July 10, 2016

Traditional Table Tops Today

I had another project planned to show to you today, but I had an encounter with a wasp. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! That project has been sidelined for a bit. Today I will show you some changes around the house. 

From time to time I get busy moving and rearranging my table vignettes. Here is the latest from the dining room and from the hallway to the bedrooms.

You have seen the accessories before, but this is changed up a bit from the last time you visited. 

I shall begin with the hall chest. I kept the matching lamps...but added the pedestal bowl for a different look. 

The finish on the lamps is a mix of silver and gold paint, so the silver of the bowl mixes fine. 

The hall is dark and I find that the chest and lamps add just the right amount of light.

The next change I made was to bring this brass bowl from a table in the great room into the dining room. I had a sudden inspiration to give it a try, and I like it. 

I also removed the high boy from the corner of the dining room. I am thinking about how I will decorate that corner now. A print maybe. I will wait for inspiration to hit me over the head. ha!

My Williamsburg candlesticks move around the house from one table to another almost weekly. :-)   Again...whenever inspiration hits me. 

I am one of those who has stayed true blue to nice wood furniture. I have no plans to paint anything, unless I run across an orphan table at some point that is in need of a new finish. 

I used to love to antique old pieces when I was in collage, centuries ago. :-) 

I love that my photos are more aligned. Not perfect...just straighter. You know what they say; practice, practice, practice. :-)

I have been practicing taking photos with my tripod the last few days. There is an art to learning how to use mine...as there are so many knobs, pins, latches, etc. to adjust when setting up a photograph. 

I picked up a small pineapple canvas recently. So far it is floating around the house from one place to another. Right now it is on the lowboy in the dining room. 

This table top is a bit full with accessories right now. But sometimes I like a "collection" look. There is a fine line between displaying a collection and having a cluttered look. :-)

I was going to have a door wreath to show you...but when I went to lift the wreath off of the door I was stung by a large wasp that has take up residence in my wreath. 

I ran around and screamed some! I was just like a little kid!

No allergic reaction, but man-o-man did it hurt. I used ice for the swelling, a sting stick to calm the sting, and antiseptic. 

My swollen hand hurt off and on all afternoon, but today my hand is fine. The wreath project will happen another time. 

I opened the front door slightly and that darn wasp is still hanging out on a faded silk flower. I will send hubby around to attack it from the porch side. 

Thanks for visiting!

My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.


  1. Love your changes, Sheila. Your blue and white pieces are beautiful!

  2. Ouch! Hope that nasty wasp is gone soon. Looks like your enjoying your new tripod. I use mine on occasion and it does help to make sharper pictures for me. You are doing a wonderful job capturing your lovely vignettes.

  3. Big sympathy with regard to the wasp sting. My Great Dane will sneak out tonight to 'bomb' a wasp nest that has developed near the back deck. I detest wasps and am terrified of being stung.
    Like you, I have a love for beautiful, glowing wood. Nothing comes close to it in terms of bringing warmth and depth to a room.

    1. Good luck with your wasp nest! Those things are have brutal stings.

  4. Bless your heart, wasp stings are no joke! Hope it's better! Beautiful vignettes! I adore that pretty brass bowl and candlesticks... gorgeous pieces! ~Rhonda

  5. Ouch is right! Sorry for the interruption in showing off your joy of decorating and hope you feel better. Really love all the things you do with your home.

    1. Thank you so much Margaret. You are so kind. :-)

  6. Love all your pics. My mister was stung last week. He tells me it stills hurts. Hope it feels better.

    1. My hand is much better...Hubby says it was a yellow jacket. All I know is that for 24 hours my hand was in pain. But, all better now. Yay.

  7. All the beautiful things that I love!!!....Hope your hand is better!....Nothing worse than a bad sting....


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