'm digging up our old rose bush and trying a knock-out soon.

  11. Roses! How lucky and the blue, well, you know I'm a fan, so well done on a gorgeous vignette. Have a wonderful day, Sheila.


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