April 9, 2017

Fun Derby Attire

Since we are counting the days to The Kentucky Derby I thought I would tempt your with some hats and fashions today. 

My purple hat is English...and probably the nicest hat that I own. :-)

 I do not normally do fashion posts...but today I am making an exception. Because, the Kentucky Derby is upon us. You know...the run for the roses. 

If you are not familiar with the Kentucky Derby, I hope to fix that over the next couple of weeks!

While the rest of the country is working on Easter outfits and decorations, and planning their Easter menu, Kentucky is planning for the Derby on the first Saturday of May. 

I guess you could say that this is our state festival, but really it has become a national festival with horses and people arriving from all of the country, and world. 

I love the social, entertaining, and fashion side of the Derby. So today is a peek into some very stylish Derby fashions...along with glamorous hats. 

One must have a hat! Hats go the spectrum from glamorous hats that cost several hundred dollars to creative hats that folks have made them selves. 

The boutiques all over Louisville are also glad to help you put together your Derby day outfit whether you will be sitting on Millionaire's Row or whether you are hosting a fun Derby part at your home. I have been told that you should begin with your hat...then find a dress that goes with it. 

Here are some glamorous hats...and dresses from Paperdolls Boutique in London, Ky. 








I follow camhatsnyc on Instagram. 




The Hat Girls are a blast to watch! Check them out on Instagram also. I think they have a shop in Louisville at Norton Commons this year. 








So many gorgeous hats!

 My daughter modeling a hat at Keeneland. 
Looks like her feet are tired and she kicked off her shoes. ha!

A friend of mine at our daughter's garden wedding in Lexington.

 And my mother with an English style hat at the wedding.

Though this pic is fuzzy you can probably make out that it is "moi" in the garden after daughter's wedding. 

I think I was meant to live in another time. I love hats. I like the older times (fashion wise) when ladies and gents dressed smartly. I remember my mother and grandmother wearing hats and gloves to church...loved that. :-)

Quiz Time
Which hat is "you?" Pick the number of hat from above and tell us in a comment below. 

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  1. I love the purple hat, probably because it sits on the blue and white vase.
    A few years back I decorated a fun hat with a flamingo that someone wore to the Derby. Sheila, I love hats, and certainly miss gloves, but because I am short, I look like a toadstool in a hat.
    Note to #15: Make O's with your bows. No squashed loops. Gasp !

    1. I am like you...short, and scale and proportion are very important. It seems for Derby though the bigger the better. Ha ha.

  2. I absolutely love your purple hat! Purple is my favorite color and yours is beautiful, but understated. I don't care for the hats with the oversize brims and wild decorations. Your purple one is just perfect!

  3. Oh, Sheila, I Love this post! One of my Panoply sisters keeps our booth well-stocked with seasonal vintage hats, and we have done a Derby vignette for the past several years. It always showcases a hat and typically things like binoculars, gloves, scarves, and equine items.
    You, your mom and daughter all look FABULOUS in your hats, just fabulous! I love hats too but because I'm petite, I tend to go with either cloche-type or even fascinators. One of my friends in LA has a close friend who is a milliner - Louise Green Millinery - and she has outfitted some noteworthy actresses and performers with her creations, and Victorian Trading Co carries a few of hers. She herself is a style icon.
    I'm happy you acknowledged the Derby.
    Rita C at Panoply

  4. Number 11! I love the soft pink! I used to wear a hat and white gloves every Easter to church when I was a little girl!! Loved getting a new hat!
    I so wish we all could wear them more often! I too miss the dresses and all that jazz!

  5. Fabulous, fabulous hats! Your mom is just as cute as a button. Your daughter does favor you and you both wear a hat very well...smashing! Back in the '90's I wore lots of hats. xoxo

  6. Love the hats...I had so much fun with my friend trying on hats at Churchill downs....love all the hats...hard to pick a fav!...Love your hat and the hats of your family at the wedding! Hmmm #10 and 18 !!


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