April 6, 2016

Playing Favorites, My English Ironstone Treasure

Let me introduce you to my English ironstone pitcher. It is an old friend. 

It was a gift from a friend years ago. I was helping her with some final details of moving and she just was not feeling the love for this beauty. I on the other hand LOVED it. 

Sidebar...For this photo shoot, I tried a new technique that I read about from another blogger. She was talking about her low light house and that she took her photo jobs to the front entry of her house. Ditto for me. I put a tablecloth on the floor in front of the glass entry door. TaDa!...new photography studio.

Ok...back to my pitcher.

I believe that this pitcher might have been part of a bowl and pitcher set. It looks similar to those that I have seen.

I love the simplicity of this sweet piece.

This pitcher has seen lots of use...It has a patina, yes scratches. 

I don't use it as a water pitcher...but more as a decorative piece for flowers/stems.

Here is the hallmark on the bottom. I am not really sure how special this piece is in the ironstone collector's world...but it is very special to me. And that's what counts.

And now... see how lovely it is with some spring stems.

I am still in love with this wonderful piece after all of these years. 

It just goes to show that if you love something you will keep it for years. 

And, it will fit in with your home. I have heard that it is best to only bring home those things that you truly love. You will always be able to find a spot for them in your house. 

Have you ever just picked up something to fill a corner, or a spot on a shelf, without really being in love with it? How long do you keep it?

This sweet pitcher traveled around the Georgian house, as well as our current house. By now you all know that I use and reuse my special decorating accessories. 

I hope you do not tire of seeing some of my same accessories over and over. I think it is comforting and creative to re-imagine how to use accessories. I am guessing that you have several favorites also, and that you like to see that others do as well. 

I have other white pitchers...but, this is my favorite one. Sorry to the others about playing favorites...but. :-)

Ironstone is classic. It looks lovely in a country house as well as a sleek urban house.

Personal collections that you love will work in your home...no matter the style. 

Most of us have an eclectic collection of accessories, and not just one pure design style. We have family treasures as well as newly purchased ones. This is even more true the older you get! I know. :-) 

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