May 11, 2016

Traditional Blue and White Rooms

I have some design inspiration for you today! Traditional has so many versions these days. It is not what our grandmothers thought of as traditional, for sure. Today's photos all have blue and white!

When I saw this Traditional Home dining room photo I stopped in my tracks. Other than a few details it is much like the dining room we had in our Georgian house on the farm. 

We had a traditional chair rail with poplar paneling and picture frame trim on the bottom part of the walls. The upper walls were painted in a deep navy blue. We had a brass chandelier (not as fancy as this one,) along with an English looking huntboard. We had a wool oriental rug in our dining room though. Today the simpler rug is an example of the "new traditional" that is so popular.  

Our dining room table is the same one we have now...a double pedestal style mahogany, with Chippendale style chairs. It will not be painted, as I still love beautiful cherry and mahogany wood. 

I did not have a fabulous display cabinet for my oriental jars, but instead had them on the top of my china cabinet and sometimes on the huntboard. 

Do you think there is blue grass cloth on the wall above? It looks like it to me...I think. Ha! 

Not all dining rooms could handle the scale of the furniture featured in these photos. Maybe these are old family pieces.

My wedding china is navy and white also, so it all worked together very well. These days I often set my table with my mismatched Spode china. 

It is funny how much things have changed over the years. When we married (back in the seventies) everything was matched, and now, things match but in a more casual way. I guess it is more of a mix and match approach. 

This is a nice example of how I like to mix and match my china plates these days. I borrow pieces from my wedding china to mix with my creamware style china. It is nice that styles have relaxed and we can play with our room designs and our table settings. 

I love the table setting above. It is elegant, yet comfortable enough to actually use for our more modern lifestyle. We just cannot dine Downton Abbey style!  And...who wants to wash that many plates and glasses anyway? 

 I like to save/pin place settings for inspiration...and this is a keeper!

I love the touches of green with these blue and white jars. 

The blue chairs In this room play a major role in contrast to the neutral colors. I think I see a glass and lucite coffee table in front of the blue chairs. 

I saved this picture of pale blue doors because they are fancy "barn" doors. Take a look at how they are hung. Clever idea, especially I'd you do not have room for doors to "swing."

You all know how much I love color...and this deep blue wall color set off with wide trim really calls to me. The upholstered pieces are not quite comphy enough looking to me, but I could switch in something soft and squishy. Ha! 

Today's new traditional is a mix of old classics and new. I like the drum style light fixture...and look at that gold/brass tone returning to the new traditional. Styles just roll around and cycle back to become new once again. There is usually an updated twist though. 

Do you see anything in one of these pics that inspires you? Do you have something similar? Or something you can refresh to look similar? 

Traditional Home Magazine online is one of my favorite sites to browse. (Photos used with permission.) You will probably love it too for some great traditional decorating ideas. Enjoy!

Now that Traditional Home magazine has authorized me to use their photos we will have lots of fun looking at traditional all of its flavors. That spells f-u-n for us.

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Sheila, I love these rooms and have been thinking about repainting my dining room from red to navy. Then again, by the time I decide to paint, I will be thinking about a whole other color! Great inspiration!

    1. I loved my Navy blue dining room. I would paint mine navy again except that I have gold and yellow drapes right now and can't afford to switch out new custom drapes. ha. The navy looks sophisticated at night. sheila

  2. Sheila,
    I love this dining room. I've thought about painting a room navy with white accents many times, but have yet to do it. Our dining room is too dark already. I have loved the change to a more casual way setting the table we've seen in recent years. Thanks for the Blue and White share, my favorite.
    P.S. Love your new header!

    1. Our navy dining room had lots of light so that helped me to be able to use the navy. Also...I only used the navy above the chair rail. Maybe one day you can try the navy...with a light rug. sheila

  3. I love blue and white! My jars are atop my china cabinet repurposed as a bookshelf. I love how they are on display in that first photo. Such a smart look!

    1. Thanks Jen. I bet your jars look great. Are they on the blog for us to see?

  4. Lots of beauty here! I love the dramatic look the deep blue walls create. My house is pretty small so I can't see doing that but I do admire it. Don't you just love Traditional Home for inspiration- it's my favorite magazine. You are going to have to send me pictures of your previous home. I'm intrigued by it and haven't even seen it! That pot with the tulips is fabulous. I need to plant some of those!

  5. I love traditional styling with a touch of casual. It's my favorite. Love, love the blue! It is so comforting, so refreshing. The elegant barn doors are gorgeous. I agree, this is such a keeper. Thank you for a drool worthy post. Keep them coming. Thank you, Sheila.

    1. I will try to keep great pics on the blog for everyone to admire or imitate. :-) Thanks for visiting.

  6. Love the table setting too. I moved to Las Vegas eight years ago after living in South Carolina all my life - I am almost sixty. It has been so hard to incorporate my southern things into a desert syle home. I would never paint my old family pieces and had a very hard time finding a home with rooms big enough for my pieces. Your posts always seem to take me home.

    1. Lynn, I am glad I can help take you back home. I know what you mean. Things in the southeast are just different. I don't know if it goes back to the British colonial influence of Charleston and such, but the homes, interiors, furnishings are just so special. We vacationed in South Carolina for years...and still head there about once a year.
      Come by anytime to feel like you are almost home! :-)

  7. Sheila... we have a lighter blue dining room than the first pic from Traditional home. I am now re-thinking the color because I love that pic so much. The Mr. is not going to be happy with you, Sheila - costing him $$$$! Have a great week.

    1. Ha ha ha. I loved my navy blue dining room! It was très chic! Show him this picture.

  8. You find such great rooms! Love the navy blue dining room... I'm so happy to see someone who doesn't paint everything. Some pieces should just be left alone. xo

    1. Donna, I used to paint and antique pieces of junk back in the seventies...but I cannot paint my beautiful wood furniture. No way. Ha!

  9. Great room inspiration. I especially love those fancy "barn" doors!

    1. The fanciest barn doors I have ever seen, and I have seen many. Ha ha ha

  10. Wow! I am crazy about this dining room!!! Gorgeous! ;)

    1. Agree...a gorgeous dining room! I am glad so many have liked it.

  11. Thank you so much for linking at #overthemoon! I look forward to seeing what you share every week. Please come back for #WonderfulWednesday or #ThursdayFavoriteThings. Don't forget to comment your link #'s so I can be sure to visit and you get a chance to be featured! Pinned and shared.

  12. Finally! A room where we share a lot in common! yours is decorated nicer though. Thank you so much for sharing with us at #ThursdayFavoriteThings. Pinned and shared.

  13. Blue rooms have such a calming effect.

  14. I enjoyed looking at these rooms; they're all so very elegant. Thanks for sharing!


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