April 25, 2016

The Kentucky Derby, Hats and Recipes

 The Kentucky Derby 2016 is days away, Saturday May 7th. 

I hope you have your hat ready!

I thought I would show you a few of my hats today. The ones I am showing you have been around for a few years. 

I used to buy a new hat every year to wear to a Derby party as well as ladies' hat day at our church.

Since I do not have any hat forms I decided to use my blue jars as heads. ha! Necessity is the mother of invention you know! 

I love this blue hat. It can be worn with a black dress as well as white, ivory, and floral. The straw flower is worn to the front. 

There is a correct way to put a hat on your head. Some ladies will wear a hat too far back on their head. 

What you are to do is to take the front band of the hat and place it at your front hairline, right on your forehead. 

I was fortunate to have been taught this years ago by the lady in charge of the millinery department in a Kentucky department store. She was an older lady and had worked the department since the days when women always wore hats to church, or shopping. 

I also love my purple hat! This hat can be worn with the netting on the brim of the hat or down in front of the face. I love purple and shades of lavender. I had a purple knit suit that I wore with this hat. It is probably the most expensive hat I own...with it being an English import. I bought it at a "posh" shop in Lexington several years ago. 

Shades of purple and blue work with my hair, my complexion, and my blue eyes. (Do you remember the days when we all had our "colors" done to determine if we were a spring, summer, fall, or winter? I learned that blues and purples were great colors for me.)

The peach hat is an older hat. I had a peach suit that I wore with it. 

My black straw hat is another favorite. It is not quite as dressy as some of my other hats...but I like it for that reason. I can wear it with a sundress and sandals as well as a dressier ensemble.

When dressing for attending the Kentucky Derby there is always the question, do I buy the hat first or do I buy the dress first? I am not sure there is an answer. I tend to find the hat first, then locate something to wear. But I have done the reverse too. I know...I am no help at all. ha! 

You must co-ordinate a dress, a hat, a purse, shoes, and usually a wrap or sweater. The weather can turn cold and rainy...so, always have a wardrobe option to keep warm. This is why one must start way ahead when planning their outfit. And, women are not the only ones who plan their Derby outfit. Men are also involved so that they can look dapper at The Kentucky Derby. It is a state national holiday after all. :-)

You will see many levels of dress at the Derby. The folks who go to the infield and sit on lawn chairs or blankets will be dressed more casually. 
Those who sit in boxed seats will be dressed to the nines. And if you manage to make it up to Millionaires' Row you will be rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous and would be expected to dress as a movie star or horse owner. Designer shoes, hats, dresses, and suits would be required dress. 

I really wanted to include pics of Derby hats from past years, but with issues over copyright, license, and lawsuits I decided to avoid it. For fun, google images for Derby hats. They will range from the glamorous to the wild and wacky. 

You may want to look at the "Derby" tab at the top of the page. Also, type derby into the search box to see other Kentucky Derby related posts. 

I have a few more hats that I will try to show you soon. 

Links you might like to the official Derby website:

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Souvenirs and Shopping

I highly recommend your visiting this recipes link. Here are more than enough recipes for you to plan your own home Derby party, or a dish to take to a friend's house. Recipes

Here is my Pinterest Kentucky Derby Board that you might enjoy. I saved a lot of hat pics, table settings, recipes, etc. there instead of copying them to this post. (Copyright, etc.) This may be my new way of sharing pics with you. 

Do you all do anything for Derby at your house? Parties? Recipes? Decorating? Please share with us.

Thanks for visiting! 

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  1. Lovely hats Sheila. Love the purple one. How fun to be able to see the Kentucky Derby and wear something fabulous. I think a party would be fun for all.

    1. I love the Derby for the fashion show...both men and women's. Fun!

  2. The hats are all lovely, and took me back to the days when as the 'wife of' I dressed for military parades, change of command etc. My favourite was a black straw hat - I felt so 'right' in it!
    We don't really know much about the Derby up here. What I know is mostly from reading blogs, but it certainly sounds like a lot of fun!

    1. Hats are just so elegant for occasions! I bet your black straw hat was lovely.

  3. Sheila-
    You always inform and delight us in your posts.
    That is a wonderful combination!
    I think women look so beautiful and chic in a hat.

    1. Thank you Laura! I wish hats would become standard attire again...I think. Ha!

  4. Perfectly timed post. I have unpacked my hats, bourbon and julep cups and decided to have a Kentucky derby party as a housewarming. Over to your Pinterest page!

    1. Jen, that sounds like a wonderful housewarming idea! Hats, bourbon, and julep cups! Show us pics! :-)

  5. I love all your hats. I remember when I wore hats on Sunday for church. People looked so well dressed back in the day. Sure wish that was the case now. Thanks for sharing and look forward to more hats. Have a great day.

    1. Thanks Charlotte. I remember the hats my mother wore...and wish they were back in style again. I ours spend lots of time in a milliners shop. Ha!

  6. I'm a hat lady, myself. Yours are graceful and pretty.

    1. Thank you so much. Hats have so much personality...and are such fun, from a baseball cap to an elegant chapeau.

  7. Your hats are beautiful! Will have to look at your Derby Pinterest board. I used to wear hats quite often. Hubs always has a brimmed hat (not a ball cap) on to protect his forehead from the sun. xoxo

    1. I will be adding to my Pinterest board...so visit off and in when you can. I will be creating more as a way to share pics I don't own. So much legal stuff to navigate in blogging. Ha!

  8. That purple hat is a beauty! I can imagine it looks great on you. The Kentucky Derby would be so exciting to attend. I love your posts about it!

    1. Thank you Liz. It is English made...and extra special.

  9. P.S. just took a peek at your Derby board...I do believe that is a whole 'nother event from the Indianapolis 500! It would be fun to be invisible to watch the fashion parade...

    1. I am a people watcher...and love to see the hats and dresses/outfits. It's a crazy day. Crazy fun. Ha!

  10. Sheila, I love your hats. Makes me miss Kentucky even more. I still have all my hats and moved them with me to Texas. Perhaps I'm hoping someday to return to our beautiful Kentucky!

    1. Have a Derby party in Texas and wear your pretty hats. And I hope you get to at least visit Ky soon.

  11. We're going to a Derby party too! I found a darling hat, smaller brim, but so perfect....there's a chance of rain....I'll just have to think what my options are...

  12. Your hats are lovely. I used to wear a lot more hats back in the 80's, but alas, the whole world seems to be getting more casual all the time. We do need more civility, don't we? I always wore a hat to church on Easter Sunday, but now I seem to be the only one. It makes me a little sad. You have to love all the pomp surrounding the Derby, don't you? Thanks again for stopping by Celebrate and Decorate to share!

  13. I've always wanted to attend the Kentucky Derby it seems like such a grand event. I imagine that is the time when I'll buy a hat. I don't own any but love these that you have shared.

  14. Oh I just adore hats and that purple one is my fav! Visiting from Jemma's blog today. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  15. I adore wearing hats, love your purple one! I recently re-furbished one of my favorites with new tulle and flowers. It is hard to find a great style that fits these days.

  16. So pretty!

    I would love for you to share this with my Recipes, Crafts, Tips and Tricks Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pluckyrecipescraftstips/

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  17. Oh, how delightful, Sheila. Your hats are beautiful and made me smile. I've never done a Derby Party, but after looking at your hats and recipes, it seems like a wonderful idea. I saw your link at Rooted in Thyme's Simple & Sweet Fridays Party. Ann Marie @ Iris Abbey www.irisabbey.com

  18. Your Kentucky Derby enthusiasm is so much fun, Sheila. The hats are gorgeous!
    Happy Thoughts of Home. We are so glad you joined us. :)


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