April 21, 2017

What's On My Mind! Everything!

Happy Friday!

I have had tons of things on my mind this week. And to be honest...I have not make a move/decision on any of those topics that have been swirling around in my mind. ha ha. 

The main thing on my mind is our son's wedding rehearsal dinner that we are hosting. I have looked at Pinterest for table ideas...until my eyes have crossed! I started out one direction and now I am rethinking everything. I spoke with a florist/event planner early on and now it is getting to be crunch time. I have to make a decision on style, etc. 

I have thought of all candles down a long row of connected tables. 

I have thought of simple flowers in bottles.

I have thought of so many things. 

I could just turn it over to the florist...but I am a bit of a control freak when it comes to table arrangements and decorating. 

The dinner will be in a restaurant banquet type room after the rehearsal. 

I don't want over the top dressy/formal. But I do not want too basic either. I want something easy, but pretty and casually elegant. 

I suspect that the young ones will "eat and run" back to the country club to change clothes and work on decorations, etc. 

There is so much I just don't know. haha. I am the mother of the groom...and boys are not that chatty about things.  

The other thing on my mind this week has been dishes. I spotted a set of Spode Blue Italian dinnerware and I cannot get it out of my head. 

You are probably thinking...but don't you have some Spode blue dishes? Well, as a matter of fact I do...but not this pattern. I am sure you "get it"...as many of you are "dish" people too. 

There is always one more set, or pattern, or platter, or bowl to acquire. Such is the fate of collectors. :-)

Gorgeous platter...might be next on my list!

Here are are few of my pieces...

I shared my thoughts with my Instagram friends and they were supporting my going ahead and purchasing the set. But they are like me and love dishes too. They are biased in their opinions when it comes to dishes! 

Some of them confessed that they buy and hide from their husbands. ha ha. I don't do that, but....:-) 

I also have clothing for the wedding weekend swirling in my head. I have my "wedding" dress, but I am trying to make sure I have a dress for this dinner. And the right shoes. And I need a clutch bag to go with my "wedding" dress. See...my head is spinning with things I must do. 

Needless to say...I have not done much around my house. I need to dust and clean though! 

My brain has been so busy/distracted that the decorating portion of my brain has been paused. I am very busy trying to figure out this and that. You know though...that can make you feel like you have worked all day. I will keep you all updated when I finally make decisions.  

Back to Pinterest for more ideas to share with the florist. I have to nail this table thing down asap.  

Why is it that I can usually make table decorating decisions in a snap? And now that I really need to do a table for an actual event I cannot figure it out. Oh me! ha ha. 

Oh, one more thing. Last week son told me that he would like me to make "my" bourbon balls to accompany his grooms cake tablescape. How many...ha ha. Dozens and dozens. While it is flattering to think that my son thinks my bourbon balls are "the best" it is a huge request for the wedding week. (You know my brain will be on overdrive.) Only for my son would I do this a couple of days before his wedding. 

On the other hand maybe being in the kitchen with chocolate, sugar, and a bottle of Makers Mark bourbon IS a good idea. :-) 

Ok Sheila...get busy!

Until the next time...

My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.


  1. I would think a bottle of Maker's Mark could make just about anything better! : ) Good luck on your tablescape decision. You've come to the wrong place for any dissuasion regarding the dishes; I'm an enabler extraordinaire where dishes are concerned. : ))

    1. Lots of my blog friends are dish enablers! You all are no help...just encouraging me to do it...buy more dishes! ha ha. And the Makers is a good addition. You know...they make that stuff a few miles north of my town. :-) It's a good thing. Thanks for visiting today.

  2. OH my.....you have your work cut out for you. My son did that sort of thing to me...only it was chocolate chip cookies for 200 people :^(
    Whatever you do, I know it will be beautiful, and yes....get the dishes.... one can never have too many pretty dishes :)

    1. Sons...what can we say. ha ha. I bet your cookies were fabulous! Sheila

  3. Oh my goodness, I am overwhelmed for you!! That is a great deal to think about. When I get this way I choose the most urgent thing and close myself in a room with pen and paper and make a decision about solving one thing. It tends to get the mental juices flowing. I wish you the best and hope this helps. I will lift you up in prayer.

    1. I will get things figured out...I just need to do it. ha ha. I will do the necessary first and the fun later. Dishes are fun...but not an urgent decision. :-) I need to get my table stuff figured out and then I will be mostly home free...because that is a big project and necessary. Those wedding bells will ring the early part of June...then I will relax and play with dishes and decorating. ha! I always love prayers...so thank you so much.

  4. Oh, Sheila, best of luck! I know you will stress and get frazzled, but I also know it will be absolutely lovely! And then it will be OVER! God bless you on all your preparations.

  5. Sheila, is the dinner in your home or someplace else ? If it's your home, it's a piece of cake, I mean bourbon ball. Use your beautiful blue Chinoiserie pieces just like you make vignettes to show us. I saw some beautiful arrangements with lime flowers or purple in the blue and white vases and cache pots.
    Remember you can never have too many dishes. If you don't buy them they will go to someone who won't love them like we do. I walked into GW one day and this woman had three earthenware Chinese tea pots with three dimensional leaves hanging from the top. She thought they were 'cute' and had no idea what they were. I prayed she would change her mind and leave them. Didn't happen.

  6. Yes us collectors know you can never have too many of any thing! Wishing you some restful nights of slumber during a busy time!

  7. ooooh Sheila... you do have a lot on your mind. Let me help you. Buy the dishes, make the bourbon balls early and freeze them, and concentrate on your wedding wardrobe. Take two aspirin and call me in the morning. Have a good weekend.

  8. It's hard to keep your mind from going a hundred miles an hour when you have so much to do and decisions to make. I think you DESERVE the dishes when you get through everything...ha! A sip or three of Maker's Mark will speed along the process of making hundreds of bourbon balls. You will get this all sussed and everything will be lovely and casually elegant. Then you can go dish shopping...yup, most of your readers are dish buying enablers...ha! xoxo

  9. I can imagine what your brain is all abuzz-in' about. How about something representative of your son as containers alternating with something representative of the bride. The juxtaposition of the items, might be fun ---and of course anything with flowers in it will be great, or alternate--flower candle etc. something as simple as favorite beverages, favorite teams, or even food containers, or a hobby? Just a thought, lol, Sandi

    Ha, and you have my permission not to purchase all the blue and white int the world, lol. Sandi

  10. I'm a big fan of blue & white in home decor. The Spode blue Italian dishes are gorgeous. Best wishes for a fun and successful rehearsal dinner. I'm the mother of two adult sons. So, I remember planning and hosting the rehearsal dinners.

  11. Oh boy! Shelia! You do have a lot on your mind! I'm right there with you... My daughter is getting married in September and I haven't even begun to shop for my dress.... Ugh! Love hearing I'm not the only one stressing a bit. :) Thank you for sharing at Dishing It & Digging It!


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