April 14, 2016

A Sixty Second Centerpiece

Hello everyone! I have been puttering around the house today, dusting tabletops, moving magazines and mail, and generally trying to catch up with little jobs. 

But then I got sidetracked. Does this ever happen to you? :-) I am sooooo easily distracted from housework, especially when I can do something creative!

My pedestal bowl had been sitting empty  since after I took away the Easter grass and eggs.

It was just sitting on the dining room table looking sad and lonely. It was waiting for me to fill it with something. But what?

Well, I did not have a plan for making an arrangement... so I just plopped placed some faux boxwood balls into my bowl. It just needed something. ha!

You have seen my silver (aluminum) bowl several times...with something seasonal in it. But I had no "seasonal" ideas today. 

I stood back and looked. I walked around. I grabbed my camera for pics...because my camera does not lie to me. A picture will tell me the truth! 

Hmmm, I think this quick little arrangement works. I love quick and easy! 

By now you all have probably noticed that I like things that I can use over and over, but in different ways. 

How many times and ways have you seen me use this silver bowl and boxwood balls? Many! 

But this is the first time I have put the bowl and greenery together like this. Why did I wait so long?

Here's my philosophy...It is much more economical in the long run to have a few nice things you love to use than to have pieces that are just "so so."  If you love something you will use it all of the time, and enjoy your investment.

That's my experience. And look around my house, I have accessories that I have had forever...because I love them too much to give them away. (And by forever, I mean for years and years.) I just keep mixing and mingling them one way after another. 

The same philosophy works for choosing your clothing. A few nice pieces...mixed together in different ways looks like you have a larger wardrobe. 

Here is where my sixty second arrangement landed...in the dining room. I added a silver tone clock with it as a supporting element. Don't worry...you will see my silver tone bowl again! The only question is what will be in it? Hmmm. Time will tell.

Here are some previous arrangements using my pedestal bowl. It is never far from reach. Same bowl, different filler. 

Do you have that one standby piece that is the back bone of so many centerpieces! 

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  1. That looks great Sheila- sometimes the simplest things are the best!! I love quick and easy! :-)

  2. Hi Sheila! Oh, this looks so pretty and I can see how easy it was to put together. Love your pretty bowl and that is gets to shine quite a bit!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Yes they aren't! Ha! I made this little combo on the fly, and it turned out fine. Sometimes I fuss and fuss over an arrangement. Ha!

  4. Hola Sheila, con frecuencia entro en su blog y siempre aprendo algo...
    Me ha encantado su manera práctica de ver la vida. Efectivamente no hace falta tener demasiadas cosas, yo lo he pensado muchas veces. Cuando se llega a ciertas etapas de la vida nos damos cuenta de que tenemos muchas cosas...quizás demasiadas...unas nuestras, otras heredadas.
    Es imprescindible no tener más y optimizar las que tenemos que, además, son hermosas.
    Muy bonito ha quedado el centro de mesa, me encanta...
    Un cordial saludo

    Hello Sheyla, often entered his blog and I always learn something ...
    I loved his practical way of seeing life. Indeed it does not take too much, I've thought many times. When it comes to certain stages of life we realize that we have too many things ... maybe ... about our, other inherited.
    It is imperative not to have more and we have to optimize also are beautiful.
    Very nice has been the centerpiece, I love ...
    a cordial greeting

  5. That bowl was well worth whatever you paid for it. I need to see if I can find something similar. xoxo

  6. Sheila, Seeing your lovely display reminds me that I have a silver bowl...it's not as pretty as yours with a pedestal, but I think I could do similar things with it. I like when yours ended up , along side the clock and lamp. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  7. Simple, but very elegant and pretty! I love pieces that are versatile! :) ~Rhonda

  8. I'm a fan of investment pieces too. So pretty.

  9. I love easy decorating and the bowl is just perfect for so many different seasons and arrangements.
    Thanks for joining and sharing this at Cooking and Crafting wit J&J.
    Enjoy the week.

  10. How beautifully simple! I need to change up my decor more often with little touches like this. I love it!

  11. What a lovely idea!!

    I would LOVE for you to share this with my Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pluckyrecipescraftstips/

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  12. How wonderful and I love the idea of 60 seconds! You know sometimes it's fun to spend hours on a project and other times not so much.
    Pinned too!
    Thanks my dear for sharing this savvy decorating style with us at Thoughts Of Home On Thursday!

  13. I completely agree with you! Make sure you acquire things you love and they will be used and loved for a long time. I like the bowl with the boxwood balls. :)

    Happy Thoughts of Home, Sheila. ;)


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