July 23, 2016

A Walk Around the House

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There is always a lot to do when you have a yard!

We have been trying to grow some grass and keep bushes alive this summer. You too? 

Hubby was busy watering every night for about two weeks after our grasses were planted. He certainly did not want to lose them after so much work to get these plantings and bedding finished. 

Our house is on a corner and we want to create some privacy screening. It will take a while, but you have to start somewhere, right. 

Here is the start! Nothing! 

We chose to plant grasses because they grow quickly and don't cost much. At some point we may add some arborvitae out in the yard to help with privacy too. We'll see. That is in the future sometime. 

We have rocks in our front planting beds, so hubby wanted to repeat using them on the side of the house. I like the rocks in our woodsy, rustic area. AND...rocks don't float away in heavy rains like mulch. AND, rocks do not have to be replaced every year. 

The grasses were staggered in and out instead of in a straight line. Our plan is to let them grow large and thick. 

We took the planting bed up behind the brick retaining wall, for additional screening. 

Continuing down the side of the house, we added some small boxwood. It will take a while before those babies are very large, but I did not want to pay for extra large ones. I will just wait a couple of years for them to grow. ha!

The holly tree at the corner has been there about three years. We had a horrible freeze the winter of 2015 and I had to prune quite a bit off of the tree. It has come back from the freeze and is growing nicely. There are lots of new shoots, so it must be healthy. 

A neighbor is building a house for his daughter on the last lot left in our neighborhood. It is fun to watch the house progress. 

I was so sad when we had to remove two small trees, that grew too large. We were worried about roots hurting our basement wall.  The trees were removed, and we added two small arborvitae in their places. 

The last few blooms above.

I am working hard keeping my potted flowers going this summer. It has been so hot! 

The planters and pots dry out so quickly...despite the rains we have had.

I managed to bring the two hefty concrete planters from our farm. Yes...they were a bear to move according to son and hubby. (They wanted to know if I "really" needed them.) 

I have had them so long that they now have a nice aged patina. One has a crack, and I anxiously watch it to make sure it is not getting worse. I just love the traditional Greek key motif and don't know if I could replace them. (Yes, I "really" need them.)

Those black things in the background are racing tires that belong to our son. He brought them back from NC where he went to engine building school several years ago. 

Yes...I still have the tires at my house. ha! Just waiting for bachelor boy to have a place of his own for his "toys." His town house does not have a shop or barn for his projects! ha!

One more grass project...we are trying to grow some!!! ha. 

We don't have sod out in our neck of the woods. Folks just work with the ground...and our ground is rocky. 

We are trying to work on some patches here and there. The patch above is coming along, but the patch below, not so much. ha! We will keep trying though. Hubby needs something to do to keep busy. :-)

This just about wraps up the walk around the house. There is always something to do with a yard...every season. 

We are not OCD with our yard, as anyone can tell. But I like it to look nice, or as nice as a yard up in the rocky woods can look. 

Thanks for joining me in walking around the house. We'll do it again in the fall when the colors have changed.

By the way...I am participating in a tablescape blog hop. I want to invite you to join in the fun!

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