April 24, 2016

My Traditional Style Bedroom

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Welcome back to some bedroom tweaks.

Relaxing Soft Blues and Greens for Spring 

My spring update plan was to bring blue into the master suite. I had not used blues in my decorating for years and years, so this was something new and fresh...just perfect for spring.

I remember using some blues and greens together back in the seventies...when it was very popular. You know...colors and styles eventually come back around. :-)

Solid Cherry Rice Carved Bed

Mixing Styles...Traditional and Rustic French
When we bought this house the master bedroom had brown and red paint with a heavy barnlook rustic ceiling fan. (I know what you are thinking. :-)  I was not deterred!  I knew I could whip this house into shape my style. Let's just say, I had my work cut out for me. Many would have walked away. 

Using Rose as a Complimentary Color
The camel back sofa has been in the bedroom since we moved into the house. It was originally in the formal living room at our old Georgian style house. 

I love this old sofa. It was one of the first pieces of nice furniture we bought after we married. It was pre-children and I saved some of my teaching pay to make this furniture investment. 

And look...I still love it. One day it will have a new fabric because there is some fading...but that is not a pressing issue for me.

Williamsburg Style Matlessé Bedspread
I love to use matlessé coverlets and bedspreads because I can wash them at home. I prefer the bedspread version so that I can cover the pillows.

Traditional Drapes and Top with Custom Trim
While so many are going with undressed windows these days I am still using drapes and top treatments. I brought them from the other house, so why not use them. They were an investment, plus I still love the old look of the toile fabric. The tassel trim gives me a touch of federal or old south style that I love. 

Dressmaker Touches Customize the Toile Top Treatment

You can see some of the fabric details better in this photo. It is hard to shoot directly into the light.
Cherrywood Posts
By now you all know that I love solid wood...with cherry and mahogany being my favorites. 

Do you know the story of rice carved bed posts?
These sturdy four-poster beds—named for the decorative motif of intricately carved rice sheaves on the bedposts—date to the 18th century, when the Carolina Gold rice grown on lowland plantations brought incredible wealth to the Charleston area. source

Re-mixing older accessories for a new look
I had a light bulb moment when it occurred to me to bring in the blue and white flower pot and remake an arrangement of pink peonies. I want a new lampshade for the bedside lamp when I find what I want.

A  redesigned flower arrangement

Another redesigned flower arrangement
I had this arrangement in my stash, so it joined the bedroom with the addition of blue this spring. You know how one thing leads to another. 

Loving blue and green together this spring

My old camel back sofa from, yes, the seventies. 

I tried to take a picture so that you could see the oriental design in the fabric. The original fabric on the sofa was a heavy lemon yellow damask. It was beautiful...but fading made me have to cover it. Remember, this is an old, old sofa. It never did have heavy wear since it was in our formal living room. 

Stepping back for another look
I actually like this bedroom better than the one in the house we built. I love the tray ceiling, the square shape, and that it is on the same level as the rest of the house. Good for empty nesters like us!

We have had the bed for years and I still love the style. It is solid cherry and it will never be painted. :-)

I added one other blue touch to the bedroom this spring, but I made the bed before I took pictures. I picked up some Biltmore Wedgewood blue sheets from Belk. The spring bedroom refresh has been concluded...I think. Is any room ever really "finished?" 

Here is a rustic painting on a slate slab of the our old Georgian on the farm. 

This house had four levels from the basement up to the full old fashioned attic. It was a Southern Living idea house back in the eighties, with the original built in the Atlanta area. We contacted the architect to to make some modifications...then we were off and running. 

 The sunroom was off to the right side, which really became the family room. The garage was off to the left of the pic. It was a beautiful house with hand made solid wood mould brick from good old Georgia clay. I loved that brick!  We also chose wide plank flooring to make the house seem older. I told the builder that I wanted a new, old house. 

When you build a family home and pick out every little detail you somehow take a little bit of the house with you when you leave. I know that some of you are in the downsizing process, or thinking about it. It is an emotional process whenever you move. I am working to embrace a new style of living...empty nesting. 

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My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

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  1. Your bedroom is lovely, Sheila! The blue looks so pretty in their and the pops of pink bring in such much life! So pretty! I also love that slate slab picture of your old home. What a special keepsake! Enjoy your week!

    1. Thank you Shelley. Wishing you a good week too. Hugs to Rosie also.

  2. I have my moments of missing my stone house with the wrap-around veranda. It is taking some adjustment to learn how to live in this 1928 house in the village. There are certainly pluses and I need to focus on them.
    You have done a lovely job on your bedroom.

    1. It's not easy. Like you, I try to focus on the positives. Lower heat and AC bills for one. Ha! When kids pile in it gets tight, but we deal with it. I would love to see your home. 😊

  3. Hi Sheila! Oh, your bedroom is so beautiful! That's the one room in my house I haven't finished yet. I had purchased the bedding a curtain fabric I wanted to use and now I've changed my mind! ;) I love your style and the colors. I'll probably be using a lot of blue in my bedroom too. My house just screams blue! ;) Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. Do show us your bedroom changes when you decide. I know it will be lovely. How did the knee fix go? I hope all is well.

  4. Sheila... your bedroom is gorgeous. Love the blue and green mix. The toile window treatments are stunning! Enjoy your week.

    1. Thank you so much Katie! You have a good week too!

  5. Love the addition of blue to the bedroom! I need a comforter/bedspread and your matlesse spread is very pretty. Your toile window treatments are gorgeous...they look beautiful in your bedroom. xo

    1. Thanks Donna. Seems we are always looking for something for our houses. Sheila

  6. Girl I could move right in! You have done an absolutely fabulous job with the master bedroom!!! I can't even pick a fav I love it all!

    1. Thank you Tamyra! You are a fellow traditional style friend! Thanks for the support.

  7. Sheila, I love your bedroom. That bed is gorgeous. I love the chandy too. Our bedroom is one room where I have never done blue and you know I love blue. I am still trying to decide what color to paint our room. It is tough sometimes to leave a home you built, raised children in, and like you said, picked out every little detail! But I know this is where we belong now.

    1. It sure is easier to move in and out of starter homes and apartments than our family home chocked full of memories and stuff. Ha! I love using blue as an accent color to beige, tapes, Browns, and now green.

  8. Hi Sheila! We are having that downsizing talk these days too. Our home has all the bedrooms on the second floor, which may be impractical some day. We want to move while we are still fairly young and can think of the change as a new adventure! We also built our home, so like you, it will be bittersweet to leave. So many memories! Your spring bedroom is lovely and so serene. Your little settee is gorgeous and the raspberry color is a great accent to the calming blue.

    1. Jane, that talk is easier than the actual downsizing unless you can hire an army of people to facilitate it. Ha! It's hard work physically and emotionally. Good luck with those downsizing talks. I am happy it is behind us. :-)

  9. Replies
    1. Thank you Jen. The green paint is a different shade every time I photograph it. Ha! It's Sherwin Williams Hearts Of Palm. We like it. An easy color to live with.

  10. Your bedroom is perfect. My favorite colors are in there as well as the fact that I love traditional furniture. Timeless and classic to me.

    1. Thanks Sandy. My wall green changes all day long! Me too, traditional is comfortable for me. Timeless and Timely too. sheila

  11. Tassels are VERY in right now, so your drapes are perfect. :) That is a warm and inviting bedroom and I love the updated color scheme.

    1. Thank you Nikki. I brought my drapes from our other house and fitted them to my new windows. I still like them...and the green. Sheila

  12. Lovely bedroom and I love the bed. Warm and inviting.

  13. Your room looks beautiful- your bed is fantastic. I'm big on beautiful wood and hate seeing some of the things painted that I've seen through blogland. You have excellent taste in fabrics. The curtains are classic and I love the camel back sofa.

  14. Very pretty, Sheila. We used to have a rice carved bed. Loved it and then gave it to a family member.

    1. Your bed is still in the family. I love pieces that get passed down and have a family story. Thank you Kim.

  15. What a lovely story about your old house. I think it is wonderful that you brought those gorgeous window treatments from your old home, how fortunate you were able to use them in this home. We are empty nesters, too, and have moved into our "forever" home. I have shared some of the decorating we have done, but I really need to make sure I photograph everything as I progress. I love the blue that you are incorporating in the master bedroom. When we first married, we decorated our first apartment with blue, but I haven't had blue since then, and decorating the new place in a coastal/nautical style, I have come around to blue again, and am loving it! Thanks so much for sharing over at the Celebrate Your Story! link party. I always enjoy reading your blog!

  16. Hi Sheila,
    Where I come from you are still fancy. I lean in a lot of directions but quite casual all together. Love your traditional style. I like your drapes and the ones in your sitting room as well. That settee is just lovely and the pop of pink peonies is breathtaking with it. Drape a throw over the faded part ....(redoing a piece is so costly) Seems I don't have trouble finding places for our money to go. Upholstering a piece of furniture is usually toward the bottom. Enjoy peeking at your lovely home.

  17. So pretty! I love the hint of pink - looks like a great bedroom to come home to

  18. Your bedroom is beautiful! I love the pops of blue you added. Thanks so much for sharing at Inspiration Thursday.


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