May 17, 2016

A New Home for Another Rescue

Population explosion!

Yes, our family has another new pup! 

Meet Thunder, another rescued Turkey Dog (via Adopt-A-Golden Atlanta.) 

Thunder, with his new mom.

For his young age (under two years) Thunder, a flat coated retriever, has led a hard life. But all of that is changing because he has joined the pack at my brother and sil's house. 

Thunder is still adjusting to his new upon his arrival in Atlanta he went pretty much straight to his new home. 

Thunder's Passport Picture
Thunder was crated in Turkey to make a flight to Ireland. Crated and made a flight to Atlanta. Not my idea of a great trip...but he made it to his new home and is settling in. 

My impression is that he has been working through some stress related to his travels in a crate for such a long time.  I would be too!

If you look at his eyes in the pic above you will notice a problem in Thunder's right eye. It seems that sometime before he left Turkey he was shot with "birdshot"  as revealed by his new x-rays. A pellet entered his right eye and blinded him, in that eye. (That pellet, along with several others are still in his body.) He even has one in his ear flap. Poor boy!

My brother has had him to various vet specialists for his issues. The discussion is that it may cause more trauma to try to remove the pellets. My SIL feels that my brother is really stressed about the pellets, and that someone did this to a dog. I would be also. 

Thunder accepting cuddles and hugs from his new mom.

My brother told me that Thunder has been catching up on sleep and learning his new routines. He is getting along well with his new brothers CeeJay and Cooper. And Thunder loves people, their cuddles and hugs! 

Thunder and his brothers live in a controlled environment and are never allowed to run off of their own property unless on a leash with a person. Thunder is lucky to have this new family as my brother and sister-in-law love dogs and they will care for him and keep a close eye on any medical issues. 

L to R, CeeJay, the eldest.
Thunder, the new kid.
Cooper, the middle kid. 

Take a look at this puppy pile from a pic my brother sent me today. Thunder looks like his has found a place in the pack with his brothers. 

If you are interested in reading about the Turkey Dogs via AGA Atlanta just click here. Other golden rescue organizations around the country are now rescuing Turkey's goldens that have been abandoned to the streets. The Turkey dogs do not interfere with the the adoption of U.S. born goldens as there is a large demand for goldens. And why not?...they are so sweet!

Here is some golden swag if you are interested in browsing. I have no affiliation...just sharing. 

Golden human apparel

 Shop here for more golden stuff to support Turkey Dog rescues!

Since our sweet Mikey passed away almost a year ago, I have been doing posts about my brother's dogs. All three of them are rescued boys!

More posts about the my brother's rescue dogs...

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If you want to read about our Mikey, type Mikey in the search box and/ or go to the footer of the blog and click on Mikey's photos for some of his story. 

Thunder and I thank you for visiting! He is a good boy who just wanted a family to love and take care of him. He got his wish!

Thunder, says thanks for visiting me

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  1. My these three dogs have a wonderful home. Their parents will be blessed beyond measure. I can't believe it has been almost a year for Mikey, time goes by so fast. Are you thinking about getting one from Turkey?
    A great thing for you and the rescued doggie. Take care and stay dry !

    1. Thanks For visiting Linda. We are not thinking about a new pup just yet. Yes, these rescues have a wonderful home. My brother has loved dogs his whole life...and of late takes in rescues that need homes. He has the patience and desire to train them, and work with their living in a new home. Cooper and Thunder are the only Turkey dogs. Our sweet Mikey, not a day goes by that we don't think of something he used to do that made us chuckle. We have sweet memories of him. Sheila

    2. My heart goes out to you. I still think of our Nike....we had him for almost 19 years
      I am so enjoying our two Goldens. I know how much you miss Mikey.

  2. Bonjour chère amie,

    Une publication qui remplit mon coeur de joie en ce qui concerne l'adoption de Tonnerre. Une vie qui s'annonçait sordide et qui se termine fort bien pour lui. Je suis heureuse.

    Il faudrait que beaucoup de "Tonnerre" puissent trouver une famille aimante aussi.
    J'ai un dalmatien et je sais ce que c'est que d'aimer et chérir un toutou. Il vous le rend au quintuple... C'est mon sixième dalmatien dans ma vie. J'ai eu aussi un golden rétriever. Mes quatre enfants, qui sont adultes maintenant ont des chiens et tous des golden rétriever qui s'entendent fort bien avec Icarus mon dalmatien lorsqu'ils sont en visite à la maison.

    Merci pour ce joli billet...

    ❀ Gros bisous ❀

  3. Sheila, your brother and sister in law seem like wonderful people! Those dogs really lucked out when they moved to this new home! I am so happy to see Thunder adjusting to his new family. It truly warms my heart to know that he is happy and well cared for. Thanks for sharing their inspiring story!

    1. I am such a softie when it comes to dogs and pups!

  4. Thunder is just so beautiful! Your brother and sister-in-law are so amazing with what they are doing for him! And he looks so happy and so comfortable with his new family! Congratulations on Thunder and may you all have many wonderful, happy and healthy years together!

    1. Karenann, I think Thunder and his new family will be great. It's one big dog family!

  5. Welcome to USA sweet Thunder.
    May you live a long and happy life.

  6. What a heart-warming story this is. I enjoyed following the links to learn about the rest of the adopted family.

    1. They are three rescues brought together to be a family. The three dogs get along very well together.

  7. I'm so glad sweet Thunder is now in a good home! That poor little guy, how awful to have been through so much already!! He has a long and wonderful life ahead of him now, thankfully.

    1. Those rescued dogs have had hard times, which makes it even more special when they find a good family to love. Sheila

  8. What a beauty, thunder is! I love rescue stories. My little Chile is a rescue and she has the biggest heart in the world!

    1. Before our Mikey, we always rescued pups. And they were great dogs...with big hearts too. sheila

  9. Poor pup. I'm so glad he has a chance at a beautiful forever home.

  10. Love the picture of the three dogs hanging out together...Thunder has a good home now and he seems to be adjusting very well. xoxo

    1. He is fitting into the pack nicely. All three are boy dogs and play and nap together all day. Sheila

  11. Enjoy that dog! I always look forward to your posts! Pinned and shared to #OverTheMoon!

  12. What lovely dogs you have and Thunder is so beautiful. You don't see black ones too often. I can't imagine flying in a crate from Turkey. We rescue Dachshunds. have 4 of our own and now have two new ones. I is always surprising how well they get along. The two new ones are getting a new home this weekend. We will miss them.
    So glad that Thunder found you.

    1. Thunder is a flat coated retriever...and is similar to a golden in some ways. You are wonderful to rescue and foster pups. Sheila

  13. I love that all the dogs are rescues and I am sure your brother and sil will take good care of him! Thunder deserves all kinds of love and affection!

    1. They will take great care of him. I agree...he deserves lots of love, and will get it in his new home. He is a sweetie.

  14. Thanks for sharing at #WonderfulWednesday

  15. Thank you for sharing at #ThursdayFavoriteThings! Pinned and shared.

  16. How absolutely wonderful, Thunder is a lucky dog indeed to have such wonderful humans in his life now. Thank you for sharing this story. We have had three rescue dogs, and loved each one dearly.

  17. I love knowing that these dogs now have a good home.

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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