June 28, 2016

Yay Cooper!

Cooper's Passport

I have an update on Cooper, the golden.

For those of you who are new to the blog...Cooper was rescued from the streets of Turkey and came to the United States to get healthy and find a family. 

My brother and sister-in-law had lost their two elderly dogs and welcomed Cooper to join their remaining golden, CeeJay.

Time has passed and Cooper just completed his obedience and temperament testing...and passed with flying colors.

I don't know about you...but if I were in the hospital, a nursing home, or just feeling bad, Cooper would make me feel better. He has the softest fur, and the most gentle personality. He is quiet and low key...and will make a great visitor where ever he goes to put a smile on someone's face.

I just had to brag a little about sweet Cooper!

In other news...

I met this lovely lady, Shirley, from Housepitality Designs recently. We, along with our hubbies, met for lunch in Bowling Green KY and had a wonderful time chatting about many topics. They were in Kentucky touring around and made a point to meet us for lunch. It was such fun to meet this sweet lady. She is as nice as you think! 

More later...

Thanks for visiting!

My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

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  1. Congratulations to Cooper! What fun meeting with a fellow blogger. I'm sure you had tons to talk about.

  2. Cooper is a beautiful fur baby and looks so sweet. I'm not a blogger. I'm just a follower of many. Two of my favs are yours and Shirley's. I feel like I know you both.

    1. Lynn, Thank you so much. Shirley is so nice...and we like the same types of house decor, colors, etc. I am so glad to hear that you flle like you know me/us. My goal is to make friends and talk about homes...I want my readers to feel connected to me, and feel that I am a friend. And I want to be your friend. I think blogging has opened up a wonderful world to women to be able to connect and chat about the things they like. Yay for us! sheila

  3. Terrific update on Cooper! What a sweet face....I am sure he will make many people happy in the hospitals. How great you could meet up with a fellow blogger. Making new friends is such fun!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Shirley IS so sweet, I met her a year so so ago when she was up this way. I am DYING to go down to her house and meet there too.
    Cooper is so sweet as well and I am so glad he now has a forever home!

  5. Cooper is beautiful!! Goldens are such good companions...

  6. Yay for Cooper! What a great thing for him to do with his special qualities. He'll be such a blessing to many people who need some dog love. :-)

    It's nice to meet blogging friends face to face. I'm always blown away by how they usually match the person you think they are by what and how they write. Congrats on a fun time!

  7. Cooper is adorable. Such happy stories for dogs who get rescued and adopted. So glad you met a blogger in person. It really puts a face to the person who blogs behind the screen.

  8. It was great meeting you Sheila...had such a great time with our non-stop conversation...it was great meeting your hubby too! My sister had a Golden named Cooper too...he was a very sweet dog and he departed from them way too early....we shall always remember his sweet spirit....


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