May 12, 2016

I'm Ready for Front Porch Sitting

I love porches. 

And I love southern porches. 

They are special places to enjoy the summer months. They are usually outfitted with comfortable seating and a grand display of ferns and flowers. Southern porches extend living spaces outside during the warmer months. 

My Mother's Day flowers are ready to freshen up my front porch vibe.

Today, I spent some time cleaning my front porch and getting it ready for some summer sitting. I remember growing up in old houses that had old fashioned front porches...and I still like them. 

The first thing I encountered before I even began scrubbing my porch was a mama bird dive bombing me and squealing and squealing. 

I was not that close to her nest, but she sure went into mama mode to protect it. :-) I gave her some time and she calmed down enough to let me hose off the porch and chairs. 

A Southern Porch is a great place to "hang out" as the kids say!

After things dried off I made a cozy corner of the porch for me, or us, to sit and listen to the birds chirp and watch the neighbors drive by. We live in a quiet, woodsy neighborhood in the country. Just perfect for porch sitting! 

Working with my long narrow front porch is challenging.

Our front porch is 40 ft long by 6 ft deep. It's not big enough for a party but it is just fine for me to do some decorating for porch sitting.  I have a bit more decorating to do on my small southern porch...but in time I hope it will be all dressed up. 

There is more to do. I still need to add ivy to my large urns on each side of the front door. I want to grow my own topiary. (The Bird's nest at the top of pic is where the mama bird was.)

To have a sitting porch you need chairs. 
I brought these four chairs with me from the porch at the previous house and they work fine here too. I have a set on each side of the front door, centered on windows. 

Black chairs, urns, accessories all tie the porch décor together. 

I added a couple of gold pillows to go with the yellow flowers on the front door wreath, plus to cushion my back. 

You can see that I use black outside of my house as well as inside. 

I have been using black for years,  so when it came time to mix and mingle my stuff from the old house already having lots of black helped.  Black shutters. Black seating. black urns. And possibly more black before things are done. (pillow fabric maybe?)

My rust proof chairs have been with me for years and make a great addition to my front porch.
The Black matches the shutters. 

I may make some all weather pillows, but until then these pillows will have to come in each evening. 

The front porch is my morning porch as it gets the mid to late afternoon sun. I need a stool for my feet and I will be ready for some serious relaxing. I have a back porch for afternoon relaxing. :-) It is a mess right now and needs a good scrubbing too. Soon!

A candle for evening porch sitting
Most of the houses in our enclave have usable front porches. It is nice to see rocking chairs and such set up where people can visit like the old days. The neighborhood walkers can wave and stop for a minute to chat. 

My Tervis. Ice cold water this time!

Daughter picked up this Tervis cup for me. 
It's great for outdoors because it keeps the bugs out of my beverage, plus it keeps really cold. Yay!  I can walk around the yard with it and not worry if it falls or drops.

You can see that I am giving my corner a trial run with my ice water and magazines. Rewarding myself for cleaning the porch! (A few brownies and a real coke would be a better reward. ha!)

Here is my little front porch nook...comfortable and cozy. I plan to bring in more flowers, but I thought I would show you how things look now. I hope to have a bit more of a southern outdoor room as I move toward summer. I will look around my stash to see what I can bring to the porch to cozy it up a little more. 

I think an outdoor rug would look nice in my cozy porch nook too. I will need to look around to see what I can find. 

This is the first summer for us to have railings around our porch. Besides making our porch safer, they make it cozier. The curb appeal is much improved. 

My porch is not a huge southern veranda, but its a nice porch for our downsized, relaxed living. 

You don't have to live in the south to have a pretty porch. No matter what section of the country you live in, if you have a porch its time to start getting it ready for the summer months. 

Create an outdoor living space for relaxing with lemonade, barefoot kids, and checkers or cards on rainy days. 

How about you all...Do you decorate your front / back porch for the warmer months? Do you create an outdoor room? We would love you to share what you do.

Flowers are the star of any summer porch... And I need to add more to mine. :-)  

I will share photos when I have the porch dressed up a little more. 

Thanks for visiting!

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