July 11, 2017

An Early Easter Bunny Centerpiece

It may seem a little early for Easter bunnies...but this is the time of year that bloggers, crafters, and homemakers like to start getting ideas. 

Oriental Trading  sent products  for me to review, but all opinions are my own.

I am here today to share a table centerpiece that I made this week. I felt like a kid playing with these cute long eared bunnies and eating Easter candy. 

I began this centerpiece with a bunny table runner in blues and greens. That led me to use my blue and white ginger jars too. You saw them in a recent tablescape

I know that dark blue and dark green are not normal Easter colors...but I wanted to give this a shot because of the table runner colors. 

Next I added my two bunnies. Then I just thought about where to go next. I create as I go! 

I wanted to add some flowers, so I decided to try my Hobby Lobby tulips in the clear glass bottles from Oriental Trading.

Look at this cute little bum!

I am a brand ambassador with Oriental Trading and love the opportunity to use their products in a creative way. 

This is a Lily Long Ears resin bunny that is about 15 inches tall. So cute! I wish I had ordered more! Yes, I would buy this product. I will be doing more bunny posts as Easter approaches. 

 Even her side profile is cute!

Here are my tulips.

These are real look stems...so they are a bit more life-like. 

Here is how I supported the stems. The bottles are heavy enough to hold the weight of each tall flower. I am also planning on using the bottles for some fresh stems later. I will share when I do. 

Each set includes three bottles: a small, a medium, and a large. I think they will look great down a long table. 

Kind of a different look...but fun!

I added some small bowls for Easter grass and chocolate eggs. Yes, I had a few candy eggs during this photo shoot. 👯 

I added one little bunny. 

Then I added another little bunny.

And then I had a whole family of little bunnies!

I want to disclose that Oriental Trading furnished the Lily long ears bunnies and clear glass bottles that I used in putting together today's table. I love being one of their brand ambassadors!

 All creative ideas are my own! 

My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.


  1. Gorgeous table runner and bunnies and tulips.

  2. Very cute. Love the Easter bunnies and the tulips are lovely.

  3. Bunnies just make one smile...as long as they are not in the vegetable garden...ha! Love your table...

  4. Your table is festive and beautiful!!

  5. Looks great. I love bunnies and tulips. Spring gives us such hope after a dreary winter.

  6. Very creative, Shelia! Love the runner and it was perfect for your B/W urns. The bottles and bunnies were a great find and the vignette fits well with your rooms decor and is different for Easter. I like your idea.

  7. I find this all a very interesting approach, and kudos for you to be a bit brave and step out of the norm. The bunnies are adorable, and blue and white---well, sigh--you know I'm with you all the way, Sandi

  8. I LOOOVE tha runner. Where did you find it? I have my bunnies out too:)

  9. I love the blue and white centerpiece!....and those bunnies are just adorable...been loving them on IG!....I think blue and white is great for any occasion/season/holiday!

  10. Sheila, this is a beautiful centerpiece. I love the idea of using the blue and white ginger jars on the table with the bunnies and tulips. I'm a fan of Oriental Trading. I'd love to be one of their ambassadors. '-)

  11. I meant to ask about the runner. Is this still available? Can you share a source please?

  12. I love the way you decorated with the bunnies and the white tulips. It looks perfect for Easter! Thanks for sharing this at C&C with J&J.

  13. Love the table runner and the hight the tulips give. Nice job.

  14. Sheila, the blue, green and white combination really works beautifully and those long eared bunnies are too adorable for words.

  15. Very clever way to support those stems, Sheila! I like the colors you used, as a change from pastels. Just letting you know I'll be featuring your tablescape at Best of the Weekend tomorrow!

  16. Sheila, when you turned the bunny backwards, all you saw was his bum. I saw a bunny peeing on your blue pottery! I do like his creamy white colors though even if he's being bad.

    1. Ha ha....and this bunny post just hopped out for some reason in July. I was editing something on the blog, then poof I saw this post appear. I must have clicked something by mistake. But thanks for the view. I never thought about the bunny peeing on the centerpiece. Ha ha.


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