April 2, 2016

Join me for A Walk Around the Yard

Redbud March 2016

The sun had been in and out all day, but it was a nice afternoon to take a walk around the yard. Things were greening up and blooming on our little hill.

I needed to survey how my plants and shrubs survived the winter. 

Last year's winter (2015) was brutal on my boxwood, roses, and holly. 

Beautiful blooms on my redbud tree this year. 

I want to plant more on our hill. At our previous house on the farm we had a line of natural woodsy redbud trees that lined a hollow. 

I almost waited too long to take pics of this weeping tree. 

I thought my knockout rose bush above was dead after last year, but I pruned and pruned and waited to see if it would come back. It was so-so last year, so I will hope for a better show this year. 

If you know of any good tricks to make it healthier please let me know. Bugs wanted to eat it up last summer. 

These three boxwood also had a hard time during the winter of 2015. I thought the middle one was dead from the deep freezes we had. 

I pruned and babied it along. It is living...but lopsided, and smaller than the other two. I had to chop out about half of the dead bush. I hope I can shape up all of the boxwood this spring and summer to be more uniform in size. 

These boxwood near the steps were not affected by the weather...and they are huge and healthy, though they need a shape up. 

I thought my holly tree was going to have to be pulled out about a year ago. The freeze got about half of the branches. What did I do? I spent an afternoon last spring pruning each and every little branch and stem. My babying it paid off. This year it is full and lush again. yay!

Take a look at these two river birch trees. One buds out early and the other late. One drops its leaves early, the other late. Hmmm?

Below is a really old tree in our side yard. Our subdivision was part of an old farm...so who knows what happened to this tree. It is healthy, but I keep an eye on it because it is so near our house.

Our yard is very natural. The dirt is woodsy stuff with rocks, etc. One neighbor said he brought in ten dump truck loads of dirt to try to grow grass and have a nice yard. He shook his head and said that he still can't grow grass. 

Our yard needs some help under the trees ...but most of the neighbors have the same problems, so we don't judge each other. ha! We are making improvements little by little though. 

We may not have a perfect yard in our woodsy enclave...but we sure have pretty views and lots of foliage. 

Having come off of a large farm with no nearby neighbors...this neighborhood of trees, hills, and rocky soil works for me. Houses are far enough apart that everyone has sufficient privacy. And my small house on the hill is a comfortable place to be at this stage of my life. 

I do need to sharpen my pruners and trimmers and get to work on things. I have lots of rocks to pick up too. ha! 

How about you all? Have you surveyed your yard work? Made plans for new plantings and flowers? 

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