October 3, 2016

Photography, fall throws, and a centerpiece

This was the scene at my house... Saturday afternoon, and hubby was watching football on tv. I was left to my own devices. (woohoo!)

What did I do?  I took advantage of the time to do some photography practice as well as create yet another fall centerpiece. 

I love fall...and it is one of my most creative times, other than Christmas. (Watch, after Jan.1 my creativity takes a nose dive. ha.)

What can I say? I am on a roll since I went "basement diving" for my fall pumpkins. 

Let's put together a fall centerpiece. I began with a large wooden salad bowl. Give me a bowl and I can give you an arrangement! :-)

I made a circle of the garland and put it into the bottom of the bowl, letting the twigs stand up to make a border around the edge of the bowl. 

I saw this idea somewhere and thought I would give it a try. Hubby nodded in approval. ha ha.

Next I filled the bowl with a filler of this and that, topping it off with some small faux pumpkins. 

Let's do a photo shoot...

I used two different throws for background color and I will let you tell me which throw you like better.

One throw is a special winter white wool and mohair woven I purchased at a specialty store in Lexington, Ky years ago. The other is a jewel tone inexpensive mix of acrylic, nylon, and wool from our fun source TJ Maxx. 

Background colors reflect light differently. 

White is reflective while dark colors absorb the light. 

Scroll through the photos and note which throw you like better for this photo shoot.  

I used my Canon 70d...in landscape mode. I love that when I use the touch screen I can touch an object and the focus will be on just that spot, making the rest of the pic have a soft, blurred look. 

I love overhead shots and have been practicing since my tripod came home. 

I switched throws. Light to dark. 

Here is the bowl with the garland...You can see how I just made a circle and placed it into the bottom of the bowl. 

You can also see that the picture has taken on a darker, moody atmosphere with the dark throw. The light is coming in from one side...leaving the other side dark. Try this at home for some photography drama! 

I added a few real leaves to the mix. The fun thing about fall decorating is that you can mix and match lots of items. The arrangement does not have to be too perfect. 

I added some older pumpkins and filler to fill up the bowl.

I saved the matching faux pumpkins for the top of the bowl. Real would be much nicer, but I created this arrangement with what I had handy. 

Note the light and dark sides of this picture. 

I played with taking some artsy pics. When editing photos I slice off parts of a pic here and there to create an interesting perspective. Sometimes I crop off a bad part of a pic and create something more interesting. Always try that before you throw away a photo.

I set up my tripod (Manfrotto) to practice making overhead photos. I bought my tripod because it has a configuration/feature that lets me dangle my camera directly over an object. This is very handy for making "flat" style pics. "Flat" is another photography topic we will talk about one day. 

I love to take off-center pictures. A perfectly centered photo does not speak to me as much...though I do take centered photos. It just depends on what the theme of the photo is. 

Which throw makes the arrangement look better to you?  There is no right or wrong answer. Art / beauty is in the eye of the beholder! 

I bet you can guess which throw I like as the background. :-)

White or jewel tone? 

(my favorite...the dark throw, since I love drama. ha ha.)

Ok now...Grab your camera and play with light. Put a blanket, quilt, tablecloth, throw, etc on the floor in front of a window. Place something you like on it...and watch the light. Take some photos in the morning or afternoon depending on when the light is better. You want the light coming in at an angle. Just play. See what you like. Note...do not shoot photos toward the light for this practice session. 

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Rooted in Thyme, Simple & Sweet Fridays (linkup thurs)
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Rattlebridge Farm, Foodie Friday and Everything Else Friday
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The Everyday Home Blog, Share it One More Time Inspiration Party
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My Kentucky Living

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.


  1. The Jewel Tone is my favorite.
    It brings warmth and cozy to the forefront.

    Linda C

  2. I think your photography looks great, Sheila. Great thoughts on light. Have a great week!

    1. Be sure to practice with your new camera!

  3. I like the white background because it gives great contrast to the bowl and faux pumpkins.

  4. The light throw gets my vote!

  5. Sheila thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos with us. They truly are a feast for this fall starved viewer's eyes! I also like the darker one... it's the drama alright!

    1. I go for those oranges for fall...though I am liking the little white pumpkins. :-)

  6. I like the drama of the dark throw.

  7. Love the light throw...seems warm and cozy in a sun beam! Lol make me think of a cat curled up by a window.

  8. Hi Sheila, I'm new to your blog. I live in Lexington. Where in Kentucky are you?
    Enjoying your blog very much. xoxo

    1. Down by Lake Cumberland. So glad you joined us!

  9. Playing around with throws, decor and your camera (and basement diving) seems preferable to watching football! I like both colors but the darker one seems cozier. However (there's always a however), the arrangement shows up better on the white throw.

  10. Good shots! You are having fun with your fall deco!

  11. Sheila,
    Fun decorating while the mister is otherwise engaged is always a great time in my mind.
    I wanted to check with you, I got an offer to write a post about using silk flowers. For that "neutral" review, the company agreed to send up to $60 worth of their product. I found some fall berry branches I liked. They asked if I could recommend anyone else that might want to participate. Before sending your name and blog site I thought I'd check with you. Here is the link to their products. Let me know.

  12. Gorgeous photos Sheila!...and I too love that dark background!....Beautiful colors!

  13. Sheila,
    The dark throw creates an analogous color scheme with beautiful magenta throw. I am partial to blues, purples, fuschias, etc... and the orange pumpkins and yellow in the leaves gives just the right amount of contrast to keep everything from blending together. Love your photography practice...


  14. Interesting photo session. I need to take your advice and practice. I do like the darker background ... just seems to go with the Fall feeling much better.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  15. Fun post. I got a lesson in making a fall centerpiece and how to photograph of "my" work when finished. Yeehaw! Happy Monday!

  16. I'm a fan of the winter white also. The contrast is really beautiful. I should practice more often also. Thanks for the encouragement and thank you for sharing with us this week at Celebrate Your Story, have a great week.

  17. Hi Sheila, Lovely photos all! But I have to go with the jewel-toned throw! I just love all the colors. The lighter throw seems more like winter and the jewel tones more like fall - but as you said, it's just my opinion! It's nice to mix things up, too! The unexpected. Thanks for the inspiration! Blessings, Janet

  18. Thank you for sharing your wonderful post at #OverTheMoon. I look forward to what you will share next week! Do something special. Give yourself a standing ovation today! We hope you’ll come back again next Sunday when we open our doors at 6:00 PM EST.

  19. The jewel tone for sure. I love the way the orange pops against it. I will have to try to play around with the settings on my camera. I never would have thought of using landscape mode for stills. I wish I'd gotten that tripod. Mine doesn't do that.

  20. Oh my....the jewel toned background is beautiful!!!
    The bowl is gorgeous as well!

  21. Everything looks so pretty!

    I would love for you to share this with my Facebook Group for recipes, crafts, tips, and tricks: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pluckyrecipescraftstips/

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  22. I definitely prefer the white - but they're both nice! Great centrepiece too!

  23. If I had one ounce of your creativity my home would be gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your wonderful post at #WonderfulWednesday. I look forward to what you will share next week! Do something special. Give yourself a standing ovation today! We hope you’ll come back again next Tuesday when we open our doors at 7:00 PM EST.


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