May 11, 2017

A Candle Tablescape

A last minute find!
Welcome all...

I am back in wedding dinner planning mode and I just had to do a mock-up of what I plan to do for the groom's dinner. 

The boxes of hurricanes and candles were in the dining room and I felt inspired to try them out. 

I have hurricanes in two sizes.

I put a white cloth on the dining table and got to work...not knowing exactly how I would layout the candles and such. I have had the general idea in my head for a couple of weeks.

I put a few hurricanes on the table, and then wove some boxwood garland among the candles. 

I grabbed a couple of the hurricanes and put some of my real touch tulips from Hobby Lobby in them. 

I like the look but I am not sure if I will do this for the dinner or not. Do you think that they are too tall for table conversation?

In doing my "mock-up" I discovered that I do need to hot water wash all of the glass hurricanes. I have detected a haze on them. 

Per lots of suggestions I purchased all unscented candles.

I will be decorating a total of about thirty feet (of tables pushed together.) I have twenty-six tall hurricanes, fourteen tall skinny hurricanes, as well as many votives. I should be ok. 

Here is the overall view of my centerpiece idea.

I should call this table...Tiptoe Thru The Tulips. 
Who remembers that song? ha ha. 

I will put water in the tulip vases to make the arrangements look real...should I decide to use them.

One more thing...

I learned that one should always light the tips of candles if they are going to be for decoration, and just sitting around. I will be using these and I will light them at the venue.

If anyone knows the source of that "rule" let us know. :-) 

Our dinner will be in the evening...and I imagine that the sun will be very low in the sky. At least I hope I love to dine by candlelight. 

And the other bucket of tulips. I added moss to the buckets to make them look a bit better. 

The boxwood is faux, but so easy to work with. That also came from Hobby Lobby. 

I am packing a travel box with scissors, ribbon, extra candles, two candle lighters, sand for the bottoms of the hurricanes, tulips, greenery clippings, and anything else I can think of. I have tablecloths pressed and ready to go. 

I have one more thing...but I am not sure I will take it. 

It is a little crafty thing that I put together for using at the restaurant. I thought it might be cute to hang on the door to the room we are using. 

Hubby is not fond of it. ha ha. 
He does not like mesh wreaths...and I understand that. But for something fun and festive...maybe it would be alright.  

If I have room in the car I will probably take it with me. I had to watch videos to learn how to fiddle with the mesh and the wire frame. ha ha. 

Thanks for following my continuing story of table decorations. It will all be over by this time next month! ha ha. And we will have another Mr. and Mrs. I am so happy for them. They are a darling couple. organize my clothes!

Until the next time...

My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.


  1. I think you should leave out the tulips and just stick with the simple elegance of the candles and boxwood. The tulips might be just a bit too tall for conversation. Looks amazing!! How about using the tulips on the mesh wreath instead of the pink?

    1. You are right Debbie...about the tulips being too tall. I am going to try for a large arrangement of just tulips for a side table and keep the candles for the evening meal. I am also iffy about that wreath. My attempt at being crafty. :-)

  2. Very pretty. What exactly is the theme of the wedding. Are the colors just white or cream?

    1. The bride is using bright pink flowers, and I believe there will be tiffany blue tablecloths at the reception. I am just doing a casual grooms a restaurant.

  3. I also learned from my mother to light the tips of candles that are being used for decoration. No idea in the world where that came from!! I would also agree that the tulips are too high. One thing that crossed my mind is.... when using a lit candle in a glass holder, put water in the bottom so that when the wax melts, it is easier to clean. Sometimes I put popcorn kernels or small beans mixed with water in the bottom of my glass candle holders.

  4. I vote for no tulips on the tables...good idea about the tulip arrangement for the side table. The candles and the boxwood are simple and casually elegant. I did a search for the reason behind blackening candle wicks and didn't find much. This is a link to an interesting web site on candles. When doing a search, the responses ranges from religious to witchcraft. oy vey...

  5. I agree on the tulips, but they are pretty. I am with your husband on mesh wreaths. It seems too big and fluffy with the bells as an afterthought. Move the bells inside the wreath ?? Whichever way you decide, I am sure it will be elegant and in very good taste. We have faith in your judgment.

  6. I agree on the tulips, but they are pretty. I am with your husband on mesh wreaths. It seems too big and fluffy with the bells as an afterthought. Move the bells inside the wreath ?? Whichever way you decide, I am sure it will be elegant and in very good taste. We have faith in your judgment.

  7. The boxwood and tulips turned out very pretty. Love that blue and white porcelain peeking out too.

  8. So elegant Sheila. I love the tulips. Thank you for linking up each week and sharing your ideas with us at #overthemoon. I've pinned and shared.

  9. Liebe Sheila,
    Ihre Tischdekoration ist sehr stilvoll und elegant! Die Tulpen würde ich allerdings kürzen und in einem flachen Gefäß mit Steckschaum dekorieren. Mit Efeu und Moos könnten Sie den Steckschaum kaschieren! So könnte man die Gäste auf der anderen Tischseite gut sehen uns sich mit ihnen unterhalten.
    Alles Liebe

  10. Hi Sheila! I've chosen your post as my favourite for this week's Over the Moon Link Party. Congratulations!
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond


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