February 27, 2017

Furniture Browsing Field Trip

When I go to a nice furniture store I am like a kid in a candy store. There is so much visual eye candy...that I walk in circles to see everything. 

I love this pottery! The style. The color. Oh la la.

February 26, 2017

February 22, 2017

Why I Like This...

I am sharing some photos with you today. They are images that I have saved for one reason or another. This could be called a "this and that" post. But sometimes I just feel the need to share with you. :-)

Let me tell you "Why I like this..."

Ethan Allen
This living room is so serene! 
There is no clutter. I want it. :-) 

I also love the picture and the coffee table. I wonder if they would work in my house. I think so.☺ I am not so interested in the grey fabric, but the sofa frame is very nice! 

I love the wall paint above. Soft. Relaxing. And the lamps are just perfect. The updated lamp shade makes the ginger jar shape current. 

I have a monogram similar to this and I want to spray paint mine gold. Very elegant. That is an easy update for me. Some are hard, and complicated. ha!

What I like about this cute bedroom? The red painted twin beds. We (you and I) could do this, right. 

I like this diagram because it shows just how we should shop for rugs when we want one in a seating grouping, under a table, or under a bed. We all need some guidelines from time to time. 

This gorgeous pillow...I want my mother to see this. She is using this shade of teal as an accent color in her new house. I will show you some photos soon. 

I love shades of green...and I could live with the selections above! I love the Greek key trim!

On the other hand I also like blue! 

And the grey tile...that's what I really like about the picture above. 

We have to redo the tile in our guest bathroom...due to an issue with the subfloor. Our tile cracked! Now, I have to look at tile selections again. I am not a happy camper. Really.

I can spot a golden retriever a mile away. 
Look at these two sweeties. I like this picture because those goldens make me smile!

I don't think I have to tell you why I like this picture. He is packed and ready to head to his grandparents' house where he can get some respect! ha.

It's just too cute. 

February 21, 2017

Something New for Spring

I can't stand it. I am ready for Spring. 

I know I will have to endure more winter...but this has been such a cold gloomy stretch. 

I have just had enough grey skies! 

I want to "think" spring. 

Well, I started this past week. 

I brought home a new spring flower arrangement.

I know that silk flowers are not loved by some, but they have come a long long way. 

I like to look for the almost real silks. 
They cost a bit more (Hobby Lobby)...but they can be such fun to add to a room that needs a pop of color. 

I am not sure which attracted me more, the flowers or the flower pot? I love both really. 

The arrangement is very asymmetrical. I love that. I like my arrangements (real or silk) to have a freshly gathered look. 

My new flowers will no doubt hop around the house to new locations from time to time. I like for my purchases to work in more than one place. 

This artichoke looking pot will go well with some of my majolica plates. 

I can see it now...a tablescape. 

I find inspiration where I can. 

And this time it just may be from a flower pot. 

I hope this gathering of spring like flowers helps you to begin to think of spring. It is me. 

It will be here...eventually! 

Thank you for visiting me today,

Updating Furniture with New Fabric

Sometimes it is hard to make a decision as to whether to reupholster a piece of furniture or to buy new. In the case of a couple of antiques that we have there is no issue. They are family treasures that must remain in the family. :-)

February 19, 2017

House Fluffing...

Sometimes I do things around the house, but at the end of the day I have not really accomplished much to show. Do you have days like that?  Here are a few photos from my Friday house fluffing. 

February 16, 2017

Using Blues and Greens for Spring

Have you been noticed the use of blue and green together recently. A spring trend. 

The shades of blue and green can go from jewel tones to pastels. I am enjoying seeing both. 

I looked through my photos and you can see that I began some blue and green a while back. 

Here is my wedding china that I updated with an olive green linen napkin. 

A new planter and arrangement...my most recent acquisition. I might have bought the arrangement because of the majolica style planter. 😊

With all of the blue and green out there I decided to bring some green into the mama cave...to see how it would play with my blue and white pieces.

I found this bottle around the house. I love shopping the house for my bits and pieces. Just when I think I need to thin out my collection of "stuff" I find a use for something. 

I gathered some green silk pillows and a green throw. They look darker in the photos than they really are. I think they will make fine spring colors on the white sofa. 

My husband's grandmother's dish helps to support my spring green theme. 

A majolica salad plate...

A spring tablescape...

Benjamin Moore, Hearts of Palm...in the master bedroom.

My large jars are perfect with many shades of green...

Do you like the collection of green fabrics from Lancaster Associates, above?

Or maybe you prefer to have the green tempered some with blues and white. I love the green velvet above. 

If you prefer the lighter shades of blue...you might like the almost aqua or powder blue, above. Bring in pots of greenery, real or faux, to complement any shade of blue. 

Just in case you missed it in an earlier post...here is Greenery, Pantone's 2017 color of the year. 

I understand that green is not for everyone...as in my mother. ha!  We talked about it and decided that maybe she overdosed on 1970s avocado carpet, upholstery, and lighter green wall paint. She wants no more of it. ha!  

I on the other hand still love many shades of green. There are a few that I do not like.

And here are my powder blue towels...that go in the Hearts of Palm master bath. 

Will you be playing with any blue, green, or a combination this spring?

A New Print Followed Me Home

I took my mother shopping one day last week.

February 10, 2017

February 8, 2017

Won't you come for tea?

It is such a grey day that I wish you could come for tea.

We could chat and laugh and become better friends. 

I just want to tell you all that I enjoy your continued blog friendship with me. 

We need friends for our well being. 

While we cannot be in the same room together we can share the warmth of friendship over a cup of hot tea, or coffee, if that is your preference. 😊

This One Is For The Ladies

This one is for the ladies...and a little different from my usual posts. Let me know what you think after reading to the end. 😊
Grandmothers. Mothers. Daughters. Young women.