April 8, 2016

Let's Make a Trayscape

Hello everyone...you know how one thing leads to another when you are decorating your house. Well, that is what happened to me for today's post. 

I won't say that I am the queen of trayscapes, but I put quite a bit of creative effort into making them. My kind of fun. ha! 

By the way...is "trayscape" a word? ha! It is in my world, but I am not so sure about the world at large. :-)

I know that there are quite a few of you who also like to have fun with pretty tables...so grab a beverage, have a seat,  and play along with me as I put together a vignette...that began with a simple wooden tray. 

I had these candlesticks out from my Easter table...so I grabbed them to begin my tray. 

I went walking around the house to see what struck my fancy and came up with my white bowl. I bought it for vegetables and salads...but I just seem to use it in my decorating. 

Then I began gathering up fillers from my stash to decorate the bowl and tray.  

I try to keep my "stash" organized but sometimes it gets messy...which is the case right now. 

I play with adding things and taking things away until it looks just right to me. And all of us have a different artistic eye...so what looks good to me might not work for you. Just play with your decorative pieces until you have an arrangement that you like.

These faux artichokes hop all around my kitchen. 

Ok...I like the way the tray looks as is. It is simple and it will look good on my old farmhouse style table. 

Hobby Lobby tray I snagged at half off. 

See how simple this tray is? I asked hubby if he could make some in different woods for me to paint and stencil. 

He said that thought he could. :-)

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