March 31, 2016

Morning, Sunshine, and An Old Table

"I'll follow the sun..."

Morning sunshine can turn something ordinary into a thing of beauty.

Reminds me of the words in an old Beatles song..."I'll follow the sun..."

I walked into the kitchen one day this week and the morning sun was streaming across my old pine table. 

I grabbed my camera to save the view, and share with you. 

There was something comforting and beautiful about the sun on my old dinged up table and the shadows across it. 

By the time I snapped this picture...the sunshine was fading behind a cloud. Such fleeting beauty. 

I wanted it to last long enough for me to sit at the table with my cup of coffee and daydream. 

I hope you have a great day...and see the beauty around you. It is in the simple everyday things around us. 

Yes... I follow the sun. 

What is the beauty around you today?

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March 30, 2016

A Farmhouse Style Burlap & Grapevine Wreath

Welcome to my front door!

Like many of you, I have been trying to add a few spring touches around the house. 

And one thing I like to do is to have a springy wreath on my front door. 

I have used the same pretty wreath for the last three years and when I went to the basement to retrieve it for this year I discovered that the afternoon sun had finally faded the flowers and ribbon beyond being pretty.  

I looked around here and there and found several pretty wreaths to replace my weathered one, except either the colors or the price tags made me hesitant to choose one.

So...what to do?  See if I could make my own wreath using some of the things in my stash. 

I know that mine is not florist quality...but I think I will like it for this spring. hardly cost anything because I used the grapevine wreath form and flowers that I had in the basement. 

I bought one roll of burlap ribbon and one roll of covered wire from Hobby Lobby at half off for this project. woohoo!

Let me tell you how I made my homemade wreath. 

The first thing I did was to wrap the wreath with the grapevine looking wire...several inches apart.  This tightened up some of the loose twigs.

Next, I gathered the stems I wanted to use and I wrapped the plastic stems with burlap ribbon to make a bouquet. I just did not like the look of the green plastic but I did not want to cut off the stems. 

Next, I used the wrapped wire to secure the flower "bouquet" to the wreath. By not using hot glue I can reuse the stems, etc. 

Next, I made a large loopy bow, then attached it to the wreath diagonally from the bouquet, using the covered wire.

Finally, I hung the wreath and straightened the flowers.

I cut the tails on the ends of my ribbon, just because I like them finished this way. 

Here is a detailed look at how I wrapped the stems in burlap. I just wrapped the wired ribbon and tucked in the end.

And the final product makes a happy looking welcome to my friends and family. The grapevine wreath is oval and kind of wonky in shape but It works just fine up in our woodsy neighborhood.

I hope my wreath idea inspires you to try to make your own. 

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March 28, 2016

Posh Serveware Ideas for Entertaining and Decorating

Easy care polished aluminum is fun to use,

I have to tell you...I am running behind on projects and posts this week.

Polished aluminum bowl...for salad or chips.

Today I thought I would share some pics that maybe have not been on the blog before. I take dozens of pics for a blog post project and only a few actually make it online. 

Polished aluminum candlesticks are used somewhere in the house most of the time.

If you have followed me for awhile you have probably seen my silver looking décor and serving pieces. Yes...they look like silver or pewter, but they are really polished aluminum. 

Love this tiered server that comes apart and stores flat. 

I have picked up a piece here and a piece there over the years. Some were gifts and some I purchased. Some were inexpensive and some were not. ha!  But polished aluminum is available in many price points. 

Display in my kitchen, Candlesticks, tray, and wine bucket.

Polished aluminum goes nicely with stainless appliances.

Pier One polished aluminum candlesticks. Elegant but easy care!

Some manufacturers refer to their aluminum pieces as "alternative metal." I would just suggest that you look at the material info on the bottom of the item to make sure what you are buying.
Beatriz Ball cake plate

One of the great things about most aluminum serveware is that you can put it in a sink of hot soapy water to clean. 

The silver from our wedding days back in the seventies rarely sees the light of day anymore. We don't entertain like we used to. And, when we do I use more casual serveware and dishes.
Pyrex casserole size by Beatriz Ball.

This little beauty is sized for a square Pyrex dish.  I can put a hot from the oven dish into the aluminum and transfer to the table. So, this piece is both pretty and very useful.

Another little thing I do with this square serving piece is to put it into the freezer for 30 minutes to chill it, and then I can put sandwiches or crudities in it. 

There are a few precautions when putting food into aluminum. Don't leave vinegar based dressings and such in the bowl overnight. Be careful with tomato based foods. It basically boils down into being careful with acidic foods. 

And you never put aluminum pieces in the dishwasher. 
Inexpensive no name trays from a home décor shop, that closed. 
Pretty as the name brand ones!

Here is a tray vignette along with a silver pillar holder. The finishes blend well. The aluminum trays were inexpensive...but yet they have a fairly "posh" look. Don't get me wrong...I love silver. But, it is high maintenance and expensive. 

Given that the aluminum/alternative metal serving pieces can be used for hot and cold foods, as well as for pretty displays, I feel that I will have these pieces for the rest of my life. Given that, they were a good investment. :-)

I hope you are having a great day.

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March 26, 2016

Monogram Wreath for Front Door

This is just a quick show and share! I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend.

Now that the weather is nice outside I put my new monogram "wreath" on the front door to welcome visitors. I have had it a few months but I wanted to wait until spring to put it on the door. 

I won the wreath (coupon) from Amanda at Dixie Delights  Blog back before Christmas. fulfilled the order.  I chose a white painted wood version suitable for outside. I may later spray a sealant on the wood. 

I added some cute bows for a touch of spring and Easter. The bows will probably change from time to time, depending on the occasion.

I am so in love with my new monogram...that I had to share it with you! A big thank you to Amanda for this wonderful gift.

Wreath, 24 inches wide.
Door, 35 1/2 inches wide.

My monogram is large enough that people driving by can see how pretty it is on my front door. Yay!

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March 24, 2016

Spring Green in the Kitchen

Welcome to Spring in the Kitchen!

Let me share what I have done to spruce up my kitchen table with spring greens.

I learned many years ago...from a designer and design instructor...that any shade of green goes with any other shade of green. It is an imitation of nature. This gave me confidence to use the various shades of green together over the years. 

I love to tinker with my decorative items and recreate new table arrangements. 

And here is a look at my spring green table. With an empty nest most of the time...there are just the two of us. This lets me play and create more tablescapes. 

When we had our children at home the kitchen table was used for homework as well as craft projects. 

Ok, on to my table setup. I have had this French wire basket for years. It has had many different fillers and been in many locations. 

French Wire Bowl
Most of my table arrangements are fairly simple. But I do like to mix and mingle my accessories in new ways. Just being creative. 

I love to invent new looks without buying anything! I have enough "stuff"... and these days I like to use what I have. That seems to be a trend with others also. :-) Work your creativity!

My Moss & Twig Easter Bunny

Simple Monochromatic Tablescape

I went with a monochromatic color scheme for this table arrangement. Green on green on green. 

I went to my "stash" and began pulling out green accessories. Green is almost a neutral in my house. Green works in every season!

My everyday china is ivory Italian Countryside...and works with any color scheme I use on the table. 

I created this centerpiece by beginning with a wire bowl I have had for years. You can use any bowl that you have. I put floral moss in the bottom of the bowl, then I added some faux boxwood balls and artichokes. Easy. Easy.

I need to find some cute birds eggs for my miniature bird's nest.

I hope my spring table arrangement gives you some ideas to use at your house. Keeping things simple and monochromatic works!

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March 22, 2016

A New Spring

Featured at Cozy Little House

After a long cold winter...we have a new spring!

A new poster creation. 
I love creating watercolor posters to share with you.
Right as. 

I have a few spring pics from around the house to share today. Spring is a time to bring fresh flowers into the house and to freshen up things a bit.

A new tulip color.

Fully opened tulips

I love taking simple pictures of flowers. 
In their simplicity is such beauty. 

Nature's paint brush is perfect.

Tulips are perfectly graceful too.

I am doing a few other small things around the house to freshen up things. 

I am rearranging tabletops, cleaning out drawers, and generally trying to reorganize some of my things.  

Spring is a good time to refresh...the house, and the soul. 

Spring is a time for thinking and planning
...for everything, there is a season. 

I like to bring out white accessories in the spring. I added some grass to one of my white pitchers for a fresh touch. I also brought some white candles and my ceramic garden bird up from the stash.

Outdoor ceramic garden bird

And then...

My moss and twig Easter bunny hopped into the parlor for a change of scenery. He was on the kitchen table and got tired of staying in the same spot. :-)

Happy Spring Y'all.

Thanks for visiting! 

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