March 20, 2016

Spring Decorating: Flower Arrangement

New spring tablescape

One day recently I started the morning in the dining room. I began cleaning out the highboy drawers, because that piece of furniture is going to live with my daughter. 

But as happens, when I was stacking and moving items I became distracted...Distracted by a blue and white vase. I had an idea! 

I decided to create a pretty spring flower arrangement from the various floral stems in my basement flower shop. 

About this time every year I get antsy to create a forsythia arrangement. 

To me, forsythia just signals spring in my part of
Kentucky. Maybe it does in your part of the country too.

I love driving by homes and farms with grand displays of the yellow branches, signaling that those bushes have been in the same spot for years. 

I began my modest display of forsythia with a faux bush of medium sized branches. I then placed sprigs of ivy around the edge to trail in a life like way. 

The next part of the project was to find a nice location for the arrangement. I walked around the house...and decided that the dining room lowboy had just enough space.

I added a blue and white platter to balance the display.

This is a very simple arrangement that you can recreate this in a jiffy. I noticed some inexpensive forsythia branches similar to mine at my local Walmart recently, in case you want some. 

When one opens my front door...this is the view that greets them. 

And so I say...Happy Spring to you and to them!

Now, I need to finish the project that I started. ha! I need to clean off the dining room table and pack away my cloth napkins and other doodads.

Have you started any spring projects? 

I hope you are having a wonderful day!

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My Kentucky Living
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  1. Of course I love the blue and white, but that just screams for Forsythia and I always love ivy. Great pizzazz for a winter weary home. Thanks for sharing, Sandi

  2. I love forsythia. It is always a reminder that spring has come. Thanks for linking to our weekly Monday Social party.


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