March 2, 2017

Back to the Furniture Store!

I have been looking at coffee tables lately...which has taken me to furniture stores in the area. It is such fun to browse and look at what is new. 

Most of our furniture has been with us for years and years...because I only bought what I really loved, it was expensive solid wood,  and I usually keep it forever. 

It has occurred to me that after our downsize, and selling as well as giving away so much of our furniture, that our tv/family room does not have one single piece of matching furniture. ha! 

Everything is a different color and type of wood. If I remember correctly one can mix fruit and nut woods. However...I have old pine pieces in my family room too. But most of the rules are being ignored these days. 

While I was browsing I spotted a green painted cachepot. You know what they what you love and it will fit into your home. Somewhere. :-) The fact that it was on sale helped persuade me to bring it home. I will doll it up some and you will see it again later. Somewhere. :-)

During my hunt for a coffee table I have considered two or three, or four. The trick is staying with a cohesive look. I fall too easily for this or that. ha!

I was looking at I could eliminate metal, metal framed, etc. I saw country, farmhouse, formal, old world, rustic, lodge, etc. 

You all know me...I am fairly traditional. 

I was considering breaking out of my mold and going with a different style. 

I took photos. I studied the photos. I was confused and beginning to fret. 

I have an old motto that I use when I am having trouble with a purchase. If in doubt, don't! 

We went back to the furniture store again. I thought I had decided. I found a nice coffee table that would go with the leather sofa, the black wool rug, and the other pieces of furniture in the room. 

As we were walking in circles around the store hubby saw this "cocktail" table, above. (Really, I need to figure out the difference in a coffee and cocktail table. Maybe it is height.)  

He asked me what I though. I started checking off boxes in my head. Traditional. Goes with the nail head traditional sofa we have. Goes with other pieces in the room. Goes with the lamps I already have. And it has storage drawers!

One more thing...the top lifts up and I could store my office supplies, etc in the cubbies. I could put my laptop on the tabletop and turn it into a desk. 

Our desks went byebye when we downsized. Hubby had a large formal home office in the Georgian, with a huge cherry exec desk, grasscloth on the walls, etc. That was before I was blogging and I used the computer and desk in his office.

I could turn this table into my hideaway desk! My laptop would fit into a well as the cords, chargers, etc. Hubby was quite convincing as he was giving me a list of why this might be "the one!" I have been running my blog business on a laptop, on the arm of a chair. ha!

The side tables have three pronged electric outlets with a usb port as well. The table has a heavy cord that would then plug into a surge protector. Hmmm. This is looking good. Right now I have a power cord at the base of my chair...with lots of loose power cords dangling here and there. 

I am seriously considering this cocktail table. It is more traditional than most furniture out there. In fact...I was running into trouble finding anything I liked. 

Well, I did find a Ralph Lauren round hunt cocktail/coffee table. It was two thousand dollars. Not what I am in the market for in a heavily used room. 

I am looking for something that looks great...but can have drinks spilled on it, snacks dripped on it, feet resting upon it, and maybe even be used as a desk or worktop. 

A very strong contender! 
Think. Think. Think. 
Hubby likes this one better than the others we have seen. :-)

Love this chesterfield sofa too...but it was hard to sit on because the back tilted too far. 

My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.


  1. Sounds like that table will tick all the boxes! I have a table like that in my family room downstairs, but it's way too big for the space I have upstairs so the girls use it. I love all the storage in it.

  2. I love this coffee table. Not only is it stunning looking, but it has great storage. Good luck making you decision.

  3. LOVE this, Sheila! it's a gorgeous color and so functional. cool end tables too. Hope this style works out!

  4. That coffee table is a real find! I would go for it!

  5. Sheila, good luck finding what you really love! It's out there waiting to come home with you!

  6. I love that coffee/cocktail table! I LOVE that it has drawers! Was it just a local furniture store or a chain? I'll be anxious to see what you get!

  7. SAheila if you don't want it you can send it to me! Haha!! I had to convert anold crib into a small desk for my "office" space. This looks way better.

  8. It sounds like this coffee table has a lot of what you want as well as the end table!

  9. Hubs seems to have an "eye" for selecting functional as well as beautiful furniture. That would solve your "where do I sit to blog" quandary. xoxo

  10. Sheila,
    This table looks like it has more than what you were looking for. That is usually what sells me on a piece. Looks beautiful with its detailing...


  11. It sounds like this is just what you're looking for. I say "go for it." Also, I would love a chesterfield sofa but I find the same thing about them - the backs tilt too far back to be comfortable. I wonder why that is ....

  12. Well your hubby has great taste!...Looking forward to your decision!...I have trouble with sofas...Because I am short, I have trouble with deep seating and my legs dangling off the seat! The one that I have now is if we keep it, it will be recovered...Have fun!


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