February 3, 2017

A Peek at My Parents' New House

I told you that I would share some of my parents' new 🏠 house once they were moved and settled. Well, they have moved, and they are mostly settled. Well, sort of. 👏👏

We have not done lots of "decorating." But we have been hanging pictures, mirrors, and generally trying to make things homey. 

This picture is back in the fall when they decided that this would be their new home. 

They had been looking to downsize for a couple of years. My parents are in their eighties with full active lives...but they wanted to live closer to someone in the family. 

I showed them houses here and there but nothing impressed them enough to make an offer... Until I took them to this partially finished patio home down the road from me in a nice family oriented enclave. Very safe. Very friendly. 

They walked around this new house. They inspected the floor plan...and bingo this was the first house that mother liked. 

And you know what they say...something about the mama being happy. If mama is happy or isn't happy so goes everyone else. ha!  

Well, this house made her happy. She was reluctant to move from their house of 27 years, but dad had a plan. He wanted to be nearer family. 

Our farm was down the road from their house for 25 or so years, but we moved. Our kids were in and out of their house growing up...just like a second home. 

Now they have moved down the road from me...and I guess I will be in and out of their house again. :-) 

This house was under roof and the drywall was installed when my parents contracted to purchase it. The picture above shows the stage the house was in when they bought it. 

Mother and I both liked the builder shade of tan on the walls with the white woodwork, ...so we did not request a change there. 

While mother was a bit reluctant to change houses, she got on board after finding this house. We had a very busy few weeks of picking out everything to finish the house. Cabinets. Countertops. Flooring. Faucets. Ceiling lights. Paint. Door hardware. Etc. 

During the process of picking out everything for the new house there was the selling and packing up of their old house. Oh my...the stuff we can accumulate over the years! They gave away and donated so much stuff. 

Mom and dad held up well to the challenge of it all. I was very proud of their holding up the demanding schedule and manual labor of packing. It was not easy. It was stressful. But it is done!  Mother told me today that she can finally relax. :-) 

Their beloved golden, Sam, was the first picture we put on the wall. 

I have a couple of "after the move" pics to share with you. 

This first one shows what we put up for temp curtains. We went to Wal-Mart and purchased inexpensive white curtains and put them inside the window frames, on tension rods. This gave them instant privacy. They plan to install interior shutters. The  glass door has mini blinds in between the glass panels. 

Mother has been busy...in that she went to the florist with her container and had a greenery arrangement made. We needed a touch of green!

The real star of this house is the kitchen island! While the cabinets and new pro appliances are very nice....Everyone, from workers to friends and family, loves the 12 foot long island! And why not?!  

The builder was planning on putting a wrap around counter and cabinet to the left of the stove, then putting in a small island in front of the refrigerator area. I asked him if he could do the long island instead. He said yes, and that in fact he had thought of that originally. 

I believe my parents, the builder, and I were all feeling that the long island was a good change. 

It seems like a galley kitchen...but it is not closed away from the great room. You can cook and still watch a UK ballgame at the same time. :-) They never miss a Univ of Kentucky game, football or basketball. For years they had season tickets to both! Now they watch on dad's big screen. 

One other thing I suggested when we talked to the kitchen designer was to replace a couple of lower cabinet sections with wide, deep drawers instead of the usual.  

Mother put her pots and pans in one drawer. (about 36 inches wide by 12 inches deep.) She puts her Tupperware in another deep drawer. I wish I had her drawers! I will try to remember to take some pics to show you. 

The countertops are a formica type product with beveled edges as well as texture and granite like variations in color. My parents were not interested in granite or such and wanted to put their money in some other things for the house.

In this picture mother is showing off a new screwdriver set that my hubby bought them since when he went to help my dad put together their new bar stools, well,  there were no tools to be found. Not even a screw driver! They were buried under boxes and such. ha! (Dad has since found his tools.) 

My mother loves red...and her red sofa will be central in the decorating theme. It is a hefty ultra suede sort of fabric that is so easy to care for. We will be looking for pillows for the sofa, as well as a rug for the conversation area in front of the tv and sofa. 

Mother is wanting to find new tables and lamps for the tv area...and that will come in time. I will share more as we do things. 

It just takes a while to find the things that "speak" to you. You all have also heard me say that you need to live in a house for a bit and let it talk to you. You will get a feel for what you want in your rooms. You will get a feel for what makes the rooms comfortable for watching tv, or sleeping. 

In blog news... I received a bit of recognition. I hope you do not mind my gushing a little over this. I am not a "degreed" interior designer....but I do consider myself a "self-taught" decorator. I have taken decorating classes. I have a strong background in art history. And I am a very visual person. I combine my love of architecture, color, art history, and design to pull together pretty rooms. In other words...I love to play house!

A big thank you for the blog recognition...

LifeDesign Home

I have been in slow motion during January, partly hibernating from the dark gloomy weather, and partly resting up from the busy holiday season.

I am working on a couple of projects around the house and will be sharing those soon.

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My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.


  1. Sheila, nothing is as convincing as a new house with new appliances. Can't wait to see the rest of their new home.

  2. Sheila congratulations on your award. It is so deserved. Your home is full of fun ideas for decorating and you have such a special way of doing things. . It is so nice to see that your parents are still active in their 80s. That is such a blessing. And to have them near is even better.

  3. Sheila, Congrats on your award. I think you have a wonderful sense of style. Your mother looks happy. Wishing your parents peace and joy in their new home. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. I just love their house and can't wait to see more as they get finished! Her red couch is beautiful...I have a red one in the den as well and can't wait to see what pillows you get for it.
    Congrats on Best Blogs recognition! You deserve it!

  5. Your mother is adorable and I want to be just like her at that age! Bless both your Mom and Dad for their zest for life! Their new home is wonderful and that island is the best! You can pack a lot in the cabinetry under there! I have 2 pots 'n pans drawers and love them. I had no idea you were doing all this with them! Congratulations on your blog recognition!

  6. Sheila- Congratulations on being recognized like that! Good for you!! I love your mom and dad's new place and that is sort of what I am going for when we downsize. It all looks great and you made some wonderful choices in the finishing of the house-it went from a house to a home.
    Blessings to your mom and dad as they settle in to their new life. xo diana

  7. Congrats!! Your Mom is so pretty and I love the red sofa!! Beautiful home!

  8. Sheila,
    Congratulations on the design award. Your home is always beautiful on the blog. I love visiting you.


  9. Your mom looks so very excited over her new beautiful home!...I would love deep drawers too in my kitchen...that is on my "wish list"....Congrats on the award!!!

  10. Hi Sheila! Oh, what a wonderful post! First of all, what a blessing to have your parents and them be in such good health. Your little mother is so cute and you look like her! Their new place looks amazing. What a pretty kitchen. I had those deep drawers in my Texas home and sure to miss them. Congratulations on your recognition! You certainly deserve it as you're the best.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. Your folks' house is fabulous! Love the extra-long island. I'm with her..I'd rather put money into other things for the house. Some of the synthetic finishes are quite nice. Wishing them many years of enjoyment in their new home. Just hope I can be that healthy and active in ten years. Congratulations on your Blog Recognition! Well done! xoxo

  12. Your parents new home looks great!!! I send my best wishes to them. I know it will be nice for you all to be close by again. Please keep shring. It's fun to see it all come together. That island is FABULOUS!

  13. Kudos to your parents for making any change. When I had to sell my parent's house, I had to disguise/update what had not been changed since 1968. My mom---had been immovable on things. About 15 years ago, I brought in one of those huge pantone color swatch book---and let her pick new paint for the dining/living room---which desperately needed to be freshened. After hours over agonizing with the swatches---she finally chose as the painting crew waited. I walked from her bedroom and the color was the exact same one already on the walls? So rather than fight with her, we simply painted the house clean---with the same color.

    Hope their house can fill with family and new memories. LOVE the red sofa, Sandi

  14. Congratulations on your award and I wish your mom and dad lots of love and joy in their new home.

  15. Wow! Looks great!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  16. Congrats on your award Shelia, that's stunning and your folks house looks lovely. So cozy a true home. Wishing them many happy years filling it with all the things they love.

  17. Sheila, I was catching up on some of your posts which led me to this one of your parents big move. What an accomplishment! I sure hope I have the stamina like your mom when I'm her age to be up for such a challenge. And what a great thing for them to be situated close by. I do love that long island for both its design and function. Congrats on your blog recognition - well deserved, Sheila!

  18. Please update us on your parent's new home.


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