April 4, 2016

Was I Country Before Country Was Cool?

Collecting Country Before Country Was Cool

Pottery collection of mixing bowls and pitcher.

Sometimes I look around at my dishes and bowls and realize how well they work with today's popular country/farmhouse style. It occurred to me that maybe I was country before country was cool. Ha!  (Insert humor here, and maybe a little Barbara Mandrel.) 

I lived in the country, on a farm, but in a Georgian house...which was not exactly like a "farmhouse." 

But, long ago in time,  true Georgian houses were in fact large country houses dotted around the landscape of England...and then later on in "the colonies." Check out some Virginia Georgian/Federal houses. They too dot the rural landscape as they were built on the lands of Virginia gentry.

Made in Roseville, Ohio

I have had this group of stacked mixing bowls for years. 

They are wonderful for mixing, for holding fresh fruit & veggies, or for creating pretty vignettes. 

They do weigh a ton though. ha! 

And the bowls stack inside each other.

My white dishes, bowls, etc. actually look better in our new downsized kitchen due to the black countertops and splashes. 

I had white Corian (which was THE thing when we built our house) in my old kitchen...and white on white is kind of bland.

I use my bowls for fresh fruits and vegetables as well as pretty filler.

Look how great the contrast is with the white pottery and dark. 

White dishes and accessories are a hallmark of today's country/farmhouse design style...and I think it is great, since I love white. 

My bowls and pitchers would look at home on either of my great grandmother's large Kentucky farmhouse tables. That's always my style test for "farmhouse." If it would fit on their tables...it would be a good choice. 

This pottery collection is very study and heavy.

This closeup picture may give you a sense of how heavy/sturdy my bowls are.

I love the contrast of white with the dark countertop and backsplash.

And even though I love white dishes, bowls, vases, whatever...I still love color, and lots of it. But I think you all already know that. :-) (Insert smile.)

My style is very traditional...and there is just something that I love about white ironstone, pottery, and porcelain. I feel that they span the decades as well as the centuries. And, they span various design styles also. It's a win win for all of us who collect and cherish white pieces. 

 I love white dishes...and I also LOVE color!

Do you have a collection of white? Ironstone? Pottery? 
And do you use them in a traditional, farmhouse, or more contemporary home? 

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