April 10, 2017

Traditional Decorating Favorites

This is traditional style day...but most days are around my house. You all know that I lean that direction. :-) 

The thing is, there are different "twists" within traditional style, and I find myself going "there." I have morphed from a Williamsburg style back in the eighties to a mixed, modern, traditional style of today. 

Here is a modern twist on the old colonial wing chair. This design is kicked it up a notch with two fabrics. I have to say that I love the coral velvet. 

The juxtaposition of traditional with touches modern work for me. I used to be a style purist...but I am older, and trying new things. :-)

Look at the traditional wallpaper with the new shiplap look. But when I think about it, shiplap is actually an old historic look just making its way back into design. 

I love the old chest and solid wood table above. They make me swoon!

The photo above is very white...and I am not "there" at this time. How about you? Are you a color person or a neutral person?

We have talked about wallpaper before. Many of us are just not ready to go "there" again. I did wallpaper in our Georgian, and then years later started stripping it off of the walls. Wow...that was WORK! 

This is my style! 
The silver. The mirror. The console. 

But look at me...I am so fickle. I like this console and mirror too! I am a crazy mixed up girl. 

Traditional and Timely! 

What's not to like here? 

And I would love to have a spot just like this...a place with natural light where I could do my makeup. 

Have a great day!

 Until the next time...
Thank you to Traditional Home magazine for permission to use their photos.

My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.


  1. Enjoyed your post. I am in recovery from wallpaper, I used to work at a paint store that also sold wallpaper, so I did a lot of wallpaper (good and not so good) in my home and lake cottage. The last wallpaper I used was 'paintable wallpaper' in a beadboard design, worked great to cover hideous paneling.

  2. Beautiful post. I love all the décor in these images... my style preference.
    I specially love the chairs upholstery; would love it for my dining room chairs.
    Thanks for sharing my friend.
    Happy Easter.

  3. Golly, I enjoyed your post. And I recognized several of the photos you chose as I have almost finished going through seven years worth of magazines. I tore many pages out---and honestly my Veranda's and Traditional Homes were basically naked by the time I ripped out all the images I wanted to save. Call me traditional casual---probably why I always love your posts, Thanks, Sandi

  4. I am a full fledged traditionalist, although I can appreciate the mix of modern elements. I have a number of inherited pieces that I will never give up. If one day we have a second home, I would like it to be a mid-century modern in Pebble Beach overlooking the Pacific and the interior would look like Frank Sinatra would be arriving for cocktails at any moment ;-) That's the beauty of design, you get to paint the canvas any way you wish.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  5. My decorating palette is still colorful! I will NEVER go white and gray--in my house nor my hair! Like you, I lean traditional in my decor but could stand to refresh and brighten some upholstery. I enjoy your blog in particular because you have not jumped on the white everywhere train! ...a fellow Kentuckian.

  6. I'm a traditionalist all the way. I also love colors, not white, beige, or gray. Finally, I love the furniture I have and am not constantly trying to move it or replace it. My approach is to buy the perfect piece for a spot, then leave it there and love it!

  7. Oh, that wing chair is fabulous. Love love love it!

  8. Hola Sheila, recibo tus correos y hoy me ha gustado mucho lo que muestras y lo que comentas. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con tu comentario en las imágenes de las consolas, me encantan... En cuanto a la última imagen que es un tocador, te diré que yo si tengo un espacio en mi mismo cuarto de baño muy similar porque tiene luz directa con un gran ventanal y me maquillo a luz natural. Eso es un privilegio que tiene mi casa, normalmente los baños no suelen tener luz natural.
    Me encantan tus post.
    Con afecto

  9. I enjoy reading your blog and love your traditional style. I am in the process of redoing my living room and trying to mix a little modern style in with traditional. I love color! I would never be able to live in beige, white, and gray. Loved those wing chairs!

  10. Hi Sheila! I love Traditional home. It is the one magazine I have kept getting for years. I especially the photo here of the den with the two chambray denim looking chairs with that gorgeous drapery. That's the style I adore!

  11. Gorgeous photographs! I, too, prefer traditional style rather than trends that come and go. This was a beautiful post.

  12. Thanks for sharing your post with our Share Your Style Party. Love all the pics. I am a traditional girl as well. My formal living and dining room are still very traditional but I am trying to add more modern elements to my family room. The Brunschwig and Fils fabric "Le Lac" which is on the gorgeous wing chairs and the drapery is one of my favorites. Unfortunately, I would have to sell a kidney to afford it!

  13. I love the traditional look in other people's homes Sheila, but I'm such a chaotic person it never seems to work for me. There's always a riot of color exploding all over our house. Maybe one day I'll be able to get my act together, although thinking about it the one neutral, traditional space in our home is the master bedroom, so maybe there's hope for me.


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